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  1. <p>Happy Birthday!</p>

  2. <p>All glory to the hypnomod ('s birthday).</p>

  3. Logic. I'll just do something about the off topic swings if anybody starts caring then.
  4. Confirm. Really though, WG premade and the like!
  5. Just a reminder that debating factions doesn't really have anything to do with Wintergrasp Premades. I've been pretty lax on that, but this is getting to the point of being a pretty solid derail.
  6. <p>I'm probably best as Snake, Luigi and Toon Link being runners up. Though my favorite has gotta be Captain Falcon; nothing tops him in awesome value.</p>

  7. Since nobody mentioned it, I really like the Terror-Yat in the corner yelling about armor pen.
  8. <blockquote data-ipsquote="" class="ipsQuote" data-ipsquote-username="Serenity" data-cite="Serenity" data-ipsquote-contentapp="core" data-ipsquote-contenttype="members" data-ipsquote-contentid="29975" data-ipsquote-contentclass="core_Statuses_Status"><div>Also, I need to get a Wii so I can rape in SSBB. >< *isn't modest at all*</div></blockquote>

    <p>Send me a line if/when you go through with this, I'll play ya some rounds. =D</p>

  9. <p>Merry Birthdate!</p>

  10. <p>That'd learn those cops a thing or two.</p>

  11. <p>YOU TOOK MAH JERB</p>

  12. Take it outside girls. This is actually an interesting topic for Feral PvP.
  13. The mark system after Vanilla always felt superfluous to me anyway, so I'm glad to see it getting the axe.
  14. <p>Hmmm. Maybe I <em>am</em> just terrible.</p>

  15. Shouldn't that last one be a use effect?
  16. <p>Well it's fixed now, so I assume you did something.</p>

    <p>Also, your face.</p>

  17. <div class="ipsEmbeddedVideo"><div><iframe width="459" height="344" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/mnyC_v0-DQ4?feature=oembed" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="true"></iframe></div></div>

  18. <p>It might be an error on my end, but your newest sig image doesn't display for me. The suspense is killing me!</p>

  19. I've found that for, whatever reason, I'm not able to navigate to the last page of the PvP Music thread. After posting a reply, I noticed I couldn't get to page five at all. I seem to recall having this issue with one or two other topics, but I can't recall which ones right now; so unless I can recreate it elsewhere, we'll assume it's just the PvP thread. Still... it's odd.
  20. I'm surprise nobody has pointed out the far more likely scenario that only engineers will be able to craft it, but the materials will run like 100,000g.
  21. Hey, whatever rumors you heard from Fynne or Abric, they ain't true.
  22. <p>What everyone below me said.</p>