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    The cold wind bit through his plate armor, and he supressed a shiver. He was cold, hungry, and a recent skirmish had left him with a deep gash on his torso. Still, he was the first one suited up and waiting at the gate. Forty soldiers donned their weapons and armor, prepared for war, and he stood at the front. He was Lieutenant General Fhenrir Phoenix, one of the highest ranking members of the Horde military. He could not afford to show his allies or his enemies any weakness. The Grimtotem blood coursing through him demanded no less. The gates opened. Fhenrir charged into the harsh blizzard atop his war bear, and it wasn't long before the Alliance and the Horde collided. Howls, clashes, gunshots and screams echoed through the mountains. Adrenaline pumped through Fhenrir's veins as he charged into his first opponent, a night elven druid that had shifted to the form of a cat. The large mace on his back gripped in both hands, he lunged forward and tried to bring it down on top of the beast, but it shifted to the side and claws tore into the back of Fhen's mane. He wrestled to break free, but more claws and bites struck true. Thinking quickly, Fhen fell backward and crushed the druid under his weight. He rolled to his hooves before the druid could stand, and brought his mace around in a brutal arc that landed with a sickening crunch. The elf shifted back to an elf as she fell lifeless. Fhenrir recognized the woman as one that was simply doing her duty... her duty for his enemy. And he had no time to mourn. Around him the Horde was faring poorly, and allies were dying all around him. He charged into another skirmish, crushing and pounding the life from a dwarf and a human that had just slain an orcish warrior Fhen often fought beside. He had no time to mourn for his comrade, either. They were losing this outpost, and the Horde was falling back. But the Alliance was advancing too quickly; the Horde needed more time to fortify their next battleground. "Move! NOW!" Fhenrir shouted to the Horde behind him. They did not wait to question him. Fhenrir let loose a howl, drawing attention from the nearby Alliance army. He leapt through the air and landed directly on top of a mounted gnome aiming to slip by, and threw the gnome's body at another soldier riding past. They began to overwhelm him. He felt the sting of frostbolts and arrows. Bullets and swords. Fhenrir lashed out, spinning his mace in devastatingly fast circles around him. A human fell, but another was saved by magical healing from support behind him. Fhenrir's wounds ached and throbbed. He stomped the ground, buying himself a few seconds from the attackers around him, and chugged a flask from his hip. It did little good. More attackers came upon him, and riders began to slip past. Fhenrir's armor was chipping and breaking under magical assault. Then, a sword stab found its mark. Fhenrir was run through, the blade piercing his heart. He collapsed, bloody, into a snow drift. A human warrior patted him down for supplies as the Alliance army advanced past him. His body was growing cold. Kali... Xara... Raina... He would never see them again, he knew. Life left him. ----- Fhenrir shook his head, coming to his senses. The cold wind of the Southern Barrens bit through his hunting leathers, and he shivered. During his days of active service, he'd seen that dark dream as an inevitability. He counted the days he survived and lived in the moment. Not anymore. Xaraphyne had convinced him to retire to the Barrens with her, something he'd never have imagined agreeing to. Still, here he was. Life was quiet now. Peaceful, even. As he bagged the boar he'd caught for dinner, he pondered if he would still be fighting today had she not entered his life.

  3. - Fhenrir - Horde - Various, raided with Twisting Nether Raiders Who is someone that you used to RP with and haven't heard from in a long time, that you miss the most? This list couldn't possibly be comprehensive, because I met so many cool people through this server. Amusingly, a lot of the names that come to mind are people that I consider good friends, and I know they roleplay (or did!) but I never roleplayed with them. Share a screenshot from an RP you enjoyed: Naam came to my wedding and sent me this picture afterwards. I think he parachuted away after the ceremony was done. I remember boxing Mutahhar to death too.
  4. I'm kicking around here and there once again, though chances are my appearances will be fairly scarce. Most of the time I'm on, it's either as Fhenrir or Tetsuju. Kaldore, get my real ID from my wife next time you see her!
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  10. I was hoping for a story like when Spider-man saved a child, but this is also pretty awesome.
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  13. Cleaned up and reopened; let's try Demitri's Diligence-Substitute V.2! Try not to go on a random off-tangent in this thread about warriors and other stupid garbage this time guys. (For the record, I'm totally cool with people making "now carrying" posts in this forum, and any discussion of the act of carrying in general would be better suited to a new topic, titled like "Do you support the idea of carrying in arenas?" or something.)
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  22. There's nothing wrong with a slight deviation from the original intent of the topic, particularly when it's called something simple like "Rogue PvP assistance". I'm not gonna edit anything posted so far, but there are a few examples of people needing to play nicer and lighten the hell up here. Look at your post; if you feel like I'm talking to you, I probably am. (Note, this is not directed at Demitri. My first paragraph was my full response to him.)
  23. Surprised nobody has mentioned Argent Confessor Paletress yet. Why? NSFW NSFWMind you that it isn't a link to porn of any kind. Her voice is just that suggestive.