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  1. Yat, that's just showing the man the respect he deserves.
  2. First Fynne, now Heidenreich got the first 80 Draenei. It's very cool to see RP'rs get server firsts in an RP Realm(GASP).
  3. Yup, I've definitely seen his work. His "people" aren't necessarily my cup of tea, but his dragons are some of the most majestic that have been illustrated. Very very cool.
  4. <p>Mr Kool-Aid Man, I'd like to apologize to TNG for summoning you.</p>

    <p>Please go back home.</p>

  5. <p>Bastard. I thought that time we spent in Alterac Valley, cuddling next to the fire. I thought that was special. Now, you come into my town and don't even tell me in advance. You are tring to avoid me, aren't you?</p>

  6. Bryana, represent our server well. Also, screen shots would be cool.
  7. It's already political. Still funny though.
  8. /bump Here is the warcraft forums thread on it: http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=12065199822&sid=1 Edit: Fixed
  9. Hey everyone, Apparently this happened awhile ago. Someone is planning a large skirmish and trying to get as many people as is possible. http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=12065199822&sid=1 Sorry if this was already posted, I couldn't find any other reference to it.
  10. I love RP servers, but sometimes I HATE RP'ers. Seriously Ark, just role how you want to. As long as it's not ridiculous(and this is not), keep on going. For those of you who say it's ridiculous, please refer to the guild on another RP server which actively role plays the World of Darkness campaign in a Wow universe. Trolls? Orcs, Dwarves? Explain that crap? Back on topic, Ark, I never saw any problem with your backstory. Please don't change it, and ignore those overly picky people who tell you otherwise.
  11. About 11 years ago, I decided to try and start a Vampire: The Masquerade campaign with a few friends. One of them was an Anime fan with a little bit of role playing experience, the other two were pretty square.. So, the two who were new to the whole thing came up with pretty neat ideas, got the idea of making up a character pretty well. The guy who had role played before.... We were discussing his character, he said his character was a rich socialite who would woo the ladies, very respectable, very handsome.. I was ok with that, sounds like a Ventrue to me. I asked him what he had planned for the characters name. He looked at me, apparently pleased with himself "Alucard" I snapped at that point, started a 5 minute rant about how it's the stupidest most asinine name ever brought up in any role playing game. I asked him if he should play a halfling named frodo? How about a dwarf named flint? Maybe a nosferatu named NOSFERATU? I expected more from him. I'd have been ok with it if I didn't know he was a big fan of the castlevania game series. The game broke apart that day. My character name was one that I expected to ditch shortly after creation. At least it's not ripped off from the pages of modern video games or classic literature though.
  12. Yeah, I wondered this for awhile too. I just used fanboy justification and decided it was the jagged bones that were causing all the problems...
  13. If they want to reel in the economy, guild housing would be a great way to do that. I'd happily lay down thousands of gold for a guild housing, yet I'm not willing to get an epic flying mount..
  14. I'm in dire need of herbs too. I'll be bothering some of you shortly.