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  1. <p>You doing ok?</p>

  2. <p>-blinks.- Everything okay? I saw your thread but couldn't post because it is locked. <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/ohmy.png" alt=":o" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/ohmy@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /></p>

  3. Uhh..I've had it for a long time..should be on my list on the OP
  4. THIS Of course, I don't care either way...excessive can be excessive.
  5. Arachnophobia (as in the movie) much? Yeah it was in cereal and dead but..leave me alone! A throwback to the halloween thread, people who think Halloween is a devil worshiping day (btw, some Christians were at my door early Halloween and handing out flyers! coincidence? I think not.)
  6. You know, I was thinking of the same thing when it came to Vampires in V:TM. I know WoW and V:TM are two different premises, but hear me out. Vampires are undead..they don't do things like humans do (well, unless your Toreador...damn human lovers) but supposedly a form of 'sex' is still on the table, and its supposedly a greater pleasure then human sex, even though they never talk about it openly. While I am not saying that I want freaky necrophilia everywhere, but maybe there might be a similarity between Forsaken and V:TM sex? Just like how Forsaken can see without eyes, maybe there is a form of 'sex' they can partake in that stimulates them even after undeath?
  7. Well, Reg just said something I completely agree with as I'm discussing your responses to my thread. Not to throw his name out there, but he did say it. You're a cannon now. Great. Now accept that you cannot ALSO be a fortress. The idea is very sound and not awful in the least. If you all want to keep your retribution overpowered so you can go easy mode, go for it. Hunters did it. Druids did it. Paladins were my sanctuary, and now its become less and less of that. I will agree with one point, Ret paladins were immensly underpowered before. That's true. A buff to their power was necessary. But this was too much. They do damage as good as an enhancement shaman. They can heal as good as a holy paladin. They heal the party when they attack. And they can go 100% immune. It's ridiculous. You can say that I'm throwing my 'classmates' under the bus, but they are not classmates of mine, and besides that, many 'classmates' I've met I would throw under a bus without the NERF NEEDING TO HAPPEN. I've played 80% of all available races and classes up to 40. I am an alt whore. I look at it from an overview perspective, not 'oh another paladin lolz I'm gonna fuck up his fun!'. Ret is overpowered. Simple as that. Taking away their 'fortress' ability will even the playing ground. And you can still be a small castle to boot! But, I think I've stated my points clearly enough, and I'm not going to get sucked into 'your idea sucks lol your dumb lol' because you refuse to see how great of a change this is. AND I'M A PALADIN -SAYING- THAT NERF IS A GREAT CHANGE! I said my two cents, nothing else to say as it's getting inflammatory. Edit - she posted at the same time, doh! The only thing I will respond to is this: So.. you want our damage decreased AND our bubble taken away. But just to re-iterate, you can have the damage, but not the bubble, or you can have the bubble, and not as much damage. Cannon. Or Fortress. Edit 2 - oh, and the hand of freedom thing? You Hand of Freedom when you're ensnared to get out, the same 1 second cooldown it takes to use a trinket. It can be spellstolen? So what? You just got a free trinket! <Villayna snipped some MAJOR personal attacks>
  8. Hey, nothing wrong with buffs to your class a whole, but when a ret paladin can single-handedly beat down you and an elemental shaman without breaking a sweat...it doesn't take a genius to figure out something doesn't add up.
  9. Though wary after his words, the troll took his hand and shook it. After all, no matter how strange, allies do come very rarely and having them does make you more powerful in some ways. "I'm sthure you caught my name before, but It'sth Urr'Kel. People do that to me all the time. They think I'm weird justht becausthe I like goblin technology and sthtrategy more then battle itsthelf." He said, using the hand he shook the elf's with to scratch the back of his neck. "Stheems were in the sthame boat, to sthay the leastht. Though I wonder why we were all gathered...they haven't sthaid anything yet. Maybe not everyone isth here..."
  10. I'll answer your post to the best of my extent. It's not ignorance - far from it. I've tried being retribution before. Looking at the new skill tree makes me want to vomit. I've played a paladin for approximately 70% of my wow career (the first character I got to 60 was a human paladin, then we made the switch to TN, and when TBC came out I did paladin -again-) and I've always preferred Protection to holy or Retribution. I've played holy plenty of times too, hell I've been healing for the past two days in raids and heroics, because people needed me to switch and I was more then happy to oblige. I go where people need me. As for Retribution, the only way it should be viable is in the leveling department. I personally leveled straight prot, but enough about me. It does better damage then protection and holy (probably combined now) but in turn they should be squishier, just like a Fury/arms spec is squishier then a protection spec. Do fury/arms retain their ability to shield wall? Fuck no, they get to use retaliation and suck it up if they die too quick. They also don't get HEALS, which is why paladins are squishier (mitigation and health wise) because they have a MANA bar and can HEAL themselves. I'm caps locking just to highlight the biggest parts of what I said. Fury/arms/prot warriors CAN NOT heal themselves in 1.5 seconds (or instant if you crit!), which is why they are less squishy. The most they have is bandages, if I'm not mistaken (Just looked it up and remembered - arms has Second Wind and Fury gets Bloodlust, niether of which heal for anywhere near what a paladin can bust out). Taking away Divine Shield is not ignorant, in fact, it's not even enough. If you take away Divine Shield, you still have Divine Protection, which is equal to a Prot Warrior's Shield wall (and Divine Protection can be used without a shield!). Retribution. Does. Not. Deserve. As. Much. Damage. They have way more survivability then Arms/Fury Warriors and Enhancement Shaman. Paladins =/= Warriors =/= Shaman =/= Rogues =/= Mages. The way that Paladins were set up pre-TBC and pre-hordegetspaladinsandalliesgetshaman was that Shaman were offensive, as stated by Yatokth, and Pallies were more defensive. Where Shaman did not have the survivability of a paladin, they had more damage to kill things faster before they died. Where Paladins had less damage then shaman, they had more survivability thus they could take a beating over a greater amount of time and thus defeat stronger opponents and not have to worry about dying (I've solo'd elites that were meant for 2-3 players, it took a hell of a long time but I did it. I also killed mobs that were RED to me in level, and I sat there and thought -THAT- was overpowered - Ret paladins now? Are helluva overpowered). But ever since WoW was invented (practically) allies and horde have been crying that 'their class' didn't get enough of the 'other's class' until finally Blizzard broke down to the whining and went 'ok, paladins get super damage now' while shaman pretty much got nothing else in the survivability department (if I'm not mistaken). Personally, I think they should have given Shaman Cyclone as druids have so many different survivability tactics already, but I digress. So now, Paladins retained the survivability of 'old game' and have damage of 'new game' making them imbalanced. Though, with hunters and druids being over powered (for the longest time) and having not changed, I guess I can't expect for the same to happen to the newly overbuffed Ret paladins. The current changes to paladins to 'nerf' the ret paladins hurts all cases of paladins, and doesn't do much for Ret paladins damage. Rather then nerfing things that affect all paladins, just give them their damage, but take away their 100% bubble. Fair trade in my educated opinion. You get your 'new game' damage, and we (non ret pallies/any other class) get the ability to actually kill you. before you auto kill us in a few seconds, while 100% immune to anything we do. Edit - But you still get Lay on Hands for insta-full health. Oh, and Divine Protection for 50% Less damage taken. And Holy Light. And Flash of Light. And the ability to get instant heals on crit. And the ability to get HoT's on crit. And the ability to auto get out of snares and roots. And the ability to ... well, I think you get my point. You can HAVE YOUR DAMAGE. Just give me MY SHIELD back. You don't need it. Edit 2 - Ret paladins wouldn't be useless without their 100% bubble, or having their bubble and not doing as much damage. It's a balancing game. In fact, if I had the choice, I would take away Ret's HoT and give it to holy, because that's where it belongs. <Villayna snipped some minor personal attacks>
  11. "You mean Zthul'Aman, yeah, I oncthe lived there asth a child." he said, backing off of the elf and taking a few steps around him to get out of his curious gaze, even if it was just temporary. "You were a warlock?" he asked surprised. "You stheem too cheery to ever be anything with darknessthh, though I guessth you didn't have much of a choicthe when it came to thisth" His hand waved out amongst the crowd, signaling he meant the Death Knights. "Not that I would have it any other way. Sthil, I hope you don't go killing your ghoulsth, Arthasth wouldn't be happy if you killed his minionsth"
  12. Urr'Kel rolled his eyes at the laughing, letting out a sigh, it was something he had grown accustomed to. Though, the fact that the elf kept on talking with him (or rather, to him) did catch him by surprise. He raised an eyebrow at the fast paced speech, trying to interject. "Well, I..." but he was cut off by the speedy on goings of the elf. So he simply waited until he was finished. "Well, I am a 'Lord' of all I sthurvey." he said with a nod. "I am a Death Knight after all. And you got to be mean if you want to sthay in the Lich King'sth favor, Arthasth likesth Death Knightsth to be mercthilessth." he stuttered out to the best of his ability, running a hand over his tusk and tweaking the wires taut about it. "And I'm a Frostht Troll, I'm blue sthee? I'm not an orc."