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  1. ((I considered that, but the fact that there are portals to outlands, and there are other worlds in the lore of this game, who's to say what worlds lie within this universe, far, far away on the other side? A portal is a portal, mine just happens to be in a mirror I created in a story in 1999 in a world called Norrath *grins* And this is the story of a character I loved so much, I've never been able to give her up, regardless of what game I'm playing. *grins again*))
  2. Amulette sits back and reflects on what's she's just reviewed, the pages of her life. So many things have occurred and though she looks quite different, nothing has changed. She is still herself within, she is still alone, and she still does not know where all these mirrors came from. Pursing her lips, she pulls out a little pot of ink and pulls the stopper carefully. She must really concentrate on being careful because accidents always seem to happen around her, though of course at no fault of her own, she reminds herself. Is she not as graceful as a cat? A dancer? An acrobat? "Of course I am," she reminds herself and dips a quill to the ink and begins to write. "I found myself in a high tower at a huge castle-like mansion, eerily like my father's own mansion hidden in the valley of Thundering Steppes. There appeared to be a great deal of trees beyond the great house, trees heady with silk cocoons, but what got my hair really standing on goose bumps was when I passed vineyards. That dark, great house, a duplicate of Daddy's house, looked down upon vineyards! Then I passed through a tobacco plantation where I overheard it had once been called the "deFafnyr Plantation". And the mirror! The mirror I stepped from had a frame that was an exact duplicate of the Mirror of Eisabeau. The mirror, the manor house, the vineyards...and now the name. I think I may have found what I've been looking for. Could I have finally found the source of the Mirrors? Could my ancestors have used them to travel to those worlds. Was it this world they'd come from originally? What were they seeking when they left here?" Amulette pauses to pour herself another glass of wine from the bottle she'd ordered with her breakfast. Her heart flutters when she gazes on the wax seal on the side of the bottle's neck. She reaches to her throat and grasps at the amulet that hangs there, a crimsom dragon on a golden chain, the same dragon, the same shape, an exact match of the dragon on the wine's wax seal. She remembers last evening when she'd met the dark haired elf who called herself Mistress Clys. She'd nearly swooned when she'd told her that the seal was the symbol of her house, that the vineyards were hers. Amulette had always knows the dragon to be of Daddy's family, the deFafnyr dragon. Now this stranger before her was calling it the seal of Nex'Cruor. That was the surname of Amulette's mother, the one left buried in little bitty pieces on a world called Norrath, after she'd killed her in a murderous rage. Amulette shrugged off the shiver that went up her spine, "Oh well. Fa la la. She's dead and that's that," she continued to write. "I have finally found a world where elves thrive, a place that bears people with my own family's name, things bearing the seal of the amulet passed down in my family for only Innoruuk knows how long...and the Mistress of that family here has given me her card and invited me to come to her should I need any help. I cannot know if I can trust her. Would she be offended that I'd killed Georgia Nex'Cruor? Likely she didn't know her. She might not even know about anyone in her family ever traveling through mirrored portals...but then again, she might, and this is an opportunity I cannot pass up. Tomorrow I shall take this Mistress Clys up on her offer and seek her out."
  3. She turns another page: Finally a world not too alien to my own Norrath. I rather like it here on Morrowind, except for that little hiccup of being arrested. The world makes me a bit dizzy and I'm having trouble moving about it it, perhaps I'm ill. I hadn't thought of what I might catch in the way of diseases here. Anyway, everywhere I turn people are chasing me and I don't think I'm going to find much luck settling down here, being on the run despite a king's pardon. No one ever listened to king's anyway. Amulette Visits Morrowind ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Onto new Horizons! What a wonderful place! And dragons don't go about killing me! Nagafen could learn a thing or two about the dragon people here, so helpful! And their portal here is HUGE! Not quite reflective like my own mirror but it does the job nicely. Amulette Enjoys a new Horizon ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I have spent some time in this world and enjoyed it quite a lot. I even found I enjoyed crafting things with my own two hands. I know, I know, manual labor is not usually my forte', but it was fun. Still, it got to be so lonely without my Artigan to spend it with. Daddy got me thinking. Just where did the Mirror first come from? Who first dialed it in? I grow rather fidgety settling down just yet and without a partner to distract me, well perhaps what I need is a nice puzzle, maybe figure out where all this mirror business started. I've said my goodbyes to my friends here. Tomorrow will be another day, and another world. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now we're talking! Everytime I move to a new world, the mirror changes my appearance, and this time, I find I can live with my beauty. I'm gorgeous, if I do say so myself. Daddy even agrees. Pity about the wars though. There appear to be "guild wars" here rather than global warring. It's really hard to tell which side anyone is on sometimes. And it's a bit too dangerous for me. I swear, I will settle down some day, maybe. Find a nice little world. Maybe even figure out where the mirrors first came from. Maybe, would it be too much to hope for, someone again to love? Amulette in a world of guilds at war
  4. Amulette sips at her wine and turns the page: ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Well I figured out how to activate the mirror but things aren't turning out exactly as I had planned. I seem to have popped back into the past, into myself in another lifetime in an older version of our world. It must be, as Luclin is still intact. Tomorrow I will try to return through the mirror. On a curious note, I look entirely different in the past, I'm of the purer race of my father's people, thank Innoruuk. I'm really quite pretty with blue skin, I think. Anyway, tomorrow I will try again. Amulette's Most Distant Past ~~~~~~~~~~~ I have returned successfully. Daddy seems to think that I entered into the past because I dwell on it so much. If I am going to boldly go into a the future, then that is where I must meditate. I shall be diligent and push aside all links to the past and think only of the future when I step next through the Mirror of Eisabeau. Meditation ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I suppose when I concentrated on moving into the future, I shouldn't have been so literal. I found myself on a world called Rubi-Ka. I also found myself, still myself, but physically changed. In fact, I found myself to be quite ugly. The world is a horrid, dusty little place, but the gadgets are fun and people don't fly about on trained mounts but instead on flying machines that aren't even made by gnomes, if you can believe that. Anyway, though the clothing is fun, I just can't stand my looks here. I have a theory on that. They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and well, perhaps everyone sees something differenti in themselves when they look in the mirror. This is a oddly particular mirror, and it's mate in this world looks differnt to my mirror on Norrath. Perhaps I simply refracted differently and hence the different look. Whatever the case may be, I look horrid, and I'm not going to live on this planet if I must look this way. Tonight I rest, and tomorrow, again I travel. In an Ugly Little World of Rubi-Ka ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Oh my Innoruuk, someone please make it stop. This time I landed in a world that though much prettier, I'm still just as ugly. And people work for a living. Work?!? Harvesting machines? Good Hells. Lord Innoruuk, haven't I always been a good girl in your service? Don't I sacrifice diligently and daily innocent lives in Your name? A little help here would be appreciated. And a world where I can be prettier, please! In a Galaxy Far Far Away
  5. Amulette finishes her breakfast in the Silvermoon Inn and sits back to relax. Traveling always was upsetting to her system, both physically and mentally. She pulls out her black book bearing a crimson dragon tooled in the leather cover, opens it, and begins to turn pages. She sees images of herself and notes beneath then. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Mirror of Eisabeau It had started with the Mirror of Eisabeau. It belonged to an ancestress of mine, many, many years ago on Norrath. Eisabeau Willows. She'd gone insane staring for hours into that mirror. Legend said she could see the future and the past in that mirror but nothing was ever mentioned of it being a portal, and then one day my Artigan fell through it and into our world. Gods, how I loved that man. Now he is lost to me forever, parted from me in death. It is a cruel world where I come from. Where do I come from? A little planet encircled by two moons, one of which orbits our world in shattered pieces. I am the illigitimate daughter of Janthin deFafnyr and a woman who's name I'd thought I'd never hear again, especially since I'd chopped her up and buried her. But I digress. After Artigan's death, Daddy had hoped I would continue the work he'd started and was unable to do in his current incorporeal state. Yes, he's dead, but I didn't kill him. I love Daddy. So I've decided to leave my world and begin my travels and I'm bringing Daddy with me, the corporeal part. His ashes are in the prettiest jar. It is with great sadness that I must leave Buttercup behind. I hope someday I'll have a pony as wonderful as she. Well, perhaps not one quite so stubborn. Saying Goodbye to Buttercup
  6. Amulette


    This bio will be updated as more is discovered by others around her and rumors have time to circulate. Full Name: Amulette is the only name she will give at this point Nicknames: None Date of Birth: Non disclosed Age: Elusive about her age Race: Some kind of elf Gender: Female, that much is definate Hair: Formerly long curly, flaming orange-red. It is now medium length and golden to strawberry blonde Skin: Formerly yellowish golden like maple wood. Now her skin is a peachy color Eyes: Emerald green with a glow when the light hits them the right way. Height: Just a tad shorter than average Weight: A tad heavier than average among her peers. She has an ample cleavage, small waist but very full hips. Place of residence: Undisclosed Place of Birth: Undisclosed Known Relatives: Undisclosed Religion/Philosophy: Undisclosed Occupation: Traveler Group/Guild affiliation: none at the moment Guild Rank: n/a Enemies: undisclosed Likes: Sunlight, rest is undisclosed at present Favorite Foods: cheeses Favorite Drinks: wines Favorite Colors: whatever looks best with her complexion Weapons of Choice: daggers, swords Dislikes: undisclosed Hobbies: undisclosed Physical Features: She wear an amulet around her neck, a pendant in the shape of a crimson dragon, hanging on a heavy gold chain. Special Abilities: Pure, glorius luck. Even though she is the clutziest, worst rogue known across several worlds, she still manages to kill whatever she hunts, less by skill and more by accident. Positive Personality Traits: Yet to be revealed Negative Personality Traits: Yet to be revealed Misc. Quirks: Yet to be revealed Played by What Famous Person: A cross between Michelle Pfeifer and young versions of Lucille Ball and Leslie Ann Warren Theme Songs: Pink's "Cuz I Can" Chorus: So I'll cash my checks and place my bets And hope I'll always win Even if I don't I'm fucked because I live a life of sin But it's alright I don't give a damn I don't play your rules I make my own Tonight I'll do what I want Cuz I can History: http://tn.yzeens.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=5108
  7. Long forgotten in the tallest tower of Nex'Crour manor, a mirror has slept beneath a dust cover for untold years. It has whispered of dreams that no one would hear. It has revealed visions behind its dusty shroud of worlds no one on Azeroth has ever seen. Sun rise to sun set, moon rise to dawn, the mirror has slept. The room had been tightly locked for so long no one could remember why. Without that memory there was no reason not to lock a paralyzed woman alone in the room...for safe keeping. She regains the use of her limbs. She stumbles around the room, dislodging the dust cloth. She pulls back shutters that have kept both moon and sun from entering that lonely tower room for centuries. She escapes leaving no further thought to her lofty prison cell. She dies in her escape, but that is of no importance. The moonlight invades the room and the mirror stirs in its slumber. Slowly, as slowly as a flower blooms, the dust cover slides from the huge, ancient mirror. Finally the shroud's slow passage to the floor is given a final push by unseen gravity and lands with a muffled thud onto a padding of dust. The mirror sighs in its slumber. The moonlight shivers in its reflection. The cold light warms into dawn, and for the first time in centuries, a beam of sunlight pierces the reflective glass. The whispers of sleep give way to the sound of a piercing scream as the sunbeam's light refracts into a milliom prisms within the glass. A roaring sound replies as a beam of light from within the glass bursts outward from the mirror in response. It is the refracted light of a foreign sun meeting, mating and multiplying with the light of the Azaroth sun. The joined light settles and shimmers a moment, and then stabilizes. A green mist seeps forward from the glass and into the room. A woman is reflected from the foreign side of the mirror. She stands a moment gazing at herself, and then she is gazing through the mirror into a room she's never seen before. It is a plain room, a grey and dusty room with only a cot and a window. She smiles as she sees the window, the source of the sunlight that has activated the mirror and responded to her own sun. She frowns. It is a very small window, and that beam of light will not hold for long before it passes with the sun's movement. She hefts two large bags onto her shoulders and then she slowly eases herself through the mirror. As she passes from her world to ours, her short, curvy leg elongates a bit. Her arm passes and the hue her flesh loses its yellow gold hue and pinkens to a warm peach. Her flaming red hair cools to a golden shade with red lowlights. Her delicately tipped ears elongate as her legs had as she passes and finally she is standing solidly within our world. She turns and examines her new reflection. She blinks. Her eyes are the same, unchanged. Emerald green. She drops her bags and gives her reflection a half smile. She adjusts the pendant hanging 'round her neck on a golden chain. It is an amulet in the shape of a crimson dragon, a crimson dragon that looks suspiciously like one known about on Azaroth, a dragon that seals the wax on every cork of every bottle of a certain vineyard. The woman blows herself a kiss in the mirror. The sun continues to rise and move towards the west and with it, it takes the beam of light. With a snap, the mirror's gate slams shut and it dissolves back into slumber. The woman tilts her head and seeing the dust cover beside the mirror, she replaces it reverantly. She turns her back on the mirror, turns her back on her own world, opens the door to leave the tiny room that sleeps in the high tower of Nex'Cruor manor...and steps towards her newest adventure.