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  1. Slowly, Jassart felt his thoughts slide back into place. He quickly rifled through his memories to see if there had been any warning of this – some tale-tell clue that he overlooked. He could find nothing that would lead him to believe that Nymare was even romantically involved with Skafloc, much less to the point of engagement. “I didn’t know you were even seeing him,” he said to Nymare, but she had been pulled away by the rush of well-wishers and was beside her new fiancée. Surprise was quickly being replaced by annoyance and anger. He felt his fingers curl into fists. She’d met a man and was ready to spend the rest of her life with him and she didn’t even bother mentioning it before. If he hadn’t happened along to Hammerfall, would she have even bothered to tell him? Cak, she told the bloody trolls off the street before she told him. If she wants her special day, she’s welcome to it. It’s obvious that he was no longer needed. She had found someone richer, more powerful, and more noble. And Jassart was no more importance to her than a soiled handkerchief. He had served her purpose and was of no more use to her. His right hand tightened around the hilt of his dagger on his belt. Venom pulsed through his veins. The urge to hurt was rising quickly. With the last vestiges of self-control, Jassart stepped back into the shadows and faded from sight. He slipped away from the joyful gathering and left through the gates of Hammerfall. Nymare and Skafloc didn’t even notice he had left.
  2. ((<grin> Just teasin'! Oh no! I just used one!))
  3. "THAS!" Jassart looked up at noise. He recognized that voice and knew when he was being baited or challenged or invited. With Nymare, it was usually all three at once. She was economical like that. The scoundrel tucked the envelope under his arm and began hunting the hunter. Not that he was particularly good at it, but he knew Nymare pretty well and he scoured all of her favorite haunts. He finally found her curled up on a window seat that overlooked the Royal Exchange. "Kael," he said with a smile and tapped her gently on the shoulder.
  4. Jassart Emberglow was still a bit bow-legged from getting off the giant bat. He walked gingerly as blood returned to the muscles and the pain in his groin subsided. Every ride on one of the damnable flying rats put the Fête jewels at risk. As he stretched out, he dreamed of the day when he would get his own hawkstrider with a cushy saddle. Perched atop his dire emu, he could ride in comfort and style. But like everything, dire emus cost money. So to Hammerfall it was on a variety of errands. Besdies, there were ogres here. Ogres with ogre-sized pockets. Pockets that begged to be picked. Chuckling in anticipation of the filthy lucre that would soon be his, Jassart walked through the former prison camp of Hammerfall and noticed a large crowd was gathering. "Oh, street theater," he said to himself and headed over to see what the crowd was watching. As he got close he heard someone exclaim. "A wedding! We are having a wedding in Hammerfall!" Cak, Jassart thought. No bloody duel to wager on. He then heard a voice he recognized. It was Baron Skafloc of something or other with an apostrophe in it. You only got to use apostrophes in your name if you were nobility. For all of his apostrophes, Skafloc was a good bloke and Jassart respected him, his ability to hold his drink, and his ability to make women weak in the knees. "No, no, no,” Skafloc was saying. “The wedding isn’t taking place this instant!” Skafloc getting married? Oh…this should be good. So he got pinned down at last. This is going to cause a quarter of the population of Silvermoon to lock themselves in their rooms and cry themselves to sleep tonight. Another quarter was going to cheer and toast their good fortune that their competition was leaving the field. The other half… eh, who gives a fig about them. He then noticed one of his greatest friends and fellow host of the Fête standing near Skafloc. Wielding his sharp elbows he poked and prodded his way through the crowd. “Nymare sweetling! How are you? Milord Baron Skafloc as well! What a pleasant surprise!" Jassart called out. Before the two of them could say anything someone approached him with the jubilant news "Did you hear? They are getting married!” Jassart stopped cold. It was like cheap shot to the back of the head. He felt the blood drain from his face. He blinked several times as his tongue sought words. “Married?!! Oh.. I... well. This is a surprise."
  5. Jassart whistled a merry tune as he walked into the Fête Hall in Silvermoon. The sight of all the wet clothes hanging lines drying in the sun was a testament to the grand time at the fountain in the Court of the Sun the day before. Inside the lavish festhall, Jassart looked around briefly for Nymare. His fellow host did a lot of work for the party and deserved to bask in the credit. He also needed to thank a certain baron for his expertise. He started walking back to his small office which was tucked away behind the stairwell. He stops at the sound of something rustling outside the Fête Hall. A thick envelope slid under the door. It was unmarked, but Jassart smiled.
  6. Fascinating. I hope she'll come to one of our parties. She sounds like quite the delightful addition to any gathering.
  7. [The following announcement is left at the inns of Silvermoon and posted near Silvermoon's auction houses.] Sunfury Pool Party When: Wednesday night (4/11/2007) at the 8th hour after noon ((8 p.m. server)) Where: Fountain in the Court of the Sun in Silvermoon. In honor of spring and the warming temperatures, the Fête is proud to host its first ever Sunfury Pool Party. We've pulled strings, called in favors, and outright bribed where needed to reserve the fountain and pool before Sunfury Spire in Silvermoon. Come join the Fête for another one of our splendid parties that will feature: Pool-side treats and drinks served by our servant demons Wet Tabard Contest Water sports such as the blindfolded call and response game Kael -- Thas and Water Polo Anything else we can dream up between now and then The invitation is open to all. Bring your swimsuit, your lotion, and your desire for a wet and wild time. The Fête "Eat, drink, and be merry" (Disclaimer) The Fête is not associated with the production Elves gone wild. Any sketches (charcoal, pencil, ink, paint or other representation) made during the Sunfury Pool Party is done so by an independent party, and the Fête is not responsible for the content or conduct.
  8. ((Ah, the fun with photoshop. Very nicely done.))
  9. Hellista, you are a delight and a distraction. I always enjoy hearing of your adventures.
  10. I met her over the weekend and had a wonderful conversation. Oh my, oh my. She is a charming deviant. I think I'm enthralled by her. She is like a rich and sweet liqueur that you never want to stop drinking.
  11. Jassart


    I so have to meet this woman. Perhaps we will cross paths on Murder Row? Jassart
  12. ((I'll be about this evening if you wish to catch up, Hellista. We're looking forward to meeting you and the Sensates.))
  13. While lounging on a bench at the bazaar in Silvermoon, Jassart watches the young Sin'dorei with the bewitching violet eyes walk by as she does her shopping. "Hello there," he says with a cocked smile. He's impeccably dressed in purple and charcoal gray. His eyes promise mischief. "I'm Jassart, and it's a pleasure to meet you."
  14. "Yes, there is much in common between our groups," Jassart replies. "They seek new sensations. We're a private club that caters to our pleasure and entertainments." He runs his finger underneath the signatory to fix it into his memory. "Hellista. We definitely should talk to her. She sounds delicious. Can you get a hold of her, O Hunter of the Fête?"