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  1. "They're animals! Scare them!" Tetsujin tried to yell at her. He'd learned a long time ago that she ignored most of his directions, but that didn't stop him from trying. Lately, she couldn't even hear him over the crowd - or at least that was her excuse. "Hit that belly spot again, it's already bleeding! Don't give it time to heal! Smash it in the head or something!" He could barely hear himself yelling over the sound of the crowd. When the drums got faster, Tetsujin turned his deafened shouting at them in frustration. "SHUT UP!"
  2. Fhenrir Phoenix is a tauren warrior that has served the Horde for over a decade. His staunch and unwavering commitment to fighting both the Alliance and the other threats from around the world has earned him the title of Lieutenant General. In the past, he struggled to find who he was beyond his duty. He has since settled into a (mostly) content personal life, with many close allies and a caring partner. He is generally ornery and humorless, but lets his guard down around those closest to him. But now... Fenny Cranksplat, in: "A Piece of Cake" One of my earlier
  3. "Prideful" is more like "elitist" for Zuffid, and I couldn't work in Fhen's significant anger issues (because none of the others really deal with anger). It's an excellent thought exercise to see how your characters compare and contrast.
  4. Fhenrir stood near the entrance to his outpost in Draenor, arms folded. The heavy plate armor over his thick Taurahe fur kept him well insulated, but he was still close to shaking. Not from the cold, but from sheer frustration. "No." Standing on the path just outside the gates was a herd of cattle. Run of the mill cows, the sort native to Elwynn and the rest of the Eastern Kingdoms. The cows had already been parked on the path for over an hour, and they seemed to arrive just as a shipment of resources was due to leave on that very same pathway. In the center of the h
  5. Fhenrir: I liked the name of the Final Fantasy summon. Fenrir was taken, so I added an H. Zuffid: Came up with the name a long time ago, forgot about it for years, then remembered it around the time I rolled a belf paladin (for the explicit purpose of being really annoying in PvP). Makul: Named after a barbarian from D&D that I had named "Makulishtenalla" because I thought it sounded neat. As far as I know, it doesn't mean anything (or fit into the name generator!) Foozle: Goblin wizard. Reference to wizards that I think predates my existence. Leon: He's an undead hunter. Yup. Coward:
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    <p>D R E A M</p>

  7. <p>All good! Things are well - would be fun to catch up sometime soon. <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/biggrin.png" alt=":D" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/biggrin@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /></p>

  8. Fhenrir Phoenix Upon selection: "Lieutenant General Fhenrir Phoenix, at your service." Click: "Orders?" "Ready." "Ready for orders." "Say the word." "Where am I needed?" Excessive clicking: "Uh, Lok'tar?" "We need to move." "You're wasting time." "You're not Xara, back off." "I need more rage!" "Not enough rage!" *sigh* "Moo. Are you happy now?" Ordered to move: "Got it." "Understood." "Let's move." "On my way." "For the Horde." Ordered to attack: "Charge!" "For the Horde!" "For the Horde." "Out of my way!" "For Kalimdor!" Taunt: Fhenrir plants his sword in the d
  9. <p>The Dadrir-ening is almost upon us! Due date is a month away now!</p>


  10. <p>You're bad and you should feel bad.</p>

  11. <p>Moo.</p>

    <p>(this text added because the minimum is 5 characters. racist against tauren, TNG!! *fistshake*)</p>

  12. Baine is dead. He held out fighting for Thunder Bluff until the very last moment, and when all hope was lost he held them off while the rest of us managed to fall back. They carved him into a mantlepiece like the disgusting savages they are. Sylvannas is gone. As soon as they caught wind of Orgrimmar falling to pieces, the Undercity was abandoned. We don't know where the Forsaken have gone, but the majority of them turned out to be as trustworthy allies as you could expect. We last saw the Forsaken marching toward the Caverns of Time; we can't find out why they went there, but we know th
  13. The troll coughed as I unhooked him from the wall. "Mon, dis is hell! When ya gonna let meh go!?" "Progress." He watched me suspiciously, as he should. He was a dumb one, but savvy enough to know I'd likely kill him after I got what I wanted. Until then he would suffer, and I was banking on his desire to end the suffering sooner rather than later. "... Ah got what ya need," he told me finally. "The spell be ready any time." I sensed a kinship lurking in his mind and mine both, like sand, but the feeling lasted only a moment. He explained that he would need an opening of about thirty s
  14. Fhenrir had sheathed his mace to make his jump easier, and it tumbled off his back when they slammed into the bridge. When they hit the ground he spotted his mace fall under debris out of the corner of his eye and snarled. "That's the second one of those I've lost to you bastards," he growled just before Fell sunk teeth into the tauren's shoulder. Fhen's growl turned to a shout as the teeth drew blood. Fhenrir thrashed with the beast and hammered fiercely at its head, over and over and over. Fell snarled and beat on him fiercely with four paws and held him in place with its teeth. Fhenrir wa
  15. "Psst. Hey, baby, over here. Buy you a drink? Name's Jaume Fynne. You can call me Jaume. Want to hear a little story, chock full of secrets? Sure you do. Oh sorry, don't mind my clumsy hands falling all over. I've had a couple drinks, but it's nothing. Plenty of fresh Blackrock Coffee in a heated thermos at the hip, I'll be good as new in no time. *glug* So listen, I grew up in the really terrible parts of Stormwind. Parents took a dirt nap when I was little, but I hear they weren't the kinda folks who'd look out for their progeny anyway. Y'know? Anyway, grew up in the terrible parts I did. H
  16. Fhen snapped to his senses as Xara called out to him. He shouted a quick "right!" to her and smashed his mace across Fell's face to get the worg's attention. Fhen leapt again, this time evading toward the cave, and hit the ground spinning. He closed the distance to Xara by intervening between her and the lesser worg, taking a blow that bounced off his whirling defense and sent the small beast tumbling away. He moved normally, then, and offered Xara a nod as he fell into step behind her. "Fell is in line. Let's move!" --- The shaman chuckled to himself since nobody else was around to hear hi
  17. Fhenrir rose from beating the shadowy worg to a pulp and drew the mace from his back. He turned to Xara while she shouted and looked in time to see one of the big ones barreling after her. Fhen would later learn this one was Fell, but at that moment he hardly cared beyond the knowledge it was an enemy. It was a dangerous enemy, and it was racing toward Xara. The plan left his thoughts entirely. He was used to thinking under pressure, but the very-real danger he'd seen Xara in since this had started had him more on edge than normal. He ignored the druids and charged toward the wolf, aiming to
  18. The giant wasp was broken under my onslaught. It lie in the dirt, twitching, inches from death. Arrows pierced through its wings and one stuck out of its abdomen. I wiped the blood from my chest and weaved a light healing spell over the wound, thanks to my newfound domination over the elements. I knelt before the twitching bug and clutched its head in in my grasp. "You are mine now. Follow or be crushed." The bug wouldn't understand my words, but it knew my intent. It followed me then, and returned to flight with a power it had never known before. I became aware of a presence behind me
  19. One of them must've sensed the group coming. The shadow coming down at Xara was one of the progeny, and Fhenrir didn't take time to think. He dove through the air and tackled the beast to the ground, rolling into a heap and throwing punches at the things jaw. He hadn't had time to draw his weapon, so he thundered fists into the thing as he snapped at his arms and his torso. He could feel the majority of the bites getting soaked up by plate, but he knew teeth were hitting their marks too. More wounds for a team to patch up. The elven druid wasted no time in morphing into a tree and throwing re
  20. Fhenrir offered a bow to the druids when they greeted the two, a gesture that had become less common for him over the years. "Would you care to visit Raina? She's been asking for you." Fhenrir shook his head. "We need to get to work." The consistent expression of obscure disapproval on his face concealed the unhappiness with which he made the choice for him. "Is there word on the dogs' whereabouts?"
  21. I am Fhenrir Darkstorm. My Tribe, the Darkstorms, were named after the thundering skies in which we splintered from the rest of the Grimtotem. The same lineage runs through me as it does the Grimtotem, but our similarities begin and end there. My given name, Fhenrir, comes from the wolf. My older brother, Fhenrigo, has a bastardization of the same name. We were to be the two blood hounds of our tribe. We weren't. Fhenrigo became a shaman and wrestled for leadership of our dying tribe. I was an outsider, until I was pushed into a future that wasn't my own. Now I am a step removed
  22. The Infinite Dragonflight was always busy; between the big projects that catch the attention of the biggest names around, there are many smaller projects taking place in an attempt to manipulate time to their favor. While more resources were dedicated to pursuits like assassinating Arthas and preventing the opening of the Dark Portal, they could spare a small number to these other assignments. One such side project had been Fhenrir Phoenix; not exclusively, but he was among a list of officers in the Horde military assigned to a small hit-squad. They would ideally stick a dagger in each an