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  2. <p>Nom, TOR is taking too long!</p>

  3. <p>You make me sneeze!</p>

    <p>Okay not really. Have a cookie!</p>

  4. <p>MAALLLLLLLLLL *tackles, kidnaps, force-feeds cookies... and dragon age 2 bad fanfiction*</p>

  5. <p>You're too short!</p>

  6. <p>OMG I INVITED YOU 2 BE MY FRIEND *flail* Then you can pester the shit out of me while I obsessively play and replay me2 and da2 in between munchkin hours ;p</p>

  7. <p>=O</p>


  8. <p>What is this? I WANT STEAM NAMES TOO <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/ohmy.png" alt=":o" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/ohmy@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /></p>

  9. K so with that out of my system (ninja visits and all that jaz), I'm going to pick apart the post above my picture of doom + jenga'd post. *nod* Omg.. wh... I don't even. Aveline is like hawke's amazing amazon big sister! *sniffles* Also, Carver! Best little brother EVER. She'll stay if you have her friendship or rivalry above 50% before you finish act 2. Its easy. You can even deny her the book, She'll come right back and be like "F U HAWKE I HATE YOU SO MUCH HERES YOUR BOOK <3<3" If you rival her she's supposed to smash the mirror. I got her to do it once on a fluke when I dude-manced her on my guy-mage playthrough. Its bugged. Patch 1.3 should fix it. Again, Amazon Amazing Big Sister. <3 Aveline. Fenris *fans self* try romancing him once. Its WORTH it. I can tell you how if you're curious. Also, he'll side with you for mages even if he's not 100% one way or the other if you slap him with the "ITS SLAVERY YOU DICK" line. That is, if he's above 75%. Even if I'm not in a romance w/ him he's always my wine-drinking-bro. Always. So awesome. Poor Verric. Let him kill Bartrand and then bring him along for Fenris's act3 quest. Especially worth it if you let your sibling die in the deep roads ;p Poor, insane Anders He Jenga'd that Mo'fo chantry. Seb's fucking trollface at the end ruined any love I might have had for him. I actually avoid recruiting him now because of how very much I hate that scene. It makes me want to hurt kittens (Anders: NOT THE KITTENS! THAT IS AN INJUSTICE!). He was beautiful, and how he says "Murhdur".. well, it was a beautiful thing, till the end. Ugh. Haet. Currently the cameos are bugged. They -should- be fixed in 1.3. A romanced Alistair or Zev will actually act accordingly.. aka, his friend will be "the love of his life", and Zev wont try and take your Hawke to bed if he's still doing deed with your warden ;p Lol that's the only fight I turn down to casual. I've yet to get a nightmare run finished with out swapping for that particular fight. It sucks SO HARD. The bug with 'Bela's friendship ability has been fixed with 1.2 ;p Sebastian's was doing it as well. Its not a retro-active fix, but all new playthroughs/saves previous to the decay will prevent the decay from occurring/getting worse. Visit the bioware anders thread some time and ask about "Meredanders". >.> There were and are a lot of things that could have been done better, given more time. I think, if they had said "HEY GUYZ WE NEED ANOTHER 4 MONTHS" the fan base might have revolted, but I doubt that EA would have had as much issue as everyone seems to think they would. I mean, the ME guys were like "We're not going to be ready by Christmas" and EA was like "....k, take the time you need." Although that could be a direct result of the DA2 issues. That being said, the game itself is WONDERFUL, and people need to take it at face value, rather then trying to slap a archetype or a lable on it. "ITS NOT ENOUGH LIKE X GAME RAAAGE". Bah. It's great for what it is, and everything broken about it can be explained with this one statement: "Varric is telling the story, and he's EXTREMELY lazy about scenery. He also really doesn't know that much about Hawke's personal life, outside what he reads in their journal/hakwe him/herself tells him. Thus big gaping holes in time, no elaborations on romances, and everything outside kirkwall looking the same. Also, everyone explodes and ninja's fall from the sky, because it just sounds more awesome that way." *nod* Okay I'm done I'll visit again sometime in the next.. two or thee months, well seeeeeeeee. BYE <3
  10. Jenga'd. That is all. Also? I NINJA VISIT AND ASSAULT YOU WITH PICTURES OF MY FAVORITE GUYS KTHX. PLUS SOME MAKEOUTS K. I don't.. have a picture of my blonde-hawke making out with Anders..... This must be rectified.. <--- blonde-hawke
  11. <p>Little Listbet I command you to go fourth and find me four power converters, 12 yellow cake uranium and like a mocha latte with a shot of raspberry. OH! And some of those cookie things from newmans, the ones like Oreo s but with mint instead!</p>

  12. <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/ohmy.png" alt=":o" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/ohmy@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /> itstoshort!

  13. Oh look, its my favorite topic about my favorite game. That I'm totally not really necro'ing.. That I have on two separate systems >.> Rik thinks I'm obsessed. I might be. My favorite play through recently: Char: F.Coustland Dual Weild Zerker/Champ. Totally slept with moms friends son. Brother thought I was a 'saucy minx"! Poor guy died, qq. Took Howe by supprise when I told him I hoped all went well. He looked incredibly guilty. Bastard! Mage tower: Saved the day, yay for mages. Wynne becomes surrogate mother. Redcliff: Saved the town from Zombies. Payed for the sword from the kid, sister grew up and married Bann Tegan. Went to Mage circle for help - kid and mom survives. Everyone's happy. Jowan gets his head cut off, dirty no good blood mage! Hero of Redcliff. yay. Dalish: Told that creep where to shove it. Kicked his ass, he gave in and released the wolves from their curse. The new keeper sides with me. Hooray! Zev aproves. Dwarves: Sides with Harrowmont up until the very last second. Then gave Bailen the crown, only to see harromont get his head chopped off. QQ . Bronka is infuckingsane, no anvil for her. ((I hate orzimmar !@_@)). Did all the little side quests, including starting up a chantry. They sent the troops in after the dwarves revolted and killed poor brother whathisfase. Dagna became most awesome non-mage in the tower. Urn: Killed that crazy dragon worshiping nutbag. Told genetivi that it wasn't a great idea to let the world know, but let him live none the less. Pilgramage. That Dragon is a bitch to kill on hard, I wedged her into a corner and stabity-stab stabbed her to death. Did every single side quest I could get my dirty, warrior hands on. Minus Shale. Used her in a different play through and didn't feel like it a second time. Cailen's armor with Marric's blade and Starfang is AMAZING. *nod* Morrigan: Ended up my very bestest friend. I killed her mom, gave her the book. We made fun of people. Glorious. I took her offer and brow beat Alistair to do the nasty. Wynne: Ended up my surrogate mother. Was one of my party staples because of epic heals. She sticks around, cuz I asked her to. Liliana: was my super special uber friend with a seekret crush that I refused to partake in. Crazy bards are crazy. Let Marjolaine live. Told her to stop being such a wimp. She went off to kick her ass. Zeveran: Zev and I, brutal killing pals. Another group staple, cuz he can lock pick. And he makes fun of alistair a lot and its funny. Stays with me at court in the end, so we can crack some skulls! Totally slutted it up a bit and slept with him for a while, but when he got touchy feely we decided it was a better idea if we were just friends. Ogrehn: My favorite party member, though I had a hard time finding an excuse to bring him along. I occasionally swapped him for Zev so i could hear his banter and laugh. He Hooked up with his old flame and had a munchkin, stayed with the army and later lost a bet with my brother ---- but that's part of my Awakening tale. Sten: Sten eventually came to respect me when I gave him back his sword. Later on he headed home, with a story to tell of the insane murderous noble gentlewoman whom he respected and called friend. *nod* Alistair: Romanced. So sweet. He gave me a rose, awe! He wouldn't bed me right away and I got bored so I played with Zev a bit. We went to see his sister, and after the crazy lady was like "FROTH GIVE ME MONIES OR GET OUT" I was liike "See I told you, everyone wants something from you!" and he decided he needed to man up and stop whining. Afterwards we went to clear out the pearl, and met isabela. Where upon I totally talked him into having a threesome with her (He was a weak, weak man!). She asked if she could barrow him a couple times a year. I said "sure if you let me barrow your ship". She didn't want to trade. Alistair said he didn't want to be shared anyway. Hardened Alistair was totally ready to be king, but I threw him for a loop when I engaged myself to him, making myself queen. Anora was FURIOUS (didn't help that I let Alistair champion me and he lobbed that dick Logain Mac Tir's head off). She wouldn't step down, and so we locked her in the tower -- just in case. I guilt-tripped him into taking morrigan's offer and we promised each other never ever to speak of it ever again. We both survived the Archdemon, and went on to rule together happily, dispite there being no babies because we're dirty grey wardens! *sigh* on to nightmare! Also? http://dragonage.bioware.com/da2/demo/ <---- 1million downloads of the demo of DA2 and everyone gets free stuff. Do it. I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed it. <3