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  1. OP Updated (finally). Newly added listed below, in no particular order. It's alphabetical in the OP, what more do you want from me? D: Steam RavenReverend - Sprinkle The Doom Puss (or Feralmoon) Okhu - Dhakka Vaaldis - settheraytojess Liadain - unboundwolf Emmons - mattmanv1@comcast.net Serenity - raraeaves Anthek - Crogacht Omy - Lembasbread28 Geofforan - Whiteshirt Vyn - chuckthepenguin Live Bellicos - bLiTz ShOt ColdStream - Detabte Pinkylarue - CBlackheart Zultingo - Yggson Lailinarel - Peritoast Omy - Levithans Gate Geofforan - WiseguyTurtle Fhenrir - Guydoingthis PSN Sejarki - Sejarki Vyn - STHaterade
  2. <p>You're still missed every day, Rick, and I'm honored I could call you my friend. Rest in peace.</p>

  3. Faction leaders were defended so fervently back in Vanilla as a matter of faction pride; before cross-faction BGs and paid transfers, all of the competent PvPers and PvEers competed much more frequently in combat and accomplishments with one another. To sum up before I sound like a cranky old man (again), it's largely a result of the change in dynamic that PvP and the game in general has shifted toward as time goes on. There's not much reason for anyone beyond nostalgic Vanilla players and rabid RP-nerds (see: me on both accounts) to care about the faction leaders dying anymore. They respawn in like 20 minutes anyway. Also, second warning to lighten up on bashing people for differing opinions. I woulda just locked it already, but Villy came through and cracked down on jerkitude.
  4. <p>If you're looking to find more information on the DA:O story, you might want to check out the <a href="http://dragonage.wikia.com/wiki/Dragon_Age_Wiki" rel="external nofollow">Dragon Age Wiki</a>. It has a lot of relevant information regarding the game and you could probably deduce the ending you would've gotten with enough sleuthing.</p>

  5. Congrats! (Take that thread lock)
  6. <p>Happy Birthday!</p>

  7. Keep in mind that this thread is about warriors (take that Ryoku). And also keep in mind that respect and civility when engaging in conversation with fellow beings is expected when posting around here.
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  9. The macros were likely recorded in Season 5.
  10. <p>Happy Mooday.</p>

  11. <p>I see you lurkin' there.</p>

  12. <p>Mooo.</p>

  13. <p>Happy Birthday.</p>

  14. The thread has been cleaned of unhelpful/antagonistic responses and responses entailing how I might better do my job, with a couple of posts edited to keep in useful information. While not being an exploit in the sense that it can be punished or is against the TOS, I can agree with Muatah's frustration. The experience-off system was implemented so that level appropriate characters who just wanted to PvP as they leveled could engage in some matches that weren't filled with twinks. I personally have never minded seeing some twinks, but for those people the level 60 bracket can end up put into the state it was pre-change with this kind of maneuver, leaving non-twinks in the lurch. I'd like to make particular note of the fact that Muatah put effort into being more diplomatic after his first reply, and has been met with very few actual responses to his side of the discussion aside from people just generally being jerks. Try to lighten up guys. EDIT: To respond to the below, I didn't lock the thread in hopes that it could be steered back on to conversation that discusses the topic in a non-hostile way. Don't worry about justifying anything to me.
  15. Yes, congratulations on taking 6 years to beat a zerg of level 8 mobs and one level 10 with the power to cast "Shrink: Minus 2 Strength".
  16. Faelenoir is actually a gritty detective drama based in the 50's.
  17. <p>Happy Birthday man!</p>

  18. Fhenrir


    (( Gobble gobble. ))
  19. <p>For what it's worth, it was pretty cool.</p>

  20. <p>You beat me to the mouse!</p>


  21. <p>Aaaagh you're not on MSN.</p>

  22. <p>I've actually been logging in here and there recently. Maybe I'll catch you online sometime.</p>

    <p>I'm gonna assume the link is to Dance Commander before having clicked it. =D</p>