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  1. It worked! Thanks! ...I hope it's not too obnoxious.
  2. I didn't really see any better spot for this... if it's not the right spot, my apologies. Feel free to move it. I've noticed a lot of people have a spiffy little snapshot in their signature. To flex my own artistic touch, I made one of my own! However... I'm not sure how to go about getting the image from MS paint (I know, I'm lame. Sue me) to the internet. Any help would be appretiated! Hoping for a better sig soon, ---Fhenrir
  3. Aren't you made out of Rhobber? I could swear I remembe- *shot in the back*
  4. Yar, since it's not going to pertain to our particular WoW universe anyway, feel free to use Fhenrir however you want to. Completely screw with his character/story, make him the badguy, kill him off, etc. Doesn't matter to me!
  5. I know this is a bit late... but I found out what happened! http://macgyver-tn.ytmnd.com/
  6. (( I'd been meaning to write something for the gazette awhile ago. So, three months later, I finally got something! I was particularly inspired to write up a story for a recent plotline of mine. And, although it does leave questions for people who aren't familiar with the story (namely, everybody) I thought it was good enough to post. So, enjoy! )) Assault on the Grimtotem The winds howled through the chasm, bringing the chilled temperature of night along with them as Fhenrir rode on wolf-back. A sword and shield were strapped to his armor, and his various supplies resting just behind him. Normally he would have his spear with him… but he knew his opponents would be little match for his skill. A grim look of determination crossed his face, although one wouldn’t be able to tell from looking at him. His helm hid all but his eyes as he rode to face the Grimtotem of Thousand Needles. An unfortunate scout had been the one to inform Fhenrir that his blood parents were in fact stationed somewhere here, and although he had been hesitant to meet them, he could no longer run from the task. He slid off his wolf and gave it a scratch behind the ear before grabbing his equipment and allowing his wolf to ride off in the setting sun. A few rabbits would likely find themselves a meal for his steed soon. Approaching the slope upward, he drew his sword and secured his shield. It was unlikely that the Grimtotem would simply allow him to walk in. His thoughts were confirmed when an arrow bounced off his shoulder pad. Without a second thought Fhenrir charged forward into the Grimtotem archer, quickly slicing him down and sprinting for the nearby bridge. The archer had let out quite a yelp as the sword pierced his armor. Chances are they were aware of his presence now. Fhenrir barreled into a pack of three Grimtotem just up the first bridge, bashing an unfortunate spell caster across the face, and off the edge of the bluff. The other two had little time to react before his sword sliced right through one, and into the other. Fhenrir did not even slow himself down as he continued, running up the second bridge leading to the top of the bluffs. Only one other scout tried to stop him on the way up, and he quickly became acquainted with the bottom of the chasm as he was thrown off the side. Four heavily armored guards stood to meet him as he reached the top of the platforms, along with two archers behind them launching arrows in his direction. Fhenrir put his shield in front of him and lunged into them, several loud thunks and clangs ringing as metal knocked into metal. Fhenrir’s sword swung wildly as it ripped through armor, flesh, and dirt alike. He hadn’t taken the time to notice the arrow sticking out of his arm until the last of them had been slain. Fhenrir ripped the arrow from his arm and sprinted off to the right, near the biggest clutter of buildings within the compound. Chances are he would find his parents there. Or at least he hoped. Several other Grimtotem stood to face him as he waded through the makeshift town, spraying their homes with blood. His eyes lit up savagely as the Grimtotem fell to his unstoppable fury. Grimtotem bodies lied in their homes, at the bases of the bluffs, and in the pathways. He hadn’t even stopped to consider he may have already slain his parents. “Arnak…” Fhenrir thought to himself as he crossed another bridge, intricate totems on either side as he stepped onto solid ground once more. Three Grimtotem passed the time on a table, nearby a small tent. They were rolling dice, and appeared to be betting silver on each roll. One of them was none other than Arnak Grimtotem. Fhenrir’s eyes lit up once more as he charged into them with a mighty roar, slicing the heads from Arnak’s bodyguards before they even saw him coming. Arnak grabbed his spear nervously, and shouted curses madly in Taurahe. But by then, Fhenrir had already started a lunge into Arnak, and pinned him to the ground. Fhenrir kicked their weapons aside and grabbed Arnak’s wrists tightly. “Now, Arnak… you’re gonna tell me what I wanna know, or you’re gonna be living without these precious arms of yours…” Fhenrir grinned wickedly as he pinned Arnak’s hands to the dirt, easily overpowering the tauren. “W-what is it? P-please, just don’t kill me!” Arnak whined pathetically. “There should be two tauren living here… Therreke and Thahre. Where are they?” Fhenrir snarled lowly. “Uhm… who? Oh! They’re on the bluff over there! Now let me go, please!” Arnak gestured with his head and shifted uncomfortably under Fhenrir’s weight. “Thanks, Arnak… I owe ya one.” Fhenrir winked as he stood up, and swiftly drove his hoof down into Arnak’s skull. Fhenrir grabbed his sword quickly, and sprinted over to the bluff Arnak had gestured to, plowing through a few more defenders as he did. Fhenrir slowed his pace considerably as he crossed the bridge, noticing but one shack on this rather small platform. His blood parents were really in this house… he would finally be able to speak with them. As Fhenrir peeked his head into the tent, he in fact noticed two tauren minding their own business. One sleeping, the other reading. It was remarkable how much of himself he saw in their faces. He knew these were his parents. He knew these were Therreke and Thahre Grimtotem.
  7. (( Hahaha, just what I was gonna ask. :wink: ))
  8. (( Upon further thought... I probably could have just posted this topic http://tn.yzeens.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=218 here instead... Ah well, live and learn. ))
  9. (( Thank ya! Chiokye also writes: "((If you are looking a some good people to fight alongside, just chat with, RP, etc you might want to give us a try. Mature people only need apply. My personal focus right now is on BG's, with an eye toward high level content and world PvP come level 60. Needless to say, just give me (Chiokye) or Fhenrir a tell or in game mail. My goals are to field a very select high quality team of players capable of doing great things in the future. Cooperation, not competition, will be our key to success. Thanks!))" I suppose we'll see soon enough how it works out. :wink: ))
  10. A small sign is noticeable just outside the gates of Orgrimmar. It reads... "Attention! Fhenrir Phoenix has taken it upon himself to lead Confusion, a guild of our very own people, to great things! If you seek honor in battle, bravery by lifestyle, and strength by personal achievements, then look no more! Fhenrir seeks to band those of us who share such goals together, so that we might accomplish more than we could apart. If this interests you, contact Fhenrir through the mail today: *A mailbox address is sketched here. Surely any mail sent to this address would reach Fhenrir* (( As the in character portion of my post suggests, myself and a close friend of mine by the name of Chiokye decided to form a guild. Well, okay, it didn't mention him. But that's for in character reasons. OOCly, I can tell you we wish to form our guild around roleplaying. Something I -can't- tell you ICly. We are dedicated roleplayers, first and foremost. This is not the only aspect of our guild, but it is one of our primary reasons for forming! I honestly couldn't assign our guild a "good guild" or "evil guild" tag. It's probably more along the lines of neutral... with some members leaning more toward certain "sides" than others. As well, we are active adventurers in the more "gameplay" oriented aspects of the game, such as dungeon-crawling and PvP action. We eventually hope to be able to form guild instance parties, work together to accomplish bigger PvP goals, and just have an overall good time with a group of friends who hope to do the same. If you find yourself interested in our guild, please contact Fhenrir or Chiokye ingame, in this topic, or at our guild forums. Which can be found at: http://theconfusion.proboards83.com/index.cgi Thanks for taking the time to read! ))
  11. I originally hail from Silver Hand. Played my shaman "Makul" to 60, and still play him from time to time. Been playing him since Febuary... but, I did bounce around to a few other servers. Got another shaman to 44 on Scarlet Crusade, named "Krezen". Kinda lost interest in playing the same class all over again. Recently, I rolled over here because another of my buddies from Silver Hand did. Love it here so far. Fhenrir is most likely going to 60.
  12. (( I suppose my original goal here was to find out a little more about it, and hopefully through that learn a bit more about the RP community as a whole from it. I really have no idea what it is, I've just heard it mentioned a few times. To clarify my real inquiry, I'd just like a bit more general info about it. What it is, what the reason for it is, things like that. Preferably both the OOC and IC reasons for such a council. It sounds like something that could help me get to know much of the RP community, so naturally it has perked my interest. I appretiate the response so far! )) (( EDIT: Actually, I think I know enough now, after looking around a little more carefully. I'll be there! ))
  13. (( I've heard mention of this a few times, and I've got a question about it. What is it? From what I've gathered, it's some sort of organization amongst roleplayers, and that would certainly be something I'd like to look into. However, I can't seem to find any information about it. Excuse my lack of knowledge on the realm as a whole, I'm still pretty new around here... *boggles* P.S. Please note this is not in character in any way... Fhenrir probably couldn't care less. ))
  14. Rather than making a new topic, I figure I'd make my "Greetings!" post here. I figure after a couple of days worth of exploring the layout of the site, and typing out my backstory for Fhenrir, I'll be around here (at least somewhat) regularly. So, yeah... *clears throat* "Hello"