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    What the hell was I thinking? Vhakti waited. She cooked, even though it usually wasn't her that did the cooking. She knew that Jemmalass wouldn't mind if it wasn't very good. Still, she tried her best. She was a doting wife, she was a loving mate, she was allowing him to have his way and try to impregnate her. Vhakti was nervous. He didn't see her hands shaking at the thought of being all of these things, and above all, a mother. He's out there making something. Why aren't I? She was a blacksmith, too. Something her brothers shared with her. She was good at it, too. Unfortunately, it was so
  2. I can't brain today. I have the dumb.
  3. http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Twisting+Nether&n=Vhakti
  4. Vhakti followed Jemmalass inside, her obedience marred by the angry glances she gave to the retreating crowd and the troll that tried to follow them. Keeping herself covered with the cloak, she tried to scrub some of the mud off of her face with the palms of her hands. It didn't do much but spread it around, so she gave up and sighed, leaning against the wall of the building. Her eyes didn't meet Jemmalass' for long while.
  5. O_O ..Vilmah and Hailos? >.> Just sayin'!
  6. Vhakti covered herself with the cloak, scowling at Lupa every so often before following Jemmalass. She glanced at the explosion, and suddenly realized what a crowd she and Lupa had drawn. The cheeky smile of a blood elf hunter was quickly met with her heel accross his face. "Back aff!" She snarled, rubbing her sore ear.
  7. "Ah ah ah ah ah..!" Vhakti whimpered, squirming a moment before letting go of Lupa's legs and neck. She followed Jemmalass' lead, her ear turning bright purple with both pain and shame. Her toe throbbed uncomfortably, but no more than her bloodied scalp. The bite and scratch wounds on her skin all stung simultaniously, while the grass and dirt burns felt itchy. "Alraght alraght! Leggo, Jemma!"
  8. "Ah.. ah..!!" Vhakti shook her head, trying to get rid of the dizzying pain in her foot. She saw Jemmalass approach and suddently felt very exposed. The mud dripping from her skin wasn't enough to cover her bare stomach and back, but thankfull she still had pants on. What had once been a rather girlish-styled pink bra was now stained dark brown with the muck, her small breasts pressed against Lupa's legs. "A-ah was jus'.. jus' tryin' ta... ta wa'n ha... dat ya was mated!" She said in between gasps. "Ah wasn'.. tryin' ta.. sta't na fight'.. but.. she 'ad ta be.. difficult!"
  9. They say Garona might be half Draenai instead of half human, which would be dumb, I think.. but I once had this same conversation with Bloodscream. Regardless of wether it was a female or a male ogre that was one of Rexxar's parens.. guh. I mean.. either way, yanno? If it was a chick, *shudder*. If it was a dude, *shudder*
  10. "Ah had evereh raght! Ya don' grab some random mon an' expec' 'im ta know whatcha wanta da wit' 'em! Jemma 'ad na adea whatcha wanted, an' ya was gonna take advantage o' 'im!" She winced at the pain in her toe, and pressed down a little harder on her leg to pinch a nerve. "Nnng..! An' ah got evereh raght ta show ya what's mahn!"