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  1. Heh, sorry. I suppose my biggest hang-up on a guild like this is the lack of interaction with other races. I guess I don't necessarily see anything wrong with it. I think part of it is that I don't (didn't) see much RP Alliance-side anyway, and I kind of feel like a race-only guild kind of hinders it a little more, since the rest of the Alliance can't join. Evanjeline, I'll try to contact you in-game sometime to chat, if that's okay.
  2. Mind if I make a suggestion? Try to avoid "race only" guilds. Of course, this could be my own personal opinion, but I dislike guilds that only allow one race. It's the whole thing about us being an... Alliance. Like I said, do as you wish, but it doesn't sound like a hugely great idea. Not to say I'm trying to discourage you from creating a heavy RP, Mature member guild. I think it's a great idea, since last time I played Alliance RP was really kind of low.
  3. Hey, I got an update with some bad news. I probably won't be coming back for a while. There's a few reasons for this: 1) I'm involved in some other games and things that takes as much time as WoW, so I don't think I can really afford any more time out of my day. 2) Still don't have enough money to pay, and can't really afford it if I did. I'm trying to save up money for an important event I've been planning and $15 a month isn't good for me... So, I just wanted to say see you later. Notice I didn't say goodbye, because I plan on coming back one day. I've really enjoyed becoming a part of this community. Laters...
  4. Hey, just wanted to let everybody know I'm still here. I've been posting here and there, but for the few people who are able to notice, I haven't been in game in about a week and a half. What happened was, I went on a mission trip to Dallas, spent too much money, and came back with less money than my WoW bill, so I cancelled my account until I can get enough money back. That probably won't be before another 2 weeks, so I just wanted to let everyone know what happened to me. I'll still be lurking around the shadowy corners of these boards, so I'll be hopping around on various threads. That, and I'm up for RP, too (shameless plug...)!
  5. There's more of us than it seems, and I think we've been growing a lot lately. So yeah, there's plenty of Alliance RP if you know where to look and who to look for.
  6. My girlfriend lives in Florida, so it's not all that bad...
  7. Magometus chuckled a little as the elf sniffed him and walked away. Now that it was down to the three of them, he felt a little uncomfortable, wary of this other Shu'halo, though she seemed to help. The two of then, Sunsong and the other, spoke in a language he could not understand. As they spoke, he simply contented himself to listen. Soon, though, they changed to what he recognized as Orcish, though he still did not understand it. Understanding soon came as they pointed to his tabard and smiled. He thought for a moment and began to speak, but not before asking the wind to translate for him, knowing they could understand the speech of the spirits. "My friends, I am sorry to do this, but I must leave you here. We are almost to the Barrens, and I would rather not risk myself once again." He turned to Sunsong smiling. "I am sorry for the trouble that has befallen you. Know that, in me, you have a friend and ally. If you need guidance, aid, or a friendly ear, please call for me." He then turned to the other, "Thank you for your help. I am sorry to have caused trouble with your friend and your kin. Please take care of the youngling, I can see she has a kindred spirit in you."
  8. Yeah, thanks guys. I've already done most of the starting dwarf quests, already run Dun Modr, and the Deadmines stuff for the dwarves. I'll try the Badlands sometime, I have a quest to Find Agmond('s dead body) amongst other things. Again, thanks fer the help!
  9. Hey, does anyone know any good places to get Dwarf Reputation? Ole Mag is at 31 and anticipating his accension to mount-dom, and I want a Ram because it seems like that's the only Alliance mount that would really fit him. The problem is, everywhere I go that has a camp I can be at for an extended period of time is for either Humans or Night Elves. Dwarves don't really have any places to be that would give me money, experience, and rep like I would get with Humans or NEs. I'm only 31 so I can't do the repeatable Alterac Valley quests, and I've already done a pile of early dwarf quests. Anyone help?
  10. He nodded, smiling down to her kindly. "Of course. I would not have left you for the world. Besides, you did very good. Those spirits were trying to recruit you to the cause and you rejected them." Looking back at Yemana, he felt a little uneasy, but continued. "You're your own woman now, free to embrace whatever philosophy you desire, instead of being forced to believe what your original tribe believed." As they continued walking, he looked back at their two other companions. Turning his head, he looked up at the sky for a moment, contemplative. "So what do you plan on doing now?"
  11. We HAD peanut butter chocolate chip, but they're only for people who rolled Alliance! Nyah nyah! Glad to meetcha, even though I'm one of those pesky Alliance players.
  12. Magometus watched Sunsong carefully as they walked, noting how sad she was. As the adrenaline wore off, his body began to ache, but it hurt nowhere near as much as seeing the young Tauren's heart broken. He smiled a little as she tentatively let go of his arm. When the elf spoke to him, he turned, raising his eyebrow a little at the way she sniffed him. "Yes, I am a friend of Thaena's. Not only that, but she is the Warboss of my guild, Haven. As for the reason I was out here, I met this young lady," he motioned briefly to Sunsong, "in Ashenvale. Which reminds me..." He stopped walking for a minute to look around. The area was empty of any other life, save vegetation. No harmful spirits at all. He sped up a little to walk next to Sunsong and placed his hand safely on her back to comfort her as she cried out. He nodded a little to agree with the elf. "The Earthmother would understand you were only protecting yourself. Besides, those spirits that brought you here... they were offensive to the Earth Spirit in Ashenvale, remember? They're gone now."
  13. He allowed himself to be pulled from the carnage out of the camp. His heart burned, sad for Sunsong and with grief for those he killed. It was not as though he did it out of malice, he aimed only for the protection of the innocent. As they walked away, he noticed how crowded it had become, with a Night Elf and another Tauren following them away. The other three all seemed to be bonded in their common druidic heritage, as he felt much more like an outsider than before. As the Kaldorei spoke to him, he turned and bowed, a hand placed on his chest. "A pleasure. I am called Magometus Spiritwhisper. To what do we owe the aid?" Sadly, he looked over to Sunsong. Who can know the damage this incident has had on her, or how she feels about any one of them. He had not intended on showing her his violent side.