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  1. I love love love the linked auction houses, linked LFGs and trade, and the multiple battleground queues. The only things that really concern me about the changes is the changes to food and fishing since I'm happily 300 cooking/fishing (what does it *mean* exactly for me) and where do I find those boars that have charge. Other than that, it's all gravy one way or another.
  2. ((Weee, keep writing! I'm very much fascinated by this story.))
  3. Throm'ka! After successful tours of duty against the Alliance in both the gulch of Warsong and defending the Horde's resources in Arathi's basin, as well as patrolling the lands, we of Death Shroud would like to invite our fellow Horde to a gathering of drinking, dancing, and pirate mayhem. Date: Friday, December 16, 2005 Time: 9 pm Where: Brill - within the inn. Starting anyway.... Drinks and delightful pirate fish are provided. Please contact Jaenelle in Orgrimmar if you plan to go, for accurate rum and fish numbers. Strength and honor, fellow Horde! - Death Shroud ((*9 pm server time. Come one, come all. It'll be fun. ))