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  2. Firstly, comparing the alleged vaporware that was Ghost to Dragon Age 2 is a little dramatic. Dragon Age 2 was an enjoyable game with an unsatisfying conclusion. If it can be blamed of anything it would be its ambition. It built itself up to be a successor to a story which was near and dear to a lot of RPG enthusiasts, while in the shadow of Mass Effect 2's presentation style. It took some gambles that probably didn't work out as well as they had hoped. But they gambled. Blizzard's caliber, while having a roster of quality games, is a claim to fame that rests on its laurels (Starcraft 2, anyone?). Personally, I prefer the risk taking to the same old. There's enough stagnation in the entertainment industry. But out of fear of upsetting the locals any further, I digress! While it may not be a bankable reassurance, the Devs have said throughout the game's development that they always want the questing experience to capture the fantasy of a Star Wars character. Right down to crafting they've been asking themselves, "Would Darth Vader be out doing this?" So they allow your companions to do all the heavy lifting / dirty work. I mean, at the beginning of the Trooper / Smuggler storyline you have them out fighting droves of highly armed Ord Mantell Seperatists. Literally, each mob pull apparently consisted of like three enemies. I'm pretty confident making you feel like a real hero / villain to be reckoned with is too important to them to have them also introduce the poop sifting quests. As far as diverging paths of content for Republic or Empire, in a fan friday not all that long ago they did an article on flashpoints and pointed out that there will be exclusive flashpoints to both the Empire and the Republic (at least through levelling content if not at end game). That's more than can be said for a lot of faction based MMOs. Hell, even though the classes might have mirror equivalents mechanics wise on each side, they're still entirely different classes aesthetically and thematically in their class stories. There will be flashpoints that both factions will enter, though the context for either side I imagine would change dramatically. Sure, it'd be nice to have everything custom tailored more than that for my faction, but that'd practically be asking them to take on the workload of making TWO MMOs. And both factions working together? The TOR novel Fatal Alliance is probably a giant love letter to the concept, and having read it, I can see where it's plausible. The book ALSO summed up how strong and lasting that relationship can be (read: not very). WoW in my opinion before Cataclysm always seemed to intentionally skirt around the Horde / Alliance war. The sub-text I often read was: "Maybe if they could unite against this common foe, there'll be a better chance for peace between them?" From the story in Fatal Alliance alone, I don't think even the idealists among the characters had that illusion. The "end goal" of the Republic vs. Empire was always very clear. Horde and Alliance when you break them down both have a potential for common ground through reason. The philosophies of the Sith versus the Republic's were shown as polar opposites that couldn't co-exist. Star Wars in this case wasn't afraid to label one side the clear and undisputed aggressor. So at the end of the day, I wouldn't worry about Bioware trying to make you play nice with the other side. I'm sure they'll give plenty of reasons to rush right back into trying to tear each other's throats out. I can only make an educated guess from the videos I've seen that there'll be RP hangouts. Name a classic Star Wars scene and they've probably shown a setting for it in a video by now. Cantinas, bustling city streets, hutt dens - you name it. That being said they have referred to your ship as a form of player housing. Customization is a word that's been used to describe what you can do with it, but they've been unclear whether that extends to the interior. And they have said you definitely can bring other players aboard. They wanted it to be a place players could hang out if they so desired. *I'm* curious as to how many can come aboard. It'd be pretty neat to be able to have an entire guild doing a meeting / social event on one.
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  4. I'm totally for Player Housing, so I definitely approve the sentiment. Sadly I just don't see it realistically ever being lifted from Blizzard's back burner as far as WoW goes.
  5. There were people complaining something fierce about how the Jedi Temple in the Deceived trailer looked almost identical to the one that was seen in the movies (roughly 3600 odd years later). I can understand their gripes as far as 'realism' goes. It's a long time to discount any progress technologically or otherwise. After all, the 'Old' Republic's setting looks pretty much like it belongs in the same time period as the movies. I've always thought that was the point though. Bioware wanted to do a story with all the Star Wars elements we (arguably) loved, both visually and thematically. If they didn't capitalize on those elements, they might as well have made Knights of the New Space Adventure Series. I saw it as the best of both worlds. You have rich Bioware storytelling and the indulgences of spinning lightsabers, blaster fire and sweeping orchestral overtures. I'm not shy about my preferences on the subject. I loved KOTOR far more than all of George Lucas' cinematic outings. To me at least, I've always seen Bioware treating Star Wars as if it was Star Wars done right. It felt like Star Wars, without the pitfalls of the actual movies. To quote the article Folvelor linked, it was the nearest thing to my own idea of Star Wars - something I'm hoping will be the case in TOR.
  6. Played a bit more of it tonight. It took me a while to warm to it, was feeling very 'meh' about it to begin with. Then I rolled on the PvP server... The people on RC vent were entreated to some gushing. It's pretty fun.
  7. <p>WAT!? I DONT UNDERSTAND!</p>

  8. <p>WAT?</p>

    <p>More Characters.</p>

  9. <p>LEOREN! =p</p>

  10. <p>Toss me an invite to the TOR group!!</p>

    <p>EDIT: Derp, nevermind, I realized I don't need one.</p>

  11. Not sure if you're Horde or Alliance, so not sure if we'll exactly be running into each other in a hostile or friendly environment, but welcome back regardless.
  12. It is with great pride to announce the Raven Cross’ upcoming 3rd birthday next month! Almost three years ago, during the storyline setting up the foundation of the guild we had just embarked on laying the foundations to the charter that would define us as a guild. We’ve had some amazing times, and I personally want to thank everyone involved who made that a reality. It’s been a momentous journey, and one that shows no sign of slowing down. The shattering has past but the Raven Cross remains unbroken in their march forward into the new world. With the introduction of exciting new features from the expansion, the guild will be making its way to the new level cap as expeditiously as possible to get an early foothold in the all new rated battlegrounds and guild leveling! As always, we’re looking for quality, likeminded Role Playing and PvP enthusiasts to share the good times ahead and join in on the culture which has expanded beyond just WoW alone. There’s never been a better time to hop aboard and we’d be happy to have you if you’re what we’re looking for. Details and applications on our website! Happy Cataclysm launch day and Lok’tar Ogar!
  13. <p><a href="http://www.wowhead.com/achievement=5145" rel="external nofollow">http://www.wowhead.com/achievement=5145</a></p>

    <p>Awesome scorpion mount we can probably get fairly soon</p>

  14. <a href="http://i.wow.joystiq.com/2010/12/06/countdown-to-cataclysm-guild-leveling-and-progression/" rel="external nofollow">http://i.wow.joystiq.com/2010/12/06/countdown-to-cataclysm-guild-leveling-and-progression/</a> the more people we have levelling early on the faster we'll all level by hitting level 2, and that passive heirloom will be a great motivator for tossing alts into the guild.