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  1. This strange little girl came up to me in the middle of The filthy animal and shoved some flowers into my hand. Who lets children into bars these days?
  2. "Yep the wall is still breathing, everything looks okay down here." I lol'ed. Edit: I think the 1080p really did help to brighten things up. I could never really tell if it was "supposed" to be that dark, or if its just the video.
  3. I am more than a little in love with you right now. Survival-horror games are my most favorite game in the world but I have this girly-girl reaction about halfway through where I get stuck in a room with my back in a corner holding a gun. I sit there and inch my way forward about a half-inch every hour or so. The solution, as you have now show me, Have someone else play it! Then I can just watch! *waves pompoms*
  4. Who was in charge of this before? What would need to happen for it to be re-activated? *Possibly volunteers...*
  5. “…your keeping your manners. You’re not going soft are you?” Mordria continued to stir but cast a glance backwards at the rogue. How would he know a thing about her manners? But he looked agitated and seemed to scold himself. So Sabeinne and her brother were keeping a schizophrenic Forsaken loyal only to his own people as their butler. Had their house gotten so full they didn’t notice such a gross oversight? Mordria smirked at the mans discomfort and at how amusing the day seemed to be getting. She opened her mouth to ask another question when there was a commotion from the direction of the test subject hall. Several of the guards had run over there and were clustered in the doorway. She abandoned the beaker she was working on and rushed over. She clawed and shoved her way between the orcs and into the room. The young human was straining in his bonds. His throat and face were turning a dusky pink color, and his eyes had began to bulge from their sockets. His tongue lolled out of his mouth, its surface drying and cracking even as she knelt down beside him. The skin of his face tightened forming creases and runnels that radiated heat as the moisture seemed to evaporate from his body. Mordria closed her eyes, laying a gloved hand on the boys chest. She mumbled a few words and a flash of light jumped from her hand into the boy. His back arched and he screamed but his body immediately flopped back to its previous position. Mordria took her hand away, curling her gloved hand into a fist. “I never was very good at that…”
  6. Mordria measured out a small amount of the liquid and set it in a makeshift centrifuge. She lit a small candle and slid it into the device before turning around to face Meekwood. “I’m not “officially” a member. But the lab here is better stocked than what I have at my home, so Master Faranell and I have a deal worked out. I help him with his experiments and he lets me have full use of the equipment.” The liquid in the beaker began to bubble and Mordria stirred it with a thin glass rod. She looked back over her shoulder. “Speaking of unlikely things…how does a forsaken come to be living with the Dej’Dynastus? They keep you locked in the basement or what?”
  7. She eyed the man up and down but didn’t bother to correct him on the fact that she was, in fact, an elf. Perhaps her presence here had confused him, it seemed to be a common mistake among the forsaken to count her as one of their own. She placed the container on her worktable, took an empty vial from the drawer and carefully extracted some of the liquid. She held it up to her face and peered at its coloration. “First we will try to determine its purpose, this way please.” It was increasingly difficult to get any actual work done with the ever looming presence of the Kron’Kron guards. Mordria walked into the side room, ignoring the dark and menacing glare from the new orc guards. She knew Thrall also disapproved of the research done here, but as long as Sylvannas remained in charge of the city there was nothing he could do about it. The forsaken queen had no such qualms about any experiments that had to do with the plague or the scourge and was quite open about the prisoners kept in the lower halls. Mordria walked into the small adjacent room and surveyed the prisoners. There was a young male human who looked to be around 18 years of age, who had come in a few days ago. He was chained to the far wall. His hair hung over one eye and he stared at her sullenly. But he was unscarred and showed no signs of fever so the chance was high he was not currently being used for anyone else’s tests. She walked quickly up to the human and grabbed him unceremoniously by the hair, yanking his head back. She plugged his nose with her other gloved hand. After several moments his mouth opened wide as he grudgingly sucked in a breath of air and she squeezed the contents of the dropper in. Mordria walked back out of the room, motioning to the man. “He may take a bit of time to...digest. Lets take this over to the beakers and see if we can discern the ingredients.”
  8. The halls of the Royal Apothecarium were large and high-ceilinged, sound did not carry and the light was always dim. The doctors and chemists went about their work in silence and no one asked any questions about what you were using the equipment for. The cries of the human “test subjects” were the only noise other than the bubbling beakers and the gentle clinking of glass. Mordria considered it her home away from home. Her ears twitched in annoyance as the voice of Dr. Felben rang out from the vestibule. “Yes sir, you come this way, I have just the perfect Priestess to assist you” Mordria rolled her eyes before even looking up. This had happened before when some other rich noble from Silvermoon came slumming to the Undercity looking for some discreet poison to knock off a troublesome relative. And it wasn’t the first time that Felben had decided to dump a wandering Sin’Dorei on her head. She straightened up and turned around, plastering what she hoped was a friendly smile on her face. Two forsaken approached her and Dr. Felben made the introductions with a sweep of his hand. “Mordria dear, this is a representative from House Dej Dynastus, he was hoping you could identify a potion” Mordria arched an eyebrow and took in the messenger. The Dej’Dynastus were employing the undead it seemed. “Right…lets see it then.” She extended her hand, which was encased in thick black rubber gloves.
  9. TN is the bestest server ever, it really is. I rolled my first toon here on the week they opened it up. Ive transferred off, then back on, then off and back again with several different characters to chase raiding opportunities or other real life friends. But I have kept several 80's for awhile now because this is my home. The tides of RP and even friendship wax and wane depending on the time of year or the newest expansion but there is always RP to be found. I do suggest joining the new channels TNGRP and TNGOOC. Check the channel to see how many people are in and say something in the ooc channel like "Hey I'm new here, would anyone care to meet my character?" I also saw another thread about the Totalrp add-on. This is a great tool for connecting as it show you which active roleplayers are currently online. You could send them a tell directly such as "Pardon me, but I'm new and trying to make friends. If you're not busy could my character meet your character?" Most people (I'm sure not everyone.) would be happy to meet someone new and at least have a brief conversation.
  10. Then they made a song about the rainbow. And for the record, I am the "Go" person. Every time.
  11. Type D Villian here. As a character Mordria isn't evil. She is diseased, which has in turn driven her crazy. She might team up with someone because they somehow appealed to her better nature or her curiosity. But she would be just as likely to eat your face off as she would be to follow any sort of orders. And since being a disney villain has become some sort of insult around here... I CALL MALEFICENT! OMNOMNOMNOM!
  12. ---Edited because I'm a big mean jerk person.---
  13. So...tell me more about this Azshara transport system? And also please tell me that is NOT what the troll cat form looks like. Please.