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  1. That sounds great. My new DH Xixthe would love to come along!
  2. Just a reminder the big day is today. If you want some good food, good drink and good fighting we look forward to seeing you.
  3. <p>Yep! Not doing much recently - but I'm throwing money at Square Enix. Nina is pressuring me to resub for this little TNG shindig (WoW), so I may do that December.</p>

  4. Main RP Toon: Zelaine Horde Or Alliance? Horde Guild: The Grim, The Raven Cross What was your favorite RP event or storyline? : Breaking Leoren out of jail. Also the Silvermoon City Patrol running around telling everyone in town that happiness was manditory Who is someone that you used to RP with and haven't heard from in a long time, that you miss the most? : Lascivious, Abric, Nymare, Leoren, Bir, Emmons
  5. I made my first kill just now. I was wandering through Deepholm and a foolish human Paladin descended upon me. It was amazing how quickly I remembered how to fight. I quickly gained the advantage despite him having the jump on me. In the end a well placed arcane missile spun him like a top and he fell into the burning magma behind him. Oh the thrill. I felt so alive again. This only helps confirm that returning from my life outside of strife was the right thing to do.
  6. Fel, it has been a long time sense last I wrote in this. I guess I reached a point where I didn't want to look back into my past, it was only painful. The past few years have been calm. Spending time in the safety of the old Evershine family summer home. Secluded, safe, away from war, from heartache, from the alliance. I had built a world for only myself and my children. A world outside the world. Then why was I not happy. I had always told myself the reason I fought the alliance was to create a world that was safe for those I cared about. Evidently that was a lie because here I am back seeking the Grim. The truth is I need the struggle, I need the fight. Peace and bliss and safety are not meant for me. So I reenter the world. A world very foreign to me. I can not find my brother or any of his compatriots in the Raven Cross. Is it possible that the unstoppable force of my dear Leoren's will finally met it's match. What of those I shared myself with? Lascivious, Cessily, Nymare, Kethryvaris, Skafloc... Do they yet live? I do so miss them. Skaef and Amaria have been such a comfort to me. I love my children. I do. They are strong enough to be on their own now and I am ready to be something other than a mother. I want to be feared again. I want to become the deadly force I once was so I seek out the Grim, who helped mold me into that master of death the first time. I will be tempered and made stronger. I will finally again have a task before me. I will no longer be so reliant on those I love, they will no longer be a crutch made to hold me up. I will need no crutch. I will be who I was before...well before almost everything.
  7. <p>Yea I just wanted to see if you were still in WoW. Blizzcon got me re interested so I jumped back in game. Word on the street is that you are FFXIVing atm</p>

  8. <p>Hey! I think you tried to send a pm but it was kicked back. On the road so will clear out the inbox. Can still get me on the grim site too! Or if you still have my number from way back 5 years ago! Will be home in about three hours.</p>

  9. Raziel what character are you playing on, I just started back up again on Pest
  10. Play in the off time Abric! I got in too =D
  11. Anything and everything from Nico Vega's new album.....soooo good
  12. ((Updated to account for the 6 month absence....the bitch is back kids!))
  13. I am going to have a 70 lock by probally tomorrow and my RP storylines are at like zero I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be your arch Fynne Gimmie a holler