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  1. Violla stops in her tracks. "How many times do I have to remind you? You're there to guard, not to-" she stops short her rant realizing she's been mistaken. "You're not a guard..."
  2. Full Name: Violla Valestar Nicknames: Vi (pronounced V-EYE) Date of Birth: ?? Age: 108 (18 human equiv.) Race: Sin'dorei Gender: Female Hair: White Blond Skin: Pale Eyes: Violet Height: 6'0" Weight: 110 lbs. Place of residence: Silvermoon City Place of Birth: ?? Known Relatives: Sebastien Valestar (younger brother) Lord Alister Valestar (father, deceased) Lady Eria Valestar (mother, deceased) Personal Philosophy: Fighting is no excuse not to have good personal hygiene. Occupation: ?? Group/Guild affilation: n/a Guild Rank: n/a Enemies:?? Likes: Fashion, handsome men, gossip, the aristocrat lifestyle Favorite Foods: Goldenbark Apples Favorite Drinks: A nicely aged fine red wine Favorite Colors: Bold reds Weapons of Choice: Twin daggers/swords and her piercing eyes Dislikes: Broken nails, greasy hair, body odour, boredom Hobbies: Shopping, flirting, shopping, dancing, shopping... Physical Features: Violla stands confident and has an air of superiority around her. Her violet eyes from which her name originates from, do not glow as brightly as other Sin'dorei. They suggest she is not a magic user and may suffer from withdrawl. Her actions are quick and effortless, a sign of rigorous training and clear determination to master her craft. Yet her pale skin is clean from filth and her hair is always well kept. An indication of a shallow and materialistic attitude. Special Abilities: ?? Positive Personality Traits: Independant, helpful, confident Negative Personality Traits: Snobby, manipulative, self-centered Misc. Quirks: She has intense mood swings that come on her just as quickly as they leave. Played by What Famous Person: Theme Songs: History: Violla's parents came from the original generation of High Elves who crossed over to the Sin'dorei ways. They were highly regarded and provided their children with a more than comfortable lifestyle. Although, it was not meant to last. They were consumed by the need for magic and eventually fell to the side of the Wretched. Violla was not present when the final step passed. She was told later they were wreaking havoc trying desparately to find magic and in the end were slain by an on duty guard. Since then Violla has exchanged her wands for cold hard steel. The withdrawl is hard on her at times, but she learns to deal with it. Her younger brother, Sebastien, has stuck by her side. He was once a promising Warlock, but at the request of his sister has since stopped summoning any minions. Instead he tames beasts and uses his magic sparingly. Despite the hardships in her life Violla's personality has not changed much. Ask anyone and they'll tell you she's still just as vain and shallow as she was before. Only now she has a few more mood swings than she used to...