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  1. She does seem to suit my fancy. I met her first in Desolace as I was randomly passing through Shadowprey. I helped her with various things, and her debts are well repaid. I'm sure I'll be seeing a lot of her.
  2. Full Name: Ishaan Odeath Nicknames: Betrayer of Arthas Date of Birth: Unknown Age: Unknown Race: Forsaken Gender: Male Hair: Spikey, dirty, blonde Skin: Pale green-ish Eyes: Glowing yellow Height: 5'7" Weight: 125 lbs Place of residence: Undercity Place of Birth: Unknown Known Relatives: N/A Religion/Philosophy: Occupation: Afflictionist Group/Guild affiliation: Academy Black Guild Rank: Officer Enemies: All who stand in his path Likes: Women, demons Favorite Foods: Fungi Favorite Drinks: Favorite Colors: Purple Weapons of Choice: Staff Dislikes: Hobbies: Physical Features: Slight rotting can be seen about his mouth, thats about all the rot that is present Special Abilities: Positive Personality Traits: Too kind Negative Personality Traits: Strikes back with no mercy Misc. Quirks: Theme Songs: History: Ishaan was once a General in the army of Arthas long before the scourge. The men that were under Ishaan worshiped him as thier god, and would do anything to keep him safe. Ishaan could feel something was going wrong, and led his men to Lordaeron, not knowing that Arthas would send the scourge there to slay them all. Ishaan and his men took up arms beside the Dark Lady, Sylvanas, and fought to save Lordaeron, but it was for nothing. Now many years after his death, Sylvanas called upon him to walk again. Ishaan now walks alone, only the spirts and memories of his troops are with him, making him stronger than he had ever been. Ishaan goes around the world, the demons he grew fond of while in hell at his side. He radiates a very powerful, and evil aura, as if a demi-god of the underworld.