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  1. Hai guyz, I'm going to quote a passage from the Terms of Use that has nothing whatsoever to do with this topic.
  2. Irontoe


    Start with Wobblebonk please.
  3. He was still Arthas when he had Frostmourne; it wasn't until he put on the helm that he had control taken from him. I think he felt regret, and gratitude for his father's presence at the end, but he was the same person who assassinated his father and destroyed his kingdom.
  4. Guild Wars isn't really an MMO. It's a small-group RPG with an interactive lobby. And please don't use DDO as an example of anything good in an MMO I know how instancing cities would work, but it's hard for, say, RPers to encounter random social interaction in the world. It introduces an unnecessary fourth dimension to any coordinate system when you're trying to meet people. "I'm on the third floor of the reagent shop in Dalaran 5." And it creates Blizzard's first open-world loading screen. Just split the cities between factions or spread them out more (personally, I would love for the Underbelly to be a larger zone).
  5. Instancing cities inhibits and reduces player interaction, which is something I think MMO developers should want to avoid.
  6. <p>It's true. After gathering numerous opinions,</p>

    <p>A new dorfpeest has been born.</p>

    <p>Now, to level to 80 and heal for you against those dastardly ravens!</p>

  7. <p>Pfft. Why would anyone go human?</p>

  8. <p>Irontoe! Eventually, our arpeez shall meet again.</p>

    <p>But will they be Gnome - Cowardly Human, or Gnome - Gold-Obsessed Dwarf?!</p>

    <p>I've already done the deed, I just need to decide which to click!</p>

  9. It is Invincible. It was labeled Invincible on the PTR and drops off Arthas. I think I'd like it better if it played at the beginning of the encounter.
  10. Your whole raid can't AFK in front of Icecrown Citadel for fifteen minutes and get an Emblem of Frost. Theoretically, every Alliance player in Isle of Conquest could spend every minute of every game swimming laps around the battleground yet still get one mark for their turn-in quest and a bit of honor every 10-15 minutes.