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  1. Hehe I got Exalted UC before I got exalted TB But the Runecloth turnins are at 50. I was only 2k from it when I started turning it in, so it was something like 4-500 cloth lol I really meant hope I'm the first BElf you see on a kodo that is from TB rep.
  2. Hehe I finally got my Kodo at lvl 50. Took so much runecloth it wasn't even funny. I hope I'm the first BElf youu see on a Kodo.
  3. Esaar

    Clys Nex'Cruor

    I had first met her in the Undercity. It was quite brief, but I again ran into her just last eve! We slayed many a human for the Forsaken, and held off an enemy invasion of Tarren Mill! Fun times we had, I hope for more.
  4. I can still remember the day we met. Lordaeron, at the translocator. You were dressed as if you were the succubus yourself. Such a kind lady, such an open mind, and soul.
  5. Full Name: Swiftstalker Esaar Bloodhoof Nicknames: Fury of the Bloodhoof Tauren Season of Birth: Spring Age: Early 20s Race: Blood Elf/Tauren - Demon tainted Gender: Female Hair: Long Bronze Skin: Tan, a little fuzzy Eyes: Radiant Green w/a hardly visible red tint Height: 5'2" Weight: 100 lbs Place of residence: Thunder Bluff Place of Birth: Mulgore, Bloodhoof Villiage Known Relatives: Cairne Bloodhoof-Grandfather Religion/Philosophy: Protection of kin is the highest honor Occupation: Swiftstalker, rising Axesmith Group/Guild affiliation: Society of Sensation Guild Rank: Sensate Enemies: Those who attack her kin Likes: Nature, freedom, a good time Favorite Foods: Fruits, fungi, any non-meat natural foods Favorite Drinks: Moonglow Favorite Colors: Brown/Black Weapons of Choice: The Great Axe, and the Longbow Dislikes: Meat, lack of knowledge Hobbies: Mining, smithing, talking to friends Physical Features: Fuzzy skin, a tail that never looks the same, horns that change form from time to time, or aren't visible at all. Hooves Special Abilities: She always knows where she is going Positive Personality Traits: Peaceful, pays much attention Negative Personality Traits: Misc. Quirks: Refuses to be accompanied by any pet other than her Pink, Tallstrider Sunforge Theme Songs: Sunspot-Moby, Babylon-The Tea Party History: Esaars' parent's were an unlikely couple. Her mother, a Blood Elf, was sent to Mulgore to the Darkmoon Faire from another realm to mark those that were a possible threat to her masters plans. Her father, a most respected Swiftstalker of Thunder Bluff, and a Tauren, was at the Faire the day she came. He ran into her, and found her to be the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. His presence made her forget about her past, and why she was there in the first place. They spent a few years together, there in Mulgore, and later married, against his fathers will. The spring after their marriage, Esaar was born. She looked as if she had come from another planet. Her form looked so mutilated that they had thought she was dead. However, she began to move and make noise, normal new-born behavior. Only a few months after her birth, her mother died of unknown causes. Esaar and her father made away to a safer place for her. A place where she wouldn't be seen as a reject, or an outsider, they stayed in a hut in Southern Mulgore for some time. As the years went by, she started to look more like a Blood Elf, the Tauren in her finding itself to be the ressecive gene. Now, she is showing more of her Tauren blood, horns, tail, fuzzy skin. *UPDATE* She has been tainted by the Succubus Demon Carrriel, Minion of Hellista Lok'tharis. As a result of being infused with demonic energies, she can now change how her horns, and tail look. Her skin is softer than it was, but is still furry. The effects of this encounter are still showing, so what else is to happen to her is unknown.