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    Full Name: Trilok (nothing more as of yet) Pronunciation: Try-lock Nicknames: Tri, Fuzzy Date of Birth: None Specified Age: "Age requires to be born." Appears early thirties equivolency. Race: Tauren by appearance, Druid by words Gender: Male. Hair: Dark Brown Skin: Dark Brown Eyes: Sky Blue Height: ~9' Weight: ~525 Tauren form. (Big and tall but still lean, is that too much?) Place of residence: None, Meditation area changes daily. Place of Birth: None, though he awoke on the shores of Stonebull Lake, Mulgore. Known Relatives: N/A Religion/Philosophy: Waste not. Occupation: Vanguard to the Grim, Soldier to the Earth. Group/Guild affiliation: The Grim. Likes: Tauren: Discussion, finding truths. Bear: Playing, Licking, Taunting groups of enemies. Lion: Biting, Killing, Bleeding, Causing Pain. Crow/seal/cheetah: Exploring. Favorite Foods: Undecided. Favorite Drinks: Purified Water. Favorite Colors: Purple` Weapons of Choice: Wit. Dislikes: Watching the world be wasted instead of used to its fullest and returned. Cowards unwilling to fight on their own given the chance. Hobbies: Cooking. Physical Features: Trilok is a very large Tauren, sculpted into a lean killing machine that moves with grace. Special Abilities: Does not Age. Meditates instead of Sleeps. Eats purely for the taste and texture. Extremely powerful spirit and willpower... in almost all cases. Communes with spirits. Positive Personality Traits: Kind and caring of those around him. Willingness to help. Negative Personality Traits: Revenge... Can get very evil and single-sighted if wronged. Misc. Quirks: Speaks vaguely more often than not. Acts different in each of his forms. Quotes: "Spirits Guide You." ""I am Nature. I am the Predator, I am the Storm, I am the Forces that block your path. Attempt to waste the earth... then prepare yourself before me, as I unleash my Wrath!" History: (I'll update this again some day soon, I hope)
  2. I'm war with the Ravenholdt! If I step anywhere near them, i have to kill them all! (cause I mean i'm hated and they'll attack. )
  3. It scored high for Tri, but I believe he's an exception to the rules. I had the check the box of his name describing his personality... because it does, but its WAAAAY more complex then being named healbot or hippytreehugger9965... or Abric. *smirk*
  4. Ooh ooh, whats Jabiba? He's gotta have a category even if it has to be made up to find him one! I just get a feeling that those that interact with him probably put him in a category of his own.
  5. That's not the reason I pointed it out. He said he'd gank you repeatedly when he hit 70. Well.. now you know the name, takes the riddle out of that. AND gives us the RP community the knowledge of what you mean when you say some punk named "Efficient" keeps knocking you when you're down. I think it might help with the response.
  6. Not that it matters, but the pally's new name is Efficient. And if you report that I'll tell you his new name. It was very very very easy to find out. I was thinking I'd go to the armory and look up the guild and check for a fourty something Pally and guess. But i got a new idea... I just went to "blueragebar"s post and click on the profile picture.. which as we all know now links to the armory. But the name is no longer "blueragebar"... so it brings me to a level 42 pally named "Efficient". Go try it for yourselves. I know a pally I'm going to go kill Efficiently a few times this week if I see it.
  7. Or take the warning and give them a name you wouldn't want to have over your head... choices... choices...
  8. Philosophies. Trilok originally came with the Philosophy of Life. He sought to preserve, though all things fought back, and in time would strike him down. He found himself fighting back, and found the Philosophy of Man, learning to be on top not on bottom. Every word that came from his mouth sounded of that of any philosopher. Taking what seemed simple to most and explaining it in a sense that made it deeper than it should be. He was Just. He was Noble. He was Caring. Yet, he followed with a group that went against these natures. Even each philosophy of which he spoke was lost among many. Turned down by others. More asking simply why he was with The Grim. He sought the blood of the alliance, that was enough for the leader. The thirst existed, and whatever he had told the leader during his interview had held it all together like the seams kept his pants in working order. Even frayed, they were still pants, and so was his answer given. What he told… was what was needed to be said. It always did make him laugh realizing the irony in what he had done, a joke known to himself, a joke he could never share with others. One philosophy to the next, his thoughts were as ambiguous to others as his purpose was to himself. Still he spoke, becoming a mountain of information, becoming the eyes to a new way of sight, a new way to see the world and those living within it. He was in the right place. His thoughts were in the right place. His wants were in the right place. And yet he still did not know why. And so he continued, continued to wonder.
  9. Philosophy of Man. Venturing around, he was never alone. Where ever he went there was a spirit to guide him, a spirit to speak to him, a whisper in the wind to alert him. But to everyone he met, he was seen alone. When he met the alliance, the spirits did not aid him in battle, they could not, they had not the form to do so. His philosophy was lost on Man. They would continue to strike him down, but each time he would rise again, his armor spoke or battle, but his body never did. Torn armor, shredded pants, patches were applied to repair them, but only to the gear, never the skin. He found himself striking back, felling the ‘alliance’ of man at every glance. Showing them the same mercy they have shown him. Why was he here? If to preserve all that was, he was failing. A Guardian. He must have been a Guardian. Awoken from the dream to guard something or someone. But even still, if he had been in the dream why does his memories elude him? Why does he remember nothing? Surely there was something to him before, wasn’t there? Nothing, not now, maybe later. Alone to fight his newfound enemy, Trilok found himself weak. He sought out help, not simply a companion to from this land or the next, but a foundation. He found himself an organization. One that acted much like he had been acting as of late, annihilating those in the alliance of man. Soon the Tauren found himself wearing the tabard of The Grim. They would speak off the war, they would speak of things that needed to be done, and how they would be the ones to do it. A new philosophy came to mind, something he called the Philosophy of Man. Unlike the earth which grew and flourished, man had other ideas. This ideal was to win. To be the only one. If man was to exist, then it was to be on top holding all the power commanding all else. His new guild shared this philosophy only instead of holding all the power, they were removing the competition. Though the philosophy was wrong it all felt somehow right. Once more he wondered if he really knew where he had come and why. To preserve… something. To stop others, stop them… nothing. Were ‘they’ (whomever ‘they’ were) to be nothing? To be put down? Nothing was making sense, only that his world was filled with Philosophies.
  10. ((Found a document I started but never finished, when I tried to write up a story to explain the RP change in my character. So I'm going to try to do so here. I'm not much of a writer though (not in my eyes at least), so bear with me as I stumble through the sections as I unravel some of the mysterious of my character)) ((Oh, and feel free to post here oocily anything you like, as this is of course Trilok's history)) Philosophy of Life Among all things known to the worlds, there is a philosophy. Something deep rooted, shared by all, the Philosophy of Life. To many this is often referred to as a Tree Hugger, that is those that follow it. But no, more common it is followed by those of druidic origin and druidic intent. Such a philosophy is to seek life and preserve it. To take what is present and keep it in place, to allow it to flourish and grow. One looks at the world and understands that life is greater than death, for in death there is nothing and by being… there is anything. Druids are in Azeroth. This is not news to anyone. Some are hidden, some are sleeping in a dream beyond nightmares unable to awake, some have awoken on their own, others with the help of companions and some more simply have existed. But then there is one. One that came to this world from another; filled with a philosophy, a philosophy filled with life. A body crafted, a body formed, it shaped into a Tauren. He would lie where he began, knowing his name but nothing more. He knew…. That he was called Trilok. Just…Trilok. Had he just awaken? Had he always been? Is this a dream or is this reality? “It must have been The Dream, I must have awoken from it!” was the conclusion. Free to live his life, he quickly became a master crafter in the arts of Leatherworking. Taking the hides of fallen beasts he would release their spirits so they could move on. Before they would, he spoke to them, thanking them for their assistance. His knowledge grew, both of the lands and of the craft. But this philosophy of his, it too would bear witness among others. In the bluffs a debate was taking place. Taurens from all around Azeroth met to discuss the newest topic. The Forsaken. Were they to be trusted? Were they fit to be allies? Friends to nature they were not.. unlike Tauren, far from nature like Druids. He came to the conclusion as a philosophy, they are living. They may have once been created artificially, but now they are ‘born’ everyday. They are alive in some form, and if nature intended them to not be, then they would not be. He found himself among the horde, learning the threats of the world.
  11. The First Gnome. A raid finished, a raid done... The Grim battle-worn and tired rested in the Gallow's Tavern sipping ale and sharing their new memories of their new home in Westfall. Ayabba speaks up about gnomes and their deaths which is where my story begins. "You see, I do not kill all gnomes on sight, but instead I choose to let them entertain. A few months ago I was the victim of a gnomish transporter failure, when this occurred I had switched places with a gnome from his home in Gnomeragon. I had heard things about him throwing bombs with guildmates but these are stories still unknown to me. I have learned things about gnomes as if one of their own, I presume this is due to them thinking I was just a gnome that had grown fur." *chuckles* "None the less, I gained first hand experience." Trilok calms the room and grabs their attention by standing upon a table near the fire... ignoring the now passed out drunken Snowfeather lying on the floor. "I would like to tell you all the story of . . . The First Gnome!" "Earlier this week, I was swimming from Durator to Darkshore (as I like to stay in shape) and I came across a small island. This island had been used, and perhaps often. You see on this small piece of land were four spot lights and a landing pad of sorts. Most likely this had been for a goblin craft to land upon. I am not quite sure how they got to shore, but this is none of my concern for now… it will be examined at a later time. Exactly whether or not this was gnomish or goblin design is not what I am here to speak of, only to lead you in to the story I have to say. The question I originally asked myself was 'Who made this?' I have spent my time around the world and I have met many goblins and many thanks to my time in Gnomeragon I understand their inner workings as well." "To understand who created this craft of flight one must understand how they operate. Seeing how the lights were still on I believe it must have been a goblin landing pad and to be honest I would rather fly in a goblin ship than in a gnome ship. Many think, 'but goblin toys explode!! How is that safe?' This is quite safe indeed! Goblins know that their devices are prone to explode, in fact they relish knowing so. Sparks are joy, flames are beauty, but often result in goblin death. This is often why goblins tell stories of missing limbs and disfigurements. These are their battle stories. So what happens when something explodes? Surely there are some 'oohs' and 'aahs' but also the goblins acknowledge that a problem had occurred... unless of course they were crafting yet another bomb." *As he slightly chuckles* "Does one look for the goblin? Of course not! They were probably burned alive; instead they immediately get back to work to fix the problem. So in effect, goblin technology is quite safe as improvements are made with every explosion! " "But gnomes... this is an entirely different story all together. As many of you know, gnomes do not deal with explosions. In fact they are quite keen on this and you will never see any gnomish invention explode. I noticed many safety checks all to ensure they separate themselves from the 'foolish' goblins. Does this make them safer? I would like to think not. I mean... How would a gnomish craft operate? It is simple… if you are a gnome. Reverse Gravity! Gravity keeps us on the ground, and if we wish to move without being on the ground we must defy gravity... or simply reverse it so we stay in the air. This brings me upon the question to you all here tonight. How many gnomes are lost after the first... The First Gnome? If the first uses the craft and disappears, it was a success for not exploding but now there is a missing gnome. This gnome must be found, so a second gnome is sent out in the same style so he may find the first and return him." “How many gnomes are lost?” Trilok Silences as he looks around, seeing many confused looks on many faces. “FOUR!” Sehkar yells, “Four Gnomes!” “Are you su..”, Trilok tried to ask. “THREE!” “...”, Trilok tries to speak. “I Think then it was three.” Sehkar chimes in again. “...” Once more Trilok opens his mouth to speak. He doesn't even get a chance to speak before Sehkar speaks once more “Two? Maybe it was two?” “Wait no it was Four, I'm positive it had to be four” Sehkar states with the convincing look one gets while watching a goblin lava lantern. Trilok lets out a hearty chuckle. “This is the true question Sehkar, How many chase after this first gnome? How long before they actually attempt to correct the problem and then run the test a second time?” “Then what? If it fails how many more gnomes will be lost?” “This is why I prefer not to slay gnomes unless they actively participate in the war, for if they do not... they shall provide me with endless entertainment while sending countless gnomes to their deaths unknowingly.”
  12. Blah, I don't forum whore much over here, but hey, Might as well throw up something of me right? Sooo.. The first is a coupla years ago at the beach. The second if from this weekend. And the new one. Little fuzzy, but watchya gonna do? (didn't know until yesterday when I ripped it off the cam)
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    I never really put any thought into how that is going to suck until about 5 seconds ago. Now I'm crying, thanks grolish.
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    what happened to mining and flower picking?