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  1. if I put on a little santa outfit can I poretend to be a gnome?
  2. Are you guys and gals using any addons like Flag RSP or something similar to aid in the immersion?
  3. It is possible that I might help you on my Druid... He is a cow.... Hehe.
  4. I can almost always be convinced to help with the epic mount quest. (Course if you're horde it's more of an explaination than a walkthrough to the big doggie) Shoot me a PM or hop on FL's vent somne time and I'll try and help you through it.
  5. If you remember let us know Sanrin I'd be interrested in reading their stories.
  6. Indeed there are a few of us who are not completely engulfed by the PVE aspect of the game.
  7. Thought I would share this with our RP brethren who don't care to frequent the trolling grounds of the TN Realm Forums. Lady Vashj. A First legion Kill. http://files.filefront.com/FL+Vashjavi/;8432242;;/fileinfo.html http://files.filefront.com/FL+Vashj1avi/;8440111;;/fileinfo.html http://www.4playperformance.com/FL/FL-Vashj.avi All links go to the same file.
  8. Sadly, I had to buy the rounds. It seems that Kaldore spent all his gold repairing that shiny sword of his. That and I get to run around throwing spells and never being hit ~_^
  9. <3 Lovely for coming to play with us again last night in Silvermoon A good time was had by all!
  10. ((be kind, it's my first attempt at RP))
  11. Full Name: Aries Connor Nicknames: Aries Date of Birth: Unknown Age: Unsure, Although I don't have much grey hair so I can't be too old right? Race: Human Gender: Male Hair: Red Skin: Pasty White (Too much time in the cellar with those books) Eyes: Brown with the slightest hint of fire Height: 6'2" Weight: 190 lbs Place of residence: Shattrath City Place of Birth: Unknown Known Relatives: None Religion/Philosophy: Kill them all... They'll make wonderful pet food. Occupation: Summoner of demons and murderer of Horde Group/Guild affiliation: First Legion Guild Rank: Member Enemies: One Tribe... Likes: Dark cellers with musty old books, and sexy demon women with night pants. Favorite Foods: Blackened Basilisk Favorite Drinks: Hmmm... Did I feed that mage to the voidwalker? Favorite Colors: Black and blue. Weapons of Choice: Corruption and Agony Dislikes: Anyone without a sense of humor about their impending doom Hobbies: Summoning things otherworldly and ransacking Medhiv's tower. History:Not a lot is known about Aries. He was found wandering near the Northshire Vinyards one morning with no memory save his name.
  12. actually, they nerfed fear to hell.Fear now breaks about 10% of the time on the first DoT tick on any mob or player over level 60. No more affliction locks farming by dotting up mobs and keeping them feared until they die. Sadly, this is probably the most used way to farm for warlocks in general as well.
  13. I believe we drug him off to be beaten by Gruul that night. Seems that Gruul really enjoy's playing "Can Opener" with Kaldore. heh.