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  1. Personal virtual log 15763: I have begun to notice rapid deterioration happening to this body. After several tests, I have determined that the process used to create this prototype body had made it appear immortal, but in fact the tissues while seeming to regenerate were in fact aging at a rapid scale. This unit will cease functioning within the day. Further studies conclude that others who have undergone this process are safe from these effects, except for the one called Lovely. Because her body was created such as mine, she too will cease to exist. I will warn her before I shut down. It has been a fascinating life.
  2. Atanasia scanned the letter thoroughly before the Mystagogue was allowed to touch it. After all, the Mystagogue had many potential enemies, and best to be safe. If there was poison in the parchment, or diseased dust, Atanasia would be the one to contact it...to find it. After all, it wasn't like she could be hurt for long. Seeing that it was fine, she nodded to her Mystagogue and handed the letter to her, recording the information but keeping it locked away until it may be needed by her mistress once more.
  3. The foundation is built. The Mystagogue, the one I serve without question, has built her church. I am its guardian, as I am hers. Her church is beginning to grow. The Mystagogue herself remains a mystery. I know her true identity, but am forbidden to reveal it. She is growing stronger with the power of shadow each and every day, under the guidance of the demon child Hellista Lok'Tharis. Watching this has been fascinating to say the least. New recruits are Sarnya Frostwhisper and Jhonn Hardwell, although I have very little information recorded on either of them. It appears Sarnya is a mage of sorts, and Jhonn seems to be a paladin/warrior. Ehlina Lok'Tharis joined the ranks of the church today. It is obvious to this observer that her spirit has been completely broken and she is now just a tool of the Mystagogue. What purpose she may serve in the future is unknown to me at this current time. For now, I help my mistress to prepare. Her orders are my commands to follow. I am unable to falter.
  4. I have begun a new mission today. For months I have existed with no purpose, and have been useless to the family that made me. Today I was brought before my new mistress. My new mistress has apparently chosen a new path, one that demands she give up her old way of life. I was told never to mention these events, so I am keeping this virtual log in my mind. Having an eidetic memory serves me in this mission, as I can recall memories with ease, and so I have given this a file name. I will store my knowledge of the events transpiring here as they unfold. My mistress was a very powerful person, channeling the light given to her by a force beyond my comprehension. Her new path is interesting, and I have seen people attempt the same thing with little success. It is not up to me to pass judgement on whether or not she will succeed, or even survive. My mission is to protect and serve her. My weapons are cleaned. My poisons made. My tools and trinkets ready. I've lined my pouches and pockets with traps and bombs. I am activated as a weapon. We shall see where the future takes us.
  5. Atanasia sat huddled in an abandoned house near Eastvale Logging Camp. She was cold, but had an old blanket thrown over her. Outside, she looked at the gnolls who wandered the lands, and she ignored them. Killing them wouldn't solve her problems. This was a mistake, she thought to herself. She had been killed...This wasn't supposed to happen this way. Clys had always been good to her, after she had taken her into the Immortalis. What had gone wrong? She thought back to days gone by. She was Lovely of Lakeshire, a virtuous Paladin, a Warrior of the light who used her powers for nothing but good. She wanted so hard to show the world love....And that was her downfall. Lovely of Lakeshire had allowed herself to be taken by Clys Nex'Cruor and the Immortalis, naively believing that they would respond to her love with love of their own. Because love conquered everything, right? She had walked right into their web. She freely gave them blood samples, freely gave them herself, and her love....and freely gave them her soul. When Clys and Danlily had tortured her, they had taken her innocence. They had taken what was Lovely of Lakeshire and turned it into something else. Something tainted. She tried to think back. Was she already tainted before this? No. She was a virgin. She was dating a Knight of the Silver Hand. They were planning to be married. She was respected, and loved by her people. She threw it away. After being branded, she was a servant of the Immortalis. Lovely of Lakeshire was now known as Lovely the tainted. The demon of lust and despair had grown within her, and she had lost it all, including her sanity. She did many unspeakable things, and finally sold her soul to evil when she agreed to help Clys kill those orphaned infants. The price of immortality, so Clys said. She had told Lovely that she would have a place in the Immortalis...that she would be immortal. What a crafty liar Clys Nex'Cruor was. Atanasia thought back to more recent events. As Lovely the Tainted, she had finally succumbed to the ways of sin, and was near death. Her body had become crippled by abuse, her sanity had long since been buried. She had no other choice but to call on Clys, to beg her for help. Lovely the Tainted feared death. She feared being judged for the evils she had committed. She didn't want to die. Clys brought her to House Nex'Cruor. She grew Lovely of Lakeshire a new body, a perfect Sin'Dorei body. Lovely of Lakeshire was healthy, and now had a family. She had become Lovely Nex'Cruor. Yet things were wrong. She was Sin'Dorei, but she was still human. Her soul was still the same soul she had been born with outside of the Redridge Mountains. Conflicts arose, especially with her new allies in the horde, who saw her as a traitor. She had to learn to adapt....to learn the ways of the Sin'Dorei...and to try to put her human self behind her. Doing this was difficult, but with a Sin'Dorei body came a Sindoei brain, even if the soul of a human inhabited it. She accepted that she was Nex'Cruor. Sin'Dorei. She fooled her soul into believing it. Then came the day Clys had promised her. Immortality. All that time ago, Clys had promised Lovely the Tainted that she would be immortal. But now she said that Lovely would have to get rid of her humanity. She had agreed...the Sin'Dorei. After all, humanity was something she had been trying to put behind her. She was Nex'Cruor now. But what Lovely Nex'Cruor didn't realize was that Lovely of Lakeshire, the Tainted Paladin, was another part of herself. On the astral plane, she had fought herself. Two parts of a soul battling for the right to live within an immortal body. And Lovely of Lakeshire lost this battle. Lovely of Lakeshire died. But it didn't end there. Lovely of Lakeshire became aware days later. She was a ghost, and she watched this....Sin'dorei with hatred and jealousy. This being had taken her body from her, the body Clys had promised her. Clys...The Liar. Immortal indeed...Kill your humanity.... Lovely of Lakeshire gritted her teeth in this construct body, furious with Clys Nex'Cruor. It was not Lovely that became immortal. It was something Clys had made. Something Clys had grown. Clys had thrown Lovely of Lakeshire away, discarding her as she would trash. But Hellista had put Lovely of Lakeshire into this body and set her free. This construct body....Immortal just as the Sin'Dorei Lovely's body. This body was flawed, with no color pigment, and light sensitive eyes...But it was strong. It was a product of the Immortalis. And it housed the spirit of a very pissed off human.
  6. Atanasia nodded as she looked upon Malorii. She attempted a slight smile, even though there was no emotion behind it. She had given up her emotions long ago it seemed, back when she accepted the fact that she was a construct. She sat in a chair near Malorii and put the box down at her side. "What information do you seek?"
  7. Atanasia entered the room, holding the package in her hand with an inquisitive look in her eye. She stared at Malorii for a moment, taking note of the slight physical changes that personal grooming had made on her "sister," and nodded. "You wish to see me, Malorii?"
  8. Atanasia studied the vial of Blood. Using some of the rudimentary tools and devices that she was allowed access to, she began to decipher things about it. The Blood was Sin'Dorei in origin, but there was something off. Something unnatural. She then cut her own arm, allowing some blood to drop on the glass next to this sample. She nodded to herself, noting that they were nearly identical. There was no question about it now. This was the blood of Malorii...Her "Sister" of sorts. Another construct she had met several times before, back before she had blocked her emotions. She then gathered the rest of the blood and the vial, placing them back in a safe place, and examined the package that the blood had arrived in. She narrowed her eyes, noting small traces of fungi and rust that were evident on the wrapper. A quick sniff, and her eidetic memory confirmed that this package had been sent from Brill. The scent of its mailbox was unmistakable. Moments later, Atanasia had the rewrapped package in hand, and caught a carraige to Tirisfal Glades. She knew Malorii would be waiting for her.
  9. Later in the day Atanasia calmly walked to the front of the Nex'Cruor Estate, where the goblins had delivered the mail. She inspected the letters and packages, as she always did, to see which ones should be taken to Mistress Clys, and which ones should be destroyed or given elsewhere. One package caught her eye. It had her name on it. She looked perplexed for a moment, pondering why anyone would send mail to a contruct. Setting that thought aside for analysis later, she turned on her heel and entered the manor. She put the rest of the mail where it needed to go. Smurch would deliver the important ones to the Mistress as he always did. Then she carefully opened the package to her, making an effort not to tear the paper should she need it for further use down the road. There were blood stains on the package. Peering at them inquisitively, Atanasia discerned that they were probably humanoid, and looked to be small spletters from 2 to 3 feet above the package, most likely coming from the mouth of the person who sent it. Opening the package, she glanced at the vial, and then looked everything over, checking for a message. A moment later, she tilted her albino head to the side and adjusted her goggles. "Fascinating."
  10. The next day came, and Atanasia placed herself in the courtyard, surrounded by manor workers and people that had been invited to hear the reading of the will. Not everyone was there, but there were scribes ready to write down what she was to say. She cleared her throat to get people's attention, and then spoke. "Good morning. I am Atanasia, construct of Clys Nex'Cruor and property of the Nex'Cruor Estate, which up until now was overseen by Baron Skafloc Ran'Deau. As he is now dead, I have been instructed to read his last will and testament. I will do so now." She paused for a moment, processing the information, before speaking again. "Last Will and Testament Baron Skafloc Ran'Deau. I, Baron Skafloc Ran'Deau of sound mind and body do hereby declare this to be my last will and testament, forsaking all others. The construct Atanasia is to be my legal record of these preceedings. I hereby name my ex wife the Baroness Nymare Sunfire as the executrice of my estate. On the event of my death I hereby bequeath ownership of the Nex'Cruor castle to the sole remaining blood of the Triumvirate, however removed the lineage: Villayna deSinisca. Under the understanding that all present residents and staff are to be permitted to remain and continue to reside and work as normal for as long as they desire. Furthermore Lovely and Izrail have sole authority in regards to the alchemical labs below the castle. All assets and furnishings are to be maintained, there is to be no looting or sale of assets. Management of the estate, the mana farm and herb plantation shall be entrusted to my adopted sister Lovely Nex'cruor, assisted by Izrail Nex'Cruor. Ownership of the herb plantation shall fall to Nymare Sunfire, with Chauncey remaining as the majordomo. May it give her the pleasure of recalling sweeter times. These instructions are with the understanding that should the Nex'Cruor return to their ancestral holdings from their wanderings all ownership shall revert to their hands as the rightful heirs. signed: Baron Skafloc Ran'Deau." Having said what she was instructed to do, Atanasia now stood aside and waited for her new owner, Villayna deSinisca, to tell her what to do.
  11. Atanasia walked into the Courtyard of the Nex'Cruor Manor. She looked odd to begin with, her skin and hair white as paper, and her eyes covered with green goggles. She wore a suit of black leather, which contrasted sharply against her skin, and she strode toward Chauncey calmly and with purpose. "Chauncey," She said in her normal monotone voice. "I must speak with you regarding the last will and testament of Baron Skafloc Ran'Daeu." Chauncey, already overworked, and a bit stressed, glanced at the biological automaton curiously. "We have not found a will, child. But I assure you we will take care of things." Atanasia paused for a moment, and then replied. "I am the will. It is recorded within me. As a construct and as property of the Nex'Cruor estate, I am to gather those included in this will to hear it from me. It is legally binding. I will read it when you have gathered those who are mentioned." Chauncey blinked, and then nodded. This was unusual, but as a construct, Atanasia was in fact listed as property of the Nex'Cruor estate, and was listed as a device rather than as a living creature. He felt bad for the poor thing, but her demeanor indicated that she had forsaken any care of her station along with her emotions. He asked "Who shall I summon?" Atanasia spoke quietly. "Nymare Sunfire, Villayna DeSinisca, Lovely Nex'Cruor, and Izrail Nex'Cruor. You will also need to be here, Chauncey." Atanasia then moved toward the door. "Summon me when you are ready and the individuals are here. I shall read the will at that time."
  12. Atanasia


    Atanasia smiled as she began her tale. For a moment, she paused, as if accessing the information, but when she talked, her speech was eloquent. "I awoke inside my damaged Gestation tube in the middle of a pile of garbage. My crate and tube had been damaged due to the machinations of a rogue who sought to steal me and sell me to the highest bidder, but I managed to get free while he searched for someone to help him procure me safely. I wandered Silvermoon for a short while, unable to understand languages or really think, but the more people I encountered, the more I seemed to be able to record things from them and pick up knowledge. I ran into Skafloc Ran'Deau the next day, and he knew what I was. He brought me to his home, and from there I was trained...I have now reached a stage where my knowledge is great, although I still lack knowledge of emotions...It is hard for me to control my emotions currently. Nymare, Skafloc's wife, is my handler. For whatever reason I don't know, there is a command code in my brain connected to her, and I must do as she says. I can only assume it is because she spent the most time with me, and I was coded in such a way that a handler would be neccessary. Due to this, I actually assumed it was because I was originally made to be an assassin of some type...Or perhaps a slave to you, Clys Nex'Cruor. I am unsure, and this is one of the questions I wish to have answered. Now, I am staying with Skafloc and Nymare. They treat me well, and I learn more every day. I also am researching love, and am reaching breakthroughs on that emotion thanks to Diomades, the Tauren Shaman. As for you, Clys, my only memory of you is a blurred image of you looking into my tube and saying my name. Please...Please tell me what I am...What I am supposed to be..." Atanasia trailed off as she walked, awaiting a response...
  13. Atanasia


    Atanasia took Clys' hand. She had learned much since her awakening. Nymare had taught her many things, and she had a relationship that she was happy with....But Clys was her maker. "I will come with you, my maker. I have learned much over the past two weeks, and my intellect grows geometrically each day...But you have answers for me that I cannot learn anywhere else." Atanasia smiled, almost tearfully. This was a homecoming that she could not have imagined. She had felt abandoned by Clys...Unwanted. Thrown away. Now Clys was offering her a chance at a life, and a chance to have her body studied. She would learn what she was, and maybe why she was created. She thought back to the previous week. It was then that she had learned about a certain bandit, who had attempted to steal her while she was being shipped to be destroyed. Her gestation tube had been broken during the attempt, and that was what had awoken her. If not for his greed, she would be destroyed now. "Maker," she asked with a hint of emotion, "Can you tell me what I am? What am I here for? And....How am I alive?" As Clys led her away, she listened and stayed quiet, recording everything Clys said or did with childlike curiosity.
  14. I can be the smart secretary!! I even have glasses!!!