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  1. <p>Where did you go!? <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/ohmy.png" alt=":o" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/ohmy@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /></p>

  2. <p>I'll miss you, Bea.</p>

  3. Whats wrong with being good looking to a male orc (not that Bea is, she is actually rather average. Its how she carries herself) ? I can be butt ugly to every other race. Its in the eye of the beholder. Now com'ere so I can pop that spine.
  4. <p>First. Since the first should be a sister. *nods*</p>

  5. Beutha is a child of the Lordamere Internment camp. http://wow-tng.org/showthread.php?t=7651
  6. Or simply don't describe it in any significant detail at all. Let the other player run wild with their own imagination. I would think getting caught in some description contest with yourself would just end up becoming silly. EDIT: Also concur with Izrail.
  7. I'm glad. That brief interaction we had in the inn was tantalizing. I am intrigued by your character. A very novel idea and background. I am interested in learning more about it.
  8. Ah yea. I think she was in the Inn the other night. Image of Falala or some such. Nice enough girl. Says she been trained by orcs if I remember right. Or was that someone else done said that? Can't recall. I do remember introducin myseff as Beutha Image of Pain. Haha. Hope she didn't think I was makin fun o her.
  9. Well that was more fun than I expected. Course the company had a lot ta do with it. Sittin half nekkid by myself covered in mud beside a hot spring is not something I had on my TO DO list for tha day. Last minute ideas sometimes turn out ta be the best. This one did. The mud felt all tingly and the hot water worked out all the kinks in my muscles. It was great luck that Vilmah happened by. Took a bit of coaxing but I managed ta convince her to try it out. I think she liked it, but she was sure shy ‘bout it at first. I’m glad. It was refreshin ta have another girl there ta yack at. We chatted up a storm fo sure. She is an interesting one. Full of piss and vinegar but its pretty well hid behind a sweet sensitive personality. She got a fire in her though. Takes one tough girly ta go through all she done but still be true to hersef. I got no worries ‘bout that one. Lookin forward to our next spa meet. Maybe we can get a few other girls ta come. Hope that friend of hers isn’t some gossip whore. Things like spa outins can get blown outa porpoison. This notch is done.
  10. Beutha


    *Beutha stands up at attention from the the bench she was sitting at, her ample chest thrust out and chin held high* "CAPTAIN MY CAPTAIN!" she called out and makes a sharp salute.
  11. <p>"Miss...your scent...it's intoxicating. If I could have a lock of your fur...or perhaps your panties I could--AHHH! AHHHH! WHY ARE YOU HITTING ME?!"</p>

  12. I almost forgot. I managed ta get onboard those Theramore Marine ships tied up in that human fortress in the Swamp. No real reason I went other than ta check them out fer myself outa curiosity. Gettin in the fort was easy peasy. Sure they have guards an all but that place has soo many ways fer a single sneak like me ta get in unseen. Ships themselves were mostly empty. A few crew millin about probably fer security. Ha! All I can say is I think the Mourningstar can take em if we met up at sea. But I admit I'm nowhere near the sailor the Capt is. Could be I'm missin sumptin.
  13. I've decided the life of a spy is not my cup of grog. Sure its good practice in tryin ta stay out of sight and silent but thats 'bout it. I s'pose some folk would find the information they get from listenin in on private talks interestin, in a gossip sort a way. Thing is as ya know I've never been one fer gossip. All I really got out of it was a kink in my neck and stiff knees. Folks affairs are folks affairs I say. So long as it don't affect me or those I hold close doesn't hold my interest long. Now, if there were some pay involved that might make up fer the long hours spent standin there (crouchin?) in tha shadows listenin to two elfies talkin 'bout parasites and old songs and why the man elfie doesn't smile and why the woman elfie can't let anyone touch her, even tho it is plain ta me that is exactly what she wants ta happen. So she's sick, got some bug in her or sumptin. Needs a healer but one not using that holy light thingy. Easy enough. Get a shaman I say. Not much they can't do far as I can tell. So no more spyin fer me 'les its fer my own benefit. Or if the pay is good. So much else I coul'da been doin with my time like... ermm.. well stuff. You know. This notch is done.
  14. In the end it wasn't so hard. I stared at his booties until he asked what I was lookin at. So I told 'im. "yer boots are on tha wrong feets." He looked down, I sapped him and quick as I could I tied his hands with the leather straps I had ready. He seemed almost amused by the whole affair. Still, I got 'im ta smile fer the gnomish imaging device an thats all the proof I need. I think. I hope. He said something funny. Come talk ta him when its time fer task three. Can't wait. Now off ta send this photo to tha Captn. This notch is done.