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  1. If you don't have a preference for Horde or Alliance, I'd roll an alliance character and hit up some of the RPers over there. House Blackstone is new and seems pretty active right now, so definitely check in with them. If they don't turn out to be what you are looking for I know there are several other guilds over there that might work too Welcome to TN!
  2. pfft it was totally your fault, ya moron. go /wrists somewhere else.
  3. some of my characters are perma flagged, most are not. The ones that are perma-flagged I take extra precautions on (ie, I don't /afk with them, I actually log their lazy butts out) because I *do* expect people to kill me when it isn't convenient. The ones that aren't are that way because I like to be able to step away from the computer and leave my character standing around in town without having to worry about someone stabbing them while I'm gone.
  4. I <3 my spider. I take it into BGs all of the time and I get constant "where'd you get that?" Although my favorite is when they ask me "what's so special about spider?" and I answer truthfully, "He matches my outfit"