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  1. Aha, one of them is for trolling, the other two are for inappropriate language.
  2. Yeah, I was hoping for a beta invite before Skyrim’s release, but I guess it ain’t happening since I bagged myself three forum infractions already. Anyway, it’s so close to release now that I don't care all that much anymore. I'm just gonna play the shit out of Skyrim.
  3. Hah, this should have been their first expansion. Pandarens and monks are awesome, but I’m definitely not going to resubscribe for this.
  4. Well, to his credit, the Jedi did look pretty bummed when he jettisoned the engineers into the black of space. Rikt would probably save the engineers and then space the twi'lek for even suggesting it. And on that note, I wonder if not spacing the engineers has a payoff somewhere down the line if it requires a mini-quest to save them (like helping you overcome an enemy or obstacle that would make up for the lost time).
  5. Word up, definitely going with this guy right here.
  6. Well, that too. Frankly, this trailer had shout-outs all over the place.
  7. I was amused by the similarities to the Darth Maul fight. 1. Two Sith/Jedi fight a Zabrak. 2. Zabrak uses a saberstaff. 3. Zabrak effectively kills master. (though technically in this case the apprentice kills the master) 4. Apprentice finishes Zabrak by cutting through his mid-section. Also, Smuggler and his hat are boss. That can't be said enough.
  8. I'm willing to bet it's a young Malgus. Hopefully, they'll show a Smuggler and an Imperial Agent in the up coming trailer.
  9. And mechanics from WAR PvP, one of which turns tanks into personal bodyguards. Those guys really piss off DPS, as a well played PvP tank essentially makes a healer unkillable as long as they are alive.
  10. May be due to the fact that Inquisitors seem to have the flashiest effects for their abilities. Glowing eyes when they go into stealth and drain life along with lots and lots of lightning. I wonder how long it will take for baddy Inquisitors to complain that a guy in civies with a dinky pistol can waste them with ease (or any Republic class, for that matter).
  11. I'm pretty sure the game is an April Fool's Joke. Just wait till next year.
  12. Rikt

    <p>Oh yeah, I remember him. Wasn’t he the guy who led the way for the fighters to destroy the second Death Star? That guy was boss.</p>

  13. Ryoku

    <p>The Sullustan are ambitious and love high adventure.</p>

    <p>You remember return of the Jedi? The Sullustan pilot with Lando Calrissian? I've always wanted to play a character who expanded on that, in a sense. A sort-of fun loving, free willed adventurous little guy.</p>

  14. Rikt

    <p>Yar, my thoughts exactly.</p>

    <p>Btw, what do you like about the Sullustan?</p>

  15. Ryoku

    <p>I saw both images and I agree.</p>

    <p>The top one looks like a straight up brute. Would be fun to play the hulky bodyguard type with that.</p>