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  1. (( this story is soooo diabolical! Great writing, I'm fascinated in a sick, demented, wonderful sort of way. ))
  2. Kurohane Mistviel raised her head ever so slowly, lifting her luminescent eyes and the tip of her nose barely above the lush sweep of foliage. The upper portion of her hair was tied back into a short ponytail, the rest left to fall free to just below her shoulders. Amethyst colored wisps clung damply to her cheek and neck, her leather cap lost somewhere in her rush to find cover, snagged by a low-lying branch or tangled in the underbrush. Her heart slammed against her ribs with the urgency of her flight as she waited for the Horde war party to pass out of sight, fearful the slightest noise might make them pause or grow suspicious enough to send their hunters looking for tracks. She sank back down into the cocoon of foliage that skirted the base of the large tree, her eyes drawn to the scowling face of the dwarven warrior, Aimiar, who was doing his best to cover himself in the thick leaves of a bush. Were their situation not so precarious she might have laughed at his disgruntled expression but with a dozen armed horde nearby it was no time for levity. Unlike the three elves he was travelling with, the dwarf did not fade easily into the trees. His mail armor and heavy steps were a sharp contrast to the light, hushed movement of his leatherclad companions. Nor did the fiery red of his beard aid him in camoflauging him from their enemies, making him stand out like a beacon against the verdant greens and soft, jewel-like tones of Ashenvale's forest. Still, he had managed to dive into the soft earth beneath the emerald foliage before he was seen, nimble and quick despite the weight of his weapons and armor. His eyes blazed back at Kurohane from between feathery leaves, the dark smudge of dirt on his nose evidence of his hasty burrowing. Of the other two elves their was no sign but she was confident they were closeby, well-hidden and awaiting her signal. The ground underfoot was soft and loamy, scenting the air with the rich decay of several centuries' worth of fallen leaves. Her skin was damp and cool. They had been running almost steadily for the last hour, making their way through the contested territory in an effort to reach Forest Song, a journey that would take them perilously close to the horde outpost at Splintertree. With fresh warnings of a strong horde presence in the forest ringing in their ears they had steered clear of the well-travelled roads and used the lesser travelled woodland paths. That decision had gotten them safely to Silverwind Refuge, but as they had left that small outpost to move deeper into horde occupied areas their luck seemed to be taking a turn for the worse. She struggled to calm her heartbeat, to think, as she crouched against the tree, fingers flicking restlessly at bits of dirt that clung to the soft leather of her leggings. Her thick hide tunic was holding the sweat next to her skin and she longed to peel it off. The soft linen shirt she wore beneath it was plastered uncomfortably across her back and she could feel a slow trickle of moisture slipping down the valley between her breasts. It would give her great ease if she could reach up and rub at the itch it created but she did not yet dare to move. Her life and those of her companions depended on them remaining undetected. Somewhere very closeby a twig snapped. Kurohane froze, her gaze shooting to Aimiar, noting painfully that his hiding place would not withstand even a casual investigation. He returned her gaze steadily, the almost imperceptible nod of his head assuring her he, too, had heard the sound and was ready for whatever danger headed their way. Reassured by his confidence, she looked away once more, parting her lips to draw a breath as quietly as possible. The sound had come from the clearing behind them and she silently thanked the ancient tree's bulk that shielded the slight movements she now made. Inch by inch she eased her bow from her shoulder, no easy feat in her crouched position. The weapon was nearly four feet tall and made of seasoned wood, able to fire a metal-tipped arrow with enough force to pierce platemail. Years of practice had made her aim deadly, the graceful swoosh of sound as the arrow released often the last thing heard by her targetted enemy. She plucked a slender arrow from her quiver and, with her back pressed against the thick trunk of the tree, eased herself upwards. With infinite care she peered around the shelter of her hiding place, the narrowest sliver of her eye catching a glimpse of a green-skinned orc that stood frozen in the glade. His head was cocked, listening, while his pet worg sniffed and snuffled at the dirt around them. Drawing back quickly she took a deep, steadying breath. She knew it would be only moments before their tracks were found and their hiding place discovered. One lone orc hunter and his worg they could handle. That is, if he was truly alone. The likelihood of that she did not care to measure and she could not risk another look to make sure. They would have to kill him quickly, silently, before he could alert the rest of his war party. The noise had sounded deceptively close, the eerie silence of the wood causing the sound to carry, but she had learned in that one quick glance that he was nearly forty yards away. That would give her at least two shots before the worg would be upon her. Kurohane slowly ran her tongue along the arrow's fletching, dampening the vanes to insure there were no gaps or breaks in the feathers. The first shot would be critical. Perfect and precise. There would be no second chance. She had one advantage, however. Though she could not see him in the shadows where he had hidden himself, she was certain that Galidon was mimicking her movements, their long history as battle companions assuring her his arrow would be ready to follow hers. Hopefully, she thought with a half-smile, he would read her thoughts and target the worg. Nocking the arrow, she winked at Aimiar and blew out a final breath. Then, wasting no time in setting herself, she stepped out from behind the tree, her bow arm already raised and straight, her feet planted solidly apart for balance. In a blur of moment she drew the fletching back to her cheek, took a split second to aim, then snapped her fingers away from the string and sped the arrow clean and true to its target. Her fingers were already reaching for another shaft when Galidon's arrow whistled by to strike only an inch away from where her's had embedded itself in the orc's throat sending him jerking backwards with a strangled gurgle of sound. The orc's hands flailed wildly, his expression one of stunned surprised as two arrows ripped through skin, cartilage and bone and burst out the back of his neck. With a soft curse she switched targets but the worg was already bounding towards her, eating up the distance between them in great leaping strides. She knew the odds were against her getting the arrow off in time. Even if she did it would not slow the fierce beast and it would be upon her before the others could come to her aid. Her arrow struck right as it bunched its hind legs to leap at her, striking the feral wolf on the left shoulder, its slavering, snarling maw reaching for her even as she fell backwards to avoid it. Aimiar's angry cry echoed in her ears as she felt the beast's weight strike her full against her chest, knocking her sprawling to the ground, her forearm an ineffectual barrier to the slender vulnerability of her throat. A streak of sleek, black feline came leaping from the foliage beside her with a fierce roar, hitting the worg in the wounded shoulder and knocking it enough to the side that its jaws snapped at the empty air near Kurohane's left ear. Muscles rippled beneath the dark fur as four paws, sharply curving claws extended, ripped and tore at its back. Howling in agony at this shredding torment the wolf's great head turned to this new threat, snapping and biting as the two beasts rolled and clung to each other, flattening the foliage around them. Galidon emerged from the tree, his arrow nocked, trying to get a clear target but they moved and switched positions too quickly and he feared he would hit the druid instead of the wolf. Aimiar rushed to Kurohane's side but she was already rising. Shaken, but mostly unhurt, she rested her hands on her knees and tried to catch her breath. "Savah... " she managed as she sucked in great lungfuls of air. "... help Savah." Seeing she could stand on her own he nodded and hurried toward the combatants. Without a thought to his own safety he prepared to throw himself into the fray, trusting his mail armor to protect him against claws and fangs. But years of fighting had honed his battle instincts to a fine edge and it was those very instincts that alerted him to the ghostlike hint of sound, halting him in his tracks. "ROGUE!" he yelled, twisting his stout frame out of the way just in time to avoid the thrusting plunge of a dagger. He felt the wind as the blade whistled past his ear, then the sting as it nicked his cheek. With a grunt he tumbled quickly out of harms way then rolled to his feet a scant two yards away. Two shiny axes appeared in his hamlike fists and, without a moments hesitation and wearing a grin that promised much, he came rushing back at this new foe. Aimiar's cry of warning alerted Galidon who quickly sighted his new target. Narrowing his eyes, he increased the tension in the bow then let the arrow fly only to be rewarded with a resounding f-f-bungg as it hit the solid trunk of the tree. The rogue had somehow evaded the shot. With a growl of displeasure the elf nocked another arrow and let it fly, this time watching with satisfaction as it hit the Undead in the middle of the back. Three quick strokes of Aimiar's axe finished the job and the assailant crumpled to the ground, his last fetid breath making the dwarf rear back in disgust. A sharp whistle from Kurohane brought her faithful companion, Balah, leaping into the fray of hissing nightstalker and snarling wolf. The worg had pinned the dark feline beneath its great weight and even though she tore its belly to shreds with her claws she struggled to keep its mighty jaws from closing over her throat. Rich red gobbits of blood clung wetly to the fur of both beasts making it hard to tell who suffered the greater wounds. The mountain lion let out a fierce growl as it pounced upon the back of the wolf adding its own wicked claws and sharp teeth to the battle. The worg that had seemed almost immune to the pain it had been suffering as it struggled to get past the razor-sharp swipes of the cat's paws to crush her skull in its teeth now lifted its head in a howl of agony at the new pain. That was all the opportunity the black feline needed and her teeth quickly found the wolf's throat, fangs seeking deep as her jaws closed, crushing its windpipe and cutting off the beasts howl with a startling finality. For several moments the two elves and the dwarf watched in frozen horror as the beast continued to struggle against the cat's deathgrip, shuddering and twitching until with a low, whining groan, it sagged lifelessly to the ground. (too be continued)
  3. Sure Mortica, That would be great. I hate taking up three journal post spots if one will suffice 8)
  4. I spent about an hour trying to figure out why I couldn't post my story. Then I tried breaking it up into first 2, then 3 segments. The first try with 2 segments I had luck with the first, then booted back to main page trying to submit part 2. When I broke it up into 3 I had luck with 1 and 2.. but part 3 would boot me to the main page. Never did I receive an error message of any kind. On my 3 of 3 I tried posting one paragraph at a time seeing if it would take it. Paragraphs 1, 2 and 4 didn't seem to have any problems. Paragraph 3 was the debil. After much deleting and rewriting I finally got it to post but not sure what was wrong that caused me so much trouble. Now that it is all fixed I don't know if I actually needed to post it in 3 parts. I'm not sure if there is a limit on space per post. Anyway, I wanted to share that with you so you know what I went through and could maybe give me some insight or help for my next posting so it's not such a major undertaking. I did try taking my cut and paste to notepad and wordpad before pasting here as well but it didnt' seem to help any. Thanks for any help you have to offer. Savah EDIT: To add, I'm too tired of looking at my story and trying to get it posted to make sure I didn't accidently delete a paragraph or not correct grammar or typos. I'm going to go have a glass of wine, relax and maybe tomorrow.. or next month =P.. I'll proofread it. OOF! =)