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  1. I guess ya didn't do the Halloween candy for the orphan questline then... poor little orc child. *cries* /dance
  2. I blame Rylia! *roflmao* Bloody stoners and drunks, your like um; k, you, u, and yew heal x and y tank....etc. 10 min later... no no yew and you heal y and x you tank with u heal'n.... 5 minutes later... (cont.) Finally, ok last ready check ... ok no one is afk... Hunter you need to send in the pet... Interuption: Um who is you and yew heal'n again? /facepalm /fakedisconnect Fun times in TN raids...
  3. *Snicker* Hence, Female Orcs work well with male voices. None of that fem stuff for us. "I think some of that boar meat is back'n up on me, anybody got a hearthstone"?
  4. 9/14/05 to be a bit more precise... As usual grabbed my toon's name in hours of the server coming up, but didn't really start play'n her till the next week after dealing with the Emerald Dream crowd for a couple of days. Leaving Ursin after leaving all most a year on Scarlet C., this place was a breath of fresh air even the Barrens chat... The dead "ChukNoris" in the x-roads was funny to me. But I've always had a twisted humor bone.
  5. *snicker* *snicker* *guffaw* *ROFLMAO* I love it.
  6. I'm happy they are changing this too. Reason: I kinda stay in raiding guilds for the most part. Not having the bloody time now that I have a job, I can't stand around for months waiting for my clan to "gear" up to start things I've been doing for a while now (ie End Game). However, there is a down side to this tactic. If persay your not exalted with a group, then you need to run heroics to gain more rep. The badges are secondary but cute because the end-game gear is as good if not better then badge gear (imho). To get a group to run these heroic, ya gots ta have ppl with keys. Well if all the tanks and healers don't want to run what they've run 100s of times, then your left "LFG... need tank and healer heroic xyz". So with more ppl get'n the keys, then that means a larger selection of ppl to pool your group from that may/will want to gain rep, get gear, etc. /ramble-off
  7. V. New recruit and friend. “Single file you stupid maggots,” yelled the Orc standing at the front of the bunched up group of young Orcs! The line moved quickly as the Orc passed out the first orders to the new recruits and they headed off to their assigned task. When it was her turn, she stepped forward standing straight and trying to look tough not showing the uncertainty that ate at her. Was she strong enough to service the forces of Thrall? Could she master the Dark Arts and not fall victim to them as too many of her kind had in the past? Should she become a Hunter instead, the Horde needs good Scouts? “State your calling maggot,” barked the Legionnaire. Without another thought about it, “Warlock,” she stated. There it was done. The Legionnaire gave her a small bundled wrapped in brown cloth and secured with a bit of string. “For the Horde,” exclaimed the Legionnaire! She gave a salute back to him and stepped to out of the line to read the attached note and open the package. She put on the fresh robe, boots and tried out the feel and balance of the small blade that were in the bundle. She rapidly dispatched the boars and returned with the meat and other scraps and sold them for some pocket change. The sound of her own money in her pocket delighted her in a way she could not have imagined before today. She walked from grown up to grown up to see what task she could perform for them to grow stronger and gain more of this wonderful music springing forth from her pocket. “Greetings Alder’On, I’m Ruzan,” stated the grown up, “Those warlocks who came before us have earned the distrust of the Horde, and while we are tolerated, we are not loved. This has not brought the warlocks closer together, however, as many choose to live reclusively, dabbling in their magics alone. I will not seek to lead you down one path or the other, but only help you in your maturation. Before I teach you the art of summoning, bring me six heads of the vile familiars from the cave to the northeast.” Alderon headed off to the northeast to met fate. A short time later, she returned to Ruzan. Alderon’s robes were scorched in places and torn in others, but she stood before Ruzan with an ear-to-ear toothless grin as she presented the six heads of the vile familiars. The adult looked down approvingly, with a bit of explanation and congratulation Ruzan sent Alderon on to the next set of task. The young Warlock took a few steps and began to cast the spell of summoning, she entered into a trance like state for what seemed like an eternity of concentration. Then in a puff of purple smoke the rift between the demon realm and Durotar were opened for a split second of time. “Yick, Yipe Kayral,” the little demon barked or so it seemed to Alderon. He hopped around the ground at Alderon’s feet. Started to dance a bit, then stopped and looked up at the Orc standing before him. “OmyDemons, you’re an ugly one,” exclaimed the Imp! She waved her hands in the air, poof. The Imp was gone from sight. Sitting crossed legged in the dirt she tried to get over the rage that burned through her blood. “Grrrrr,” she growled while jumping to her feet and walking over to Foreman Thazz'ril. With one eye glowing red with anger she asked the Foreman if he had anything she could help him perform. He replied, “Cursed peons! They work hard gathering lumber from the trees of the valley, but they're always taking naps! I need someone to help keep the peons in line. You look like the right Orc for my task. Here, you take this blackjack and use it on any lazy peons you find sleeping on the job. A good smack will get them right back to work! Return the blackjack when you're done. Lousy slacking peons...” An evil grin spread across her face as she took the blackjack and dashed over to the closest sleeping peon and whacked the crap out of him. She then dashed off to the next one, and another, then another… Four hours later she returned to Thazz’ril with what was left of the blackjack. On the ground around his feet sat two terrified peons with priest looking over their wounds. “Um well Alderon, thanks for the help. But girl I just wanted them up and at work not beat to within an inch of their lives,” stated Thazz’ril. He took the blackjack and turned to see how the priest was coming with the peons. Thazz’ril turned back to Alderon and asked if she could retrieve his pick from a cave near where they stood. She nodded, and then began the summoning chant again. This time the little demon sat down at the Orc’s feet. She gazed down at the poor creature looking up at her. Kneeling down to look face to face with the demon she quietly asked, “What do I call you? By the way, I have something for you.” She took out a book from her pack and shared the tome with the Imp. “They call me Gobpit, and thank you for the tome. No one has ever given me anything before without me serving their demands first”. “Well they call me Alder’On. We do need to retrieve this fellow’s pick from that ‘dar cave,” she said while getting back up to her feet. “Ok. Let’s go see what trouble we can get into… by the way sorry about earlier, you are not really that ugly, just a bit. (giggle),” said Gobpit with a slight grin on his little face. Alderon sighed and half smiled as she turned to face the vile familiars between her and Gobpit’s goal. “Well at least I’m not alone anymore,” she thought. <The Beginning's end...>
  8. I did try that chan like 10 ta 15 times in the last two years or so. Every time I go in it, it's nut'n but two people Rp'n a battle in a bar. And God forbid you make comments (ic) about the fight. I'd get /w to stfu I was ruining the mood... LOL Never knew a Bar fight needed the right "mood". my .02, Gobpit's friend.
  9. IV… (Continued) “Well technically yes, but we here at SHRINES have worked out a deal…” began the floating woman. A human female appeared beside the two of them. “Oh, fish people how cute…” said the human, “Oh my they aren’t the friendliest group. I’ll be off now, good day to you two.” The floating woman rolled her eyes and continued, “… as I was saying, here at SHRINES we either aide the living to mourn the passing of a loved one or companion by allowing the ‘warmth’ of the memories to flow in when they come to visit the tombs. We aide…” A Gnome appeared out of thin air, “Good day to you. (Annoying laughter)” then he took off running to the West. As the woman opened her mouth to start again, a barely dressed Nightelf female appeared and exclaimed, “By Alune, a smashing blow to the head was not the tip I needed! Those damned Undead just don’t understand; I just need some cash for training. Damn them! Damn them all”! She jumped up and down a few times then went running off to the North. “Stop, before we are interrupted again, I think I got this figured out. Thank you for your time. I’ll be on my way now, G’Day ta ya hun,” Alderon exclaimed and turned to walk away from the small graveyard and floating woman. “Well fine dear, glad I could help, and it’s all covered in the pamphlet in section 2. You…” whispered the woman as an Undead male appeared before her. “You again! How can an undead keep dying,” asked the male? Alderon was too far away to hear anymore of the conversation. She had started walking off to the North as some unseen compass was directing her way through the forest, then lake, then small town that appeared vacant and then back to the spot where her body lay in a clump on the ground. She could see faint outlines of creatures moving around her in the woods. Those damn spiders were scampering all around between the trees. She sat down beside her body and examined the pamphlet. “SHRINES Section II. After locating your body, you simply need to press your ghostly belly button. This will cause the powers of the Ancients to work through SHRINES’ tridimensional life force wave links through out the world to re-attach your soul with your body. Remember to allow enough time to rest up a bit, you will be weak and battle sore from the experience. …” Alderon stood up and while gazing at her body at her feet pressed lightly on her belly button. In the next instant, she felt sick, weak, and totally confused as to how she got to this spot. “Where the hell am I,” she asked herself. Before she had time to figure out what and where she was, she felt the blade slice into her buttocks. “Well back so soon,” asked the whisper from the floating woman? “Um what, oh my, what happened…? ARGH,” exclaimed the angered Orc! She turned without saying a word and began running away from the small graveyard. Shortly thereafter she returned to her body. This time she walked around the area a bit examining the shadows of living things dashing here and there. She could make out the spiders scampering around the hillside; she could get all the way to the roadway and see the flow of people running to and from Stormwind. She walked as far Northwest from her body as she could before the shadows of the living vanished from view, then pressed her belly button. The same sick feeling hit her like a brick to the face, but this time she knew a bit more what to expect and struggled up the hill side she had appeared at to hide behind some bushes. There she sat and caught her breath orientating herself to her surroundings. Venturing from behind the bushes, she headed to the top of the hillside. A rather large wolf jumped out from behind a tree. A short battle later, “Howdy again, I’m’ll run back,” Alderon told the floating woman that had a bit of a smile on her face. “You’ll get the hang of it dear, learn to duck and dodge, duck and dodge,” said the woman. Ten minutes later… “Howdy, run’n back,” shouted the Orc. Two days later and many, many visits with the floating woman later, Alderon could finally make out the tall wooden spikes that made up the wall that surrounded Grom’Gol settlement. Pressing her belly button yet again, she became whole with her body once more and took off running for the safety of the camp. She entered the camp wearing nothing more than a loincloth and a small strip of material around her breast. Her feet were sore. Her body was broken and bruised from head to toe. She had puncture wounds all in her butt from the Gnome rogues which seem to have dogged her step the whole journey. In the middle of the camp was a very large fire, she made her way over to it and collapsed on one of the benches in front of the fire. She drifted off into a fitful sleep with nightmares of bandits, wolves, spiders, solders, crazed machines, boars and the worst the death-from-the-air birds all trying to prevent her completion of the quest to make it to Durotar.
  10. ((Smile, I loved be'n a Tauren Male Warlock.))
  11. Alderon

    Silly Elves

    I'm stupid I guess. It's like one of those ink blot things right? Cause I don't see any letters but I see like 5 sets of Breast, 2 cats, the marshmellow puff man, a fishing pole, ... *cries*
  12. http://thottbot.com/i23819 Thanks, but I got tired of ask'n. *wink*
  13. IV. The Journey homeward. She was dazed and bruised from the fall and barely managed to swim to the edge of the pond. In the moonlight she looked around at her surroundings. She had gotten out of the town proper and appeared to in a mote/pond surrounded by yet another very tall stone wall. She worked her way towards the wall on the edge of the pond. She attempted to climb it, but the stones were place together so well that three wasn’t any hand or foot holds to be found. She looked across the pond, then up the hill to the roadway above her. Even in the night there were many people running back and forth and she knew there was no way that she would not be spotted attempting to leave by the open gateway above. She swam along the wall looking for a grate or drain pipe to attempt to swim under the wall. As she approached the other side, she realized the only way out of this place was to make a mad dash through the gateway above her. Slipping back into the dark water, she swam across the small pond to the bottom of the hill leading up to the roadway. Trying to be as quite as possible she made her way up the hill to the very crest before the roadway. She reached inside her pack and pulled out the grey blanket she had put in there and wrapped it over her shoulders to make a rather horrible looking cloak with a hood. Pulling the hood up over her head she hoped in the darkness of night no one would notice that she was an Orc making her way through the gateway just yards from where she laid. She rose up from her spot and slipped into the rear of a group of humans that were walking out of the city. With her head lowered, she followed them past the two sets of guards and exited from the gateway. After a few more paces down the roadway, she slipped away from the group off into the woods and to her freedom. She hid behind a tree and took a look around at her surroundings. Down the hill a bit she could make out a house in the darkness. In front of her, she could make out shadows that appeared to be hills. She decided to head towards the hills and southward away from Stormwind. Rising up and walking quietly towards the hills, she was met face to face with one of the biggest spiders she had ever seen in her life. She could feel the warm wetness running down her thighs as she realized that she had just wet herself from fear. The spider did not appear to be too happy about finding anyone in its area. It lunged forward and attacked the startled Orc. As she raised her hands up to block the attack, a dark bolt shot out of her extended arms and tore through the overgrown insect’s body. The insect came back at the Orc again this time biting deep into her thigh. Pounding the head of the insect into mush and pulling the fangs of the now lifeless spider from her thigh, she could feel the burning of the poison as it surged through her body. Things grew darker than the night as her vision became blurry. . . . “… Greetings Alder’On… which path do you want to choose from now,” asked the whisper of a voice in her head? She opened her eyes slowly, then blinked, then blinked again, then rubbed them with her palms to finally open them and gaze around at her surroundings. No longer was she near the house. No longer was it night, or so it seemed to her. No longer could she feel or hear the wind blowing through the trees. Turning around, she saw a rather large floating in the air woman with wings looking down at her. “Which path Hun, I haven’t got all day,” asked the image, “Well actually I do, but my shift is over in six hours so can we hurry this along”? Stunned at the image floating in front of her, she did not even notice the dwarf that popped up beside her. “Aye’ll ‘e run’n back to meh body dear,” stated the dwarf as he took off running away from the women. “What, who…”? “Who am I, oh dear me, this is your first visit then I see, um I know I have the paperwork here somewhere,” the woman lowered herself to the ground, turned around and opened a small chest laying next a headstone. “Yo, can ya’s rez me lady,” asked the human male that appeared beside Alder’On holding his head in his hand, “I ain’t got time to deal wit da run right now I’z late for dinner. Can ya lady, put a rush on it please”? “Look don’t rush me young man, I’m working currently with another client,” she said as she turned around and faced the headless human, “Do you mind Hun if I take care of this brute first, then I can explain everything to ya”? Alder’On took a step back from the two transparent figures standing in front of her and stamppered, “No … no you do what you have to do… I um…” The male then phased from transparent to whole again with his head in the right place and took off running towards the roadway leading out of the village. “Now let’s see here,” the woman said as she flipped through the stack of paper in her hand. Just then two Nightelf females appeared, “Running back, kthxbye,” they both said in unison. “Yes here it is, um the introduction to Spirit Healers, Inc.,” the winged woman said as she handed the leaflet to Alder’On. The Orc looked down at the single piece of paper neatly folded into three sections. Two dwarves, a nightelf and two humans appeared out of no where and began running off towards the North and you could hear one of the humans saying to the other, “Protection Pali by butt, you can’t tank for squat…” as their voices trailed off into the night air. Alder’On looked down at the paper: “Yo and Welcome to Spirit Healers Resurrection Inheritance Nostalgic Extinction Services. Remember you have got three choices in death, run, rez, or resign and we are here to help. Here at SHRINES …” The Orc gazed up at the floating woman, “You mean, I’m dead,” she asked? (More to come)