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  1. Thank you very, very much. That was the site I was looking for.
  2. I'm going to play a little bit of alliance on Ravenholdt with a friend, but I am having a lot of trouble finding a good name for a night elf. I remember seeing a link to a good site for character creation that had a lot of the stuff for basic age, name, storyline bits for the races. Anybody remember this site (i think it started with a D) or another good site with this kind of stuff on it?
  3. Kyo

    WoW Funeral

    They weren't invited, The friends of the girl just went on the forum and spammed it out, they should have known. I laughed too, my friend linked me to it and I didn't even know what was going on except that it was a funeral for a girl who died irl, when I heard that music and saw those allies though I just knew it was a gank. And I NEVER want a funeral in the game, if these guys really knew her that well, they could have just gone to her real funeral, and if it were my WoW funeral that got ganked, well then I would: do nothing. She's dead, and if there is a heaven that she went to, I don't think she cares that her WoW funeral got ganked.
  4. Kyo

    WoW Funeral Some of you may have seen it already, but I find this very cruel, as well as venomously funny, and showing off some extreme stupidity. Before you click, the information the non-WoW player posted was incorrect, the player who died irl was actualy a girl. So her WoW friends set up a funeral in winterspring where they get on her character and set her near the large hot-spring lake thingy to have respects shown to her. They post all over forums about the event and ask that it not be busted. What happens? allies on the server go and gank the crap out of the horde players there to show their respects for their dead friend, and it wasn't accidental as this guild had this planned for the specific event. I see many things wrong with this, on both sides. Anyways just thought I would post this. See some opinions.
  5. It seems like most people are scared to post their stories, as they think they either aren't good enough, or that some of the more popular players have better stories.
  6. I agree with Taknar, you guys are nutts. You can supervise her all you want but that's not going to stop some douchebag from cussing mad, or talking about effing his imaginary girlfriend all night in explicit detail. You can even tell him you got a kid with you, that will just probably make him find buddies and just bug you more. People are like that and if you think that there is any way to make WoW safe for a 7 year old then you need to get out of the pipe dream. I think its fine to have her play around on it on your account with you watching her, but giving her her own account is just too far. If she ends up in sanctuary, though. I can keep my swearing to a minimum. I'm trying to cut back on that habit that my parents and classmates drilled into my head.
  7. 'tis good. I like the lil' feet and lil' hands. Makes her look more feminine IMO.
  8. ((Wonderful Story... makes me inspired to posterate some of my work. /clap))
  9. Kyo


    The undead guy dance is retarted kid trying to mosh dancing. Seriously... Air Guitar? Retarted headbanging? The only realistic part was the jumping thrashing, and even that was like a push-pit. Its too bad you can't dance in groups that corrispond. lol, circle pit would be kick ass, if blizz gave the undead some Hardcore Dancing moves, I would be happy with their dance. But right now they look like the people that ruin mosh pits for me.
  10. Kyo

    look meh up?

    She offered first. Auku goes by a first-come-first-serve basis. Y'all were too slow. Plus the trolls make me say lol. in ooc, of coarse.
  11. Kyo

    look meh up?

    Yes I remember you. I appologize for the OOCness. I was just suprised that we could get moths. I saw you earlier today too with a blond elf named Kovan. You were on a bench.
  12. Kyo

    look meh up?

    Whats your alts name?
  13. Kyo

    look meh up?

    Character: Auku, Blood Elf Paladin. Level: N00B Looking For: Guilds, and friends. People to Roleplay with.