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  1. <p>Merry Birthdate!</p>

  2. http://wow-tng.org/showthread.php?t=17179 Though with the general lack of use it's seen combined with the fact that some people have started fresh topics about themselves anyway, I'm thinking that allowing the PvP Forum to be used to start LF(types of PvP) threads akin to the RP Networking forum would be just fine.
  3. This was much funnier before I read this And realized it was referring to the holiday instead of a joke about Moonkins being there to lay eggs.
  4. Sales. Concessions. My people are addicted to it. Their dependence made manifest after the job market was destroyed. Welcome to the feature...a pity you're too late to stop it. No one can stop me now. Selama ashal'anore.
  5. "PC Load Letter" came up for me and I laughed. I'm not sure anything can top the Deckard GPS though.
  6. <p>I'm not picky - basically just something official-sounding that can be used as a plug for the server and the topic you created on the recruitment forums.</p>

  7. <p>No worries, whenever. Feel free to either post it yourself or send it to me via PM and I'll get it stickied and/or posted. Also, thanks for putting in the effort!</p>

  8. <p>I'd like to do a sticky for the RP-PvP recruitment thread for our forums, but the one we have now isn't really organized and a lot of the discussion is off topic. If you're up for writing a new OP, swing it my way and I'll stick that to the top of the forum.</p>

  9. <p>Aw, it not being you makes it way less amazing.</p>

  10. To extrapolate a bit on this question, a lot of roleplayers consider it poor etiquette to bust up an RP event by means of PvP force. Typically this is because of the disconnect it creates when story-driven play is interrupted by gameplay mechanics that either force response via gameplay, or relocation to a safer place. Generally, busting into an RP event with PvP is done with one of two things in mind: attacking the event for PvP, or PvP with a bit of RP flavor. If you're looking to roleplay it out, it'll go a long way for your RP-friendly cred to ask them about it beforehand and potentially arrange an RP-fisticuffs match where everyone's ready. If you're just looking to kill a bunch of dudes, you'll find most of them unsatisfied and leaving the area as soon as they get the chance. These are all examples of those who dislike having their events interrupted, however. You will find a fair amount of RPers who would welcome the attack with a full-force counter attack too. Sometimes it just takes feeling out your adversary/victim.
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    <img src="http://www.houseofghant.com/images/misc/dip.jpg" alt="dip.jpg" /><p>I'm the dude at the table in the back.</p>


    <p>If you're really the guy at the back, I think you won the picture thread as far as best way to post your picture. Especially if you never add anything else.</p>

    <p>As an aside, you'd also likely find it amusing that I navigated to your profile by going to the Political Forum, because I knew it'd be the fastest way to find your name.</p>

  12. Fhenrir


    Sup. Totally calling credit for this visit, since the timestamp is a half hour after the post in this thread. How's Sentinels treating you?
  13. Edited and deleted a few things here. There's absolutely zero reason to be snapping at one another in a thread devoted to server pride. Stop doing that.
  14. <p>To respond to you and Yat's conversation, I was never into tourneys for Smash either. I'm pretty excited to find there are actually some more really good smash players around here though; I think the only other ones I've found via WoW so far are Yat and Kaliera. And none of us were ever on the tournament scene.</p>

  15. I think the reaction you're getting is based on the fact that this is an RP site. Naturally, a lot of people who post here are going to wanna look for RP as a priority. Nothing is stopping you from recruiting for people interested in world PvP, by all means, but most of these chaps would rather them also either engage in tea parties afterward, or at least not spam up the cities with gibberish in /y between scraps.
  16. <p>Don't forget his ridiculous priority over almost everything outside of Meta Knight.</p>

    <p>I've been rusty lately though, so I keep getting caught on the slope on the bottom half of Final Destination with Snake's Up B and falling to my death at 40%. >.></p>

  17. Dio's other aliases include Villayna, Skaadvik, Enheilras, Vyn, and Zuffid. Keraph likes women.
  18. <p>V What they all said!</p>