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  1. Is anyone else noticing a lack in Tanks? Can't get an Auchindoun run going because we never have tanks. Had to pay a 70 druid 20g to tank Crypts. Healers are abundent though, that's good.
  2. As much as I try to lead I find myself not being listened to constantly. This has developed a need for attention and a loud voice. My voice never overpowers anyones so I find myself yelling a lot. I don't have a girly or childish voice but I get a lot of "pshh w/e"s. I don't know what that had to do with the topic but I felt like I needed to get that off my chest.
  3. Blechhhhhh all you Alliance toons , I havea 35 Forsaken Warlock there and a 12 BE Paladin and a 21 Forsaken rogue.
  4. I have now been grounded from WoW for 6 months, I get on for 8 hours every two months or so but past that, nothing. My hunter was 40 in January, 6 months later he is only 56. Everytime I go near Brill I get a cold chill. I miss being a lowbie, everything was so new and exciting. I cant see myself not playing WoW, and when a new MMO comes out it will have to be great, and automatticly jump to 8 million players. I sure as hell am not ditching everything I work so hard to get.
  5. Hmm, I must sound like a nerd for saying I drink. My friend "does" drugs "a lot" and I always say the "Oh, your cool" thing. Drinking is my excuse to have fun. I play WoW while the party goes on upstairs. So, in you eyes I am a nerd, yet in their eyes I am a nerd. I am so confused. I take back my "straight alchohol FTW!" statement back because that was fairly lame. Drinking is fun, being social is fun, playing WoW is a good time, but has nothing on being social. I have been grounded for 6 months now due to bad grades. Guess what made them fall...not drinking but World of Warcraft. I am reduced to lieing that I have homework that I can only do on the computer just to check my myspace and the tng. Welcome to hell for an adolesant kid. No WoW, no internet, and all because my parents believe I am smart. I got some news for ya...I'm not that smart.
  6. Meh, I live different lives then most teenagers. A great mom and a very party going Dad. So I have the angel and devil on my shoulder, very balanced. Hell, if I can drink and go see Shrek 3, why the hell not. Life is fun, life is once, do what you will.
  7. I loves my booze...and porn...and I am 15. So, what do i win? (Straight alchoholFTW!)
  8. I find the orc made it much funnier. Sorry to dissapoint you
  9. I drew an orc origanally but I accidently deleted it. So for now, an orcless 8-bit Azeroth http://www.sanitariumgames.com/thumbs/1584.jpg
  10. My english hurts too. Ow, see?
  11. Surname? Am I going to sound dumb saying I have never heard that word before? Because I havn't *hopes no one notices* And thank you.
  12. Very nice, I would like to think of a title for my Orc, Hunter. I like Mortish~The Wanderer. But I need a last name for him as well. Grr, 329 MB to go, and I started at 8:30.
  13. Mortish

    Alt Art

    Not a huge fan of the drawing style, I am more of a depressing, dark style. Good job nonetheless! I like it.
  14. I find it all really depends on what kind of Rp you like. I am all about viloent Rp. Some like democracy, "making the world (of warcraft) a better place by reading one book at a time" policy. And others just live their own lives in Azeroth.
  15. Thank you very much! BTW, I like you sig, where might an orc get on of those?