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  1. I can tell you my thoughts from the perspective of a new player... I scoped out a few servers to make a charcter on and settled on this one. I read a lot of good feedback saying the community and the level of roleplaying was great. The clincher for me was seeing this site as a gathering point for all things RP. However, in the short month that I've been playing I feel I'm starting to become somewhat jaded. I've read that quite of bit of RP goes on in Silvermoon, however I don't own Burning Crusade and hadn't really thought of getting it until I got a character higher level. I feel like since some many people have played for so long and have high-level characters, there's a "been there, done that" feeling. I've met very few people in my travels that are willing to RP at all. Some places I've ventured (like the Barrens) and listening to that chat makes me cringe with all the idiocy. I guess I'm at an impass on what to do. Should I stick it out and wait until higher levels, or do I need to get BC to meet more people, or am I just plain ol' doing something wrong? I really would like to give it a shot, but at this point I'm wondering if it's worth the time and effort to put into it. Anyhow, just the random thoughts from a new player.
  2. Bahl sees it as the end justifies the means. While only used in the most dire of cirumcstances, he won't hasitate to use a corpse to replenish himself as needed. The rest of the bodies...he'd rather stack them like cordwood for future use.
  3. Ha...you forgot to turn the high-pressure fire hoses on them.
  4. Geesh, when I said cookies I had no idea this would take off. Thank goodness nobody is diabetic here, their blood sugars would probably rise just reading the cookie posts.
  5. Welcome to the Dark Side, we have cookies!!!!
  6. Darknaga

    RP Time?

    What is it about Silvermoon that makes it so attractive to Horde people to go and RP? Since I'm new to the game I haven't gotten BC yet, and I haven't seen much for Rp'ing in Undercity or Ogrimaar. I've been able too a litte, but not much
  7. Forgive my ignorance to all of this, but what kind of Rp'ing add-ons do you guys use? I didn't know there were any, but now that I do I'll look for them and keep an eye out people.
  8. It's tough when you're younger to see the "big picture" that everyone keeps throwing at you and you have a tendancy to concern yourself with living in the moment. I can say from experience that I made some bone-headed decisions in my late teens and early twenties. While they haven't resulted in anything crippling, things probably would have gone a lot smoother. As far as drinking, contrary to what some believe it's not all it's cracked up to be. I went on a terrible binge right after I graduated high school that almost ended up with my now wife never seeing each other again. Why, because I was so concerned about living in the moment of no more school, no more living with my family and hanging out with my friends and having "fun". For now, you'll just have to suck it up. Trust me, you'll thank yourself in the long run.
  9. It was a pleasure to be able to meet your acquaintance last night. I had a ball doing those few quests and being able to chat with a fellow undead. I did sign up over at the Infection website, so I look forward to chatting with more of you.
  10. ((I probably should have said this before I posted the story, but if anyone wants to contribute to this tale you're more than welcome, I hope to elborate on it more the further she travels and the more people I meet))
  11. Well... I'm approaching this character from a stance of heartbreak and vengence. While not bloodythirsty, she does have a dark streak that can come forth. I guess the beauty and curse of having just started a low-level character is everything is still in development and things that happen can mold what the outcome can be at a higher level.
  12. I personally find trying to get around their walkers on to a zepplin the biggest pain. Couldn't have anyone installed an elevator at the one in Tristfal for the poor people?
  13. It was another cold damp night as Jenedalle silently knelt in front of a small headstone in the Brill graveyard. It had been lightly misting all evening and she could see small drops of water starting to bead on the sleeve of her robe. “Why can’t I find the answer?” she asked herself quietly. “Mother…if by some graces you can hear me, please give me the answer.” Jene had always been told that people, places and things have their own reason for being in the world. While that worked fine for things that were expected, what if you were an aberration? Would you have a place in the world then? Would others feel you had a place also? It had been a long three months since her rude awakening in that cold slab of granite in Deathknell. For two months she did nothing but club, burn, freeze and eliminate more than a graveyard’s worth of walking dead, but why? What does this have to do with being the “forsaken” she kept hearing so much. The crazed “teacher” was solely fixated on eliminating the carcasses from the world. Any attempts to question the purpose met with harsh indifference and the general attitude of “because it is necessary”. Finally the day came where she could do more than just kill mindless corpses. Her mentor spoke to her one night as Jene sat in a room sewing a shirt together. “I spoke to the priest earlier; he and I are in agreement about you” she spoke to Jene. Jean laid the shirt out in her lap and turned her head toward her mentor. She said nothing, but tilted her head ever so slightly. “I can read your mind Jenedalle…” her mentor said “although your physical features may not be as they once were; I can tell by your expression that you’re confused.” “Answers are all I ask for” Jenedalle said quietly. “So much has been taken away from me. Why? Why…” and with that her voice trailed off. “Child” her mentor said in a calm voice “we were all born upon this curse, but there is one thing you must remember, it was not selective on whom it infected. You are a rare breed like many of us. Your soul and mental resolve was so strong, that instead of being the wandering lost you are instead talking to me. Abominations? Possibly. Aberrations? Indeed. Unworthy of forging a destiny? Absolutely not!” With that Jenedalle turned her head back towards the fire raging in the fireplace. She reached into her bag and pulled a rusty locket and held it around her bony fingers. “Story behind that?” her mentor asked. “Yes…” Jene muttered “a gift from my fiancée before the plague spread. The damned fool wanted to go off and try to save the world on his own. I loved him more than life itself, and I would have given my soul to the light to have him back. The last thing I remember was cradling his head in my lap and kissing him goodbye.” Jene stood up and walked closer to the fire. “He’s out there, I just know it.” Her mentor stood up and walked beside and placed her hand on Jene’s shoulder. “Know one thing” she started. “Fate is fickle mistress. In the end, we are all her whores just her solely for her amusement. Fear not child, you’re time will come where all things will meld together as one. I know you are capable of great things. But for now, come…” She quickly withdrew her hand and started walking out of the room. Jenedalle stuffed the locket back inside her linen waist pouch and followed her out the door. As she walked, Jenedalle took in all that her mentor said. Because you have a feeling of consciousness and belonging doesn’t mean everyone or everything in the world agrees with it. She learned that people she used to come from and their “grand alliance” seek to remove foes they feel have no purpose for being, be it a sentient creature or not. Two sides of the coin was the expression her mentor used. Undoubtedly in their “human” days they all would have believed in such “noble” ideals. “Blessed or cursed” her mentor continued “it matters little what you think of your state or situation. The simple fact is you now exist outside the regular laws of nature. Still, with consciousness and some semblance of burning in your soul it is up to you to help the Dark Lady in all that she strives. The Scourge may have taken our former lives, but the Dark Lady is who will make us live again.” “The mission I give you is an atypical one Jenedalle DuMorne. You will undoubtedly forge a path throughout Azeroth, but you must do one important thing.” “I am listening mistress…” Jenedalle replied “if it will help make the Forsaken stronger, it will no doubt fortify me.” “Excellent child” her master said with enthusiasm. “You must find others like yourself spread throughout this world. There is strength and safety in numbers. Seek these groups out, as they will do nothing but aid you and our cause.” With that Jenedalle gathered her meager belongings and made her way out thru the forests of Tristfal. The mist that started ever so light began to get much thicker. The gentle sound of rain falling in the trees washed out everything. Jenedalle shook her head a little and looked up at the sky. She reached back and drew the hood of her cloak over her head. She looked backed at the headstone in front of her. Very simple and very plain, this marker was the inglorious end of a long and proud family. Jenedalle let out an instinctive sigh as her fingers caressed the marker. “Farewell mother…” she whispered quietly “I will always carry my love for you in what remains in my heart, and thank you for the answer I knew all along.” What possible reason would Jenedalle have for venturing in this strange, strange world? Because the family would have done it… Jenedalle clutched her staff and propped herself up with it. Making sure all things were in order, she walked out of the graveyard and towards the other end of town. A strange music-box sounding music came from the tavern. Keeping her head down, she walked past the edge of town and over the next hill. In the eerie glow of the lamps along the road she saw a huge marker with arrows hanging off it. Hearing a sound from the sky, she turned her head around. A fantastic spectacle as the zeppelin perched itself at the northern platform of the spire. Jenedalle laughed to herself a little. “The crossroads…” she said very softly “the crossroads.”
  14. In the 3 years I've used X-fire I love for a lot of things, but downloading patches for games isn't one of them. Heck...even the stupid xfire updates seem to dog my system something fierce. Like Microsoft Windows, I've learned to not use automatic doenloading features on most things and disable them in a heartbeat. Little offtopic but... how many people here use xfire?
  15. ((a little nervous, first time I've ever done something like this)) Full Name: Jenedalle DuMourne Nickname: 'Jean' Date of Birth: During the height of the Second War Age: 20 Race: Forsaken (formerly human) Gender: Female Hair: Once a brilliant brown...now only dark and dirty like mud Skin: Green tint Eyes: Long ago brown and full...now only empty sockets Height: 5'1" due to hunched-over rigor mortis Weight: A paltry 80lbs Place of Residence: Undercity Place of Birth: Estates in Trsitfal Known Relatives: None - all deceased Religon/Philosophy: Emotion guides our actions, but what if some emotions no longer hold the same feelings? Occupations: Tailor and Enchanter Group/Guild: None Guild Rank: N/A Enemies: No physical enemies as of yet, but emotion and dispair are a constant war on her Likes: Simples pleasures of watching the change of seasons and feel of the breeze. Somehow these make her feel more "alive". Favorite Foods: Homemade Pumpkin Pie from the autumn festivals Favorite Drink: Apple Brandy Favorite colors: Green and Red Weapon of Choice: Staves Dislikes: Overbearing, disciplinarian "teachers" Hobbies: Reading and Weaving. Again doing these simple tasks somehow make her feel at peace in times of emotional crises and makes her feel more human. Physical Features: Despite being buried, her features are somewhat well preserved. The DuMourne's were a family of money, and even in last rites no expense was spared. Special Abilities: Instant recognition on memory. The littlest items can be commited to memory and retrieved later. Positive Personality traits: Independent think, strong willed, fiercely loyal Negative Personality traits: Shy and quick tempered Miscellaneous quirks: When reading, Jenedalle still has a tendancy to rub her eyes. This is an instinctive action after years and years of pouring over texts and manuscripts. Famous Person most likely to play her: hrm...can't think of a good fit for the mold Theme Song: I Died for You by Iced Earth History: ((The abridged version...look for more to be showing soon)) Jenedalle's family was one of wealth and privilege. From a young age, she had shown a great aptitude with the arcane. In her teenage years, was sent to private school to further her studies for the arcane. Serverly punished for a particularly unusual outburst of beating a teacher with her staff. No explination was ever found or given for the lack of self control, but it's a mark she forever carried forward. When the last war broke out and the family reatreated to a safehaven, she deliberately ran out in the middle of the night to find her fiance Edmund Almont whose unit was presumed lost and destoryed by the Scourge. She found Edmund barely clinging the life and infected with a deathly haze. In the final act of no self-control and emotion, she sat with him and kissed his cold lips and he gave the final death rattle. This ultimately infected her and she was borne into the ranks of the undead. When the Dark Lady sought to usurp control she found the will bound to her broken and came to a rude awakening in Deathknell. From that point forward she vowed to eradicate the scourge one piece at a time and any of those who stands between her and reunion with Edmund...