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  1. [[I can't figure out how to edit or delete this one. Can Someone help me out?]]
  2. It was Fae's idea that it be run y a goblin.
  3. Back when I started playing on Twisting Nether (2007 I think) the RP chat channel was an In Character bar. Since I've come back I've learned it's now an OOC channel for setting up RP, which is fantastic. This channel serves a very important function. That said, a TNG RP Tavern Hub is an important thing. With that in mind I'd like to suggest /join TheSwizzleInn The Swizzle Inn in a goblin run bar situated in the heart of Stranglethorn, north of Booty Bay. It's a faction neutral establishment where people can enjoy themselves, a few drinks, and the uneccessarily complex drama of those around t
  4. Kimiji glances about the room. The Board of Stranglethorn Exports waits around the table. Board meetings aren’t common, for the most part. As long as the profits roll in there is no reason to meet. She called this meeting in one of the rare instances that the Director requires the direct input of her Board Members. The Troll looks around the table at the board members that are able to attend the meeting. “Laydies an gentelmen...Ju been stron’ supportahs ah de company fah longah den is decen’ ta recoun’. Each ah ja sahcrafice’ mare den mos ta keep dis a profitable ventchah.” The Director loo
  5. As her carpet comes down for a landing, the stiff fabric becomes soft and pliant. She isn’t half way through rolling it up when her assistant comes bouncing out of the warehouse. Against all better judgement, Kimiji had taken an elf on staff. She would never have considered it, except the girl was just so damn persistent. At first she had just been doing menial tasks. Running errands, delivering messages, boring, unimportant stuff. These days the elf is essentially running the day to day operations of Kimiji’s complex, from the warehouse to the various staff needed around the place. Somehow, i
  6. The troll walks down the gangplank to the dock, surveying her crew carelessly unloading her cargo and frowns. They have been doing this job for more than three years. They should know by now when a cargo requires special care. “Ey! Ju wacha ‘anilin ah dat crate oh ju be fahndin ah new job. An dat be pretty ‘ahd when ju missin ja ‘ead!” Her crew chief Nozomi glances up from the shipping manifest, then glares at the crew. “You heard the lady! Watch those crates. Those aren’t exactly birthday cakes you’re throwing around there! Drop one of those and you’ll be lucky to lose a leg!” Nozomi gla
  7. Might as well Main RP Toon: Kimiji Mur'Zunni Horde Or Alliance? Horde of course Guild: Sanctuary, Stranglethorn Exports, Lately of Sino Fatum What was your favorite RP event or storyline? Oh god. No idea Who is someone that you used to RP with and haven't heard from in a long time, that you miss the most? Forgot about it until I saw his name in this list, but Jobolg. You were always a blast. Share a screenshot from an RP you enjoyed:...No.
  8. Intense pain spiked through her body, then nothing. Neesa floated in a sea of black. Six hundred years she spent contemplating the pain she felt in that half second. The next four hundred years were spent in dull numbness. For a century she considered committing suicide. For two she attempted it, her body not complying. Her world condensed to a searing needle of pain embodied. It stitched her mind into a tapestry of pain and hate. Every stitch puncturing her soul. Every thread a new reason to detest the world. Her transgressions on morality seared into her spirit, yet never making the impact
  9. Kimiji


    It's strange, trading under Stranglethorn Exports again. The company I started too many years ago...I thought it was gone. After Neesa's betrayal I didn't think I could ever recover from the damage to my reputation. Slave trade! Dealing in flesh leaves a stain on a company that is not easily washed off. More than that, Neesa was my most trusted associate. I had employees, sure. Neesa was the only one I trusted to run the company while I was busy. I'll never make that mistake again. I'm not proud of Neesa's current state, but it's the only solution short of executing her. The main point is th
  10. Hey, this is Kimiji. I don't have access to anymore. I can't remember what my password was. I need to reset the password for my Kimiji account, but I cant because I don't have that email anymore. Is there any way we can take care of this issue or do I need to resign myself to my account being gone forever? Kimiji
  11. I agree Brox. He looks like he's flicking us off.
  12. That...I don't even know what to say...I think I'm gonna cry... It's I laughed for quite awhile at that.
  13. It's beautiful. My only real critique would be Ninorra's mouth. It is an awkward expression from that angle. Other than that I love it.
  14. ((Wow. You, sir, are a genius.))
  15. Well, I’ve been planning to start one of these for quite some time, but somehow have never gotten around to it. So here it is, the logbook of The Merchant Princess. This should be the official one I keep for the ship, but I learned long ago it is better to keep your real business separately. Anyway, I recently returned from a brief sojourn on the seas. I spent three months alone. I had some personal issues with Dio that didn’t work out. I think I’ve gotten over them by now. The rest of the time I spent trying to deal with what I have become. I’m now capable of transforming every cell
  16. ((....serious crying))
  17. I look like i'm about to kill someone in that picture. Seriously. I hated that damn ride. And Vil, you left Michael Bay's business card in the room. He's gonna be very upset when he finds out.
  18. ((I'm soooo bitter at Noj right now. And few things have been as satisfying as slowly exacting my revenge over the course of the trip. I hope you have a few bruises Noj!))
  19. ((The Cuteness! With a capital SEE))
  20. Kimiji


    /cry Kimiji would take him and train him. She needs someone to take over the business when she is gone anyway.
  21. I have a lvl 27 troll who is in charge of a smuggling/slaving/trading guild. If you still need the help Neesa would be more than happy to be involved.