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  1. The room is dark, only the faint glow of some herbs growing in the windowsill and the moon’s light illuminating the room. A fine, ornate desk of copper and wood takes up most of it, the room small with most of its space crowded in by bookshelves, paintings, and other mementos throughout the years. So obviously her space, and hers alone, noted by all of the small knick knacks and hand me down items on display. A mish mash of little treasured things speckled between medals and trophies of note. The door clicks closed behind her and lamps immediately hum to life, casting the stone walls and mar
  2. I sometimes look at my life and wonder how I got to where I am today. A husband, a child, a small army of people at my beck and call, willing to give their lives for me just because someone pays them to. I’ve had people under my command as well, I practically ran a small town and provided not only physical healing services for them but mental ones too. And now I carry a banner I previously held before, because their ideals and philosophy are most aligned to what we are trying to do, and yet I feel like a stranger to them. I’ve been on a mission, yes, but I had no time prior to get to kn
  3. Citizens! Keep an eye out in your capital cities for Doomsayers and their pamphlets of the incoming legion! Collect them all (Only one per customer though, soulbound once touched) and be on top of what is going on as the legion prepatch gets underway! I'll post some I've found so far... add to this post if you find anymore!!! P.S. Don't forget to keep your ears out for their cries of impending doom too!! This post has been promoted to an article
  4. ((bumping for reminder! get the word out lets have a big turnout!))
  5. I have never known the tender touch of another woman until that night, how gentle and soft we can be. Skin, smooth and radiant, bewitching in whatever light deems itself worthy to shine upon it. She is so exquisitely beautiful that I could not help myself from falling for her that night in the garden. But was it truly falling in love? You cannot -love- someone within a matter of days, weeks, can you? I suppose there is love at first sight, which perhaps did happen between myself and my husband… but could the same thing happen twice in the same lifetime? I would draw the conclusion again that t
  6. Dear Netherholdt rp community: In times like this, is it best we band together as a community, with open hearts and open arms. Care for those grieving and take care of others who may also be affected. This is not our community’s first sudden or unexpected loss. But we must press on, and keep this legacy going, for ourselves and for those we have lost. Think on the happier times and remember our loved ones, how much they brought to our little community, and how much they changed our lives. They would want us to continue on, holding events, having random rp nights at the tavern, and writing
  7. I feel compelled to write again, to use this book that I know to be overly costly. Fael enjoys spending a bit of money on me, he says I am deserving of having nice things every once in a while. And now, someone else in our lives is deserving of that same treatment, of being doted on and cared for. I am coming to the realization that this is all real. We have invited another into our hearts, our home, and intend to extend that love to the rest of her family. Her children are already so enmeshed in our own circle. I think about the difficulties that will come next. The hurdles to get over,
  8. While this book looks as fresh as the day it was pressed and bound, I have had it in my possession for some years. A birthday gift from Faelenor. He said if I ever had something I could not say to him, to keep it here. So practical of him, so honest and true of him. I would say my excuse for never picking it up previously was that I never had anything to keep from him, but in reality I just never had the desire to self reflect in this way. But with new, drastic changes to one’s life, their priorities and willfulness to do certain things change. So here I am, the sun just beginning to peek
  9. I know I have a problem!!! Amalyn Rayfather (née Fieldren): Borrowed Time Priestess (and shadow blade on the side, honing her skills) - Currently spending time with her daughter and the other children and trying to mother anything that gets in shouting distance of her. Quite protective of all under the BT banner. Trying not to be mind raped by Arcturil again. Lankali: Borrowed Time Resto Druid - Currently MISSING (with a letter left saying she went to Moonglade) after several heartbreaking and stressful events taking place. Loranah Brightsong: Sanctuary Mechanic - Torn between decisions tha
  10. oh my gosh it's the most perfect thing I've ever seen in my life!!! <333 thank you sin!!!
  11. <p><3 Ama <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile.png" alt=":)" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /></p>

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  13. <p>I read all of What's in a Name tonight! <333</p>

  14. Amalyn

    Love is Blind

    ((Lankali.. at the begging of Anju of course. Men only and Friday night please!))
  15. Entry 2 I spent the evening with that one of my kind I mentioned before. He’s a wanderer and previously a shado-pan warrior. He arrived at my place of work under the guise of seeking services but in truth he was seeking me out, to have another evening of conversing and tea. He asked for me to accompany him on a small trip, camping out in the woods outside of the elven city and I obliged. I had never been camping for pure pleasure before, always accompanied by my family as we traveled for work. The waterfall was beautiful, as were the trees surrounding the river bank. They almost glowed in th