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  1. My point wasn't that this would be the case at 85, more so just that unless our rage scaling gets nerfed more, it's not quite as bad as everyone says. I didn't min max my gear and carried my weight. That's all.
  2. I will say (Yes this is anecdotal experience) on phase one of LK last night I had 13.5% hit and was averaging between 9 and 10 k dps, which is actually just about the same if not a tidbit better than my single target average before the patch. Keeping in mind this is as titan's grip fury, with most of my gear not having been reforged to get rid of haste etc. I think my lowest for the first phase was 8500. Hit helps, but a few misses don't cripple your dps.
  3. There's a couple main reasons fury needs more hit than it did in wrath. First, heroic strike change. With a heroic strike queued in wrath all your attacks counted as yellows(at least as far as hit was concerned) even off-hands. Now you combine this with 50%+ crit rates and high armor pen at the end of the expansion and an offhand crit could potentially give you in the realm of 80+ rage. Coupled with the HS glyph you weren't gonna starve on rage. Now you don't have the benefit of heroic strike making your auto attacks count as yellows and rage scaling is different than it was before. Basically this means fury might be a little gimpy early on, but that's not really a surprise nor is it really new. Arms was better dps till late teir 9 if I recall, at least after they buffed it.
  4. This is a good point, they'll probably update your character sheet tooltips when they do that. Hopefully.
  5. <p>Fml jori, mortal strike only does 10% healing reduction now... fuck this I'm goinf fury</p>

  6. ((Rumor has it he gives good head.))
  7. D'awww... Where are your hoes Thal?
  8. Welcome to expansion prepatch balancing!
  9. Vote no for taking longer to get to the fight for world pvp. >.> That's kinda my only complaint. I'm having vanilla flashbacks of groups for scholo, "We have a lock?" 'Nope, head on over.' *RandompugX has left the group.* Hopefully people getting flying mounts in Azeroth will help with that attitude. (Inbeforedungeonfinderlolsqq) I'm more pointing out that people are lazy in general and hopefully we can still get em to show up for world defense pings in a timely manner.
  10. This. Also, the reason for your inability to do anything about hammer of wrath is because it counts as a ranged attack that deals holy damage. It's been a borky mechanic for a long time due to being considered an attack but not requiring a weapon and being unable to be used while silenced. Much the same as judgement, this makes it unavoidable and impossible to mitigate via armor etc. Shield wall -should- still cut 40% of it off, but if not then that's a bug I haven't noticed.
  11. Moknim is teh corrects. Draenei no longer provide a 1% hit raid buff, all cast spell hit debuffs are gone and spell hit is 17% not 18%. I think my post was pretty accurate info. Warlocks = casters ergo warlock hit cap is 17%. Ta-da! No, Nein, and Nope.
  12. Casters will still need a total of 17% hit for a raid boss. The character sheet should factor in + hit talents. (at least with my rogue it does) Melee special hit cap, as well as 2 hander hit cap should still be 8%. (Specials being 'yellow' hits such as heroic strike or sinister strike.) This stays the same even when dual wielding. Duel wield hit cap is 27%. I haven't done research for classes / specs for exactly how close to this most folks are supposed to get, but I know for rogues a pretty standard rule was to at least get to poison hit cap (which utilizes spell hit which scales differently than melee hit!) and for fury warriors the change in heroic strike pretty well means you'll likely need to get at least near white hit cap. (As opposed to the 5% you could sneak by with before.) That said, fury warriors get 3% hit from fury and first tier combat has a 6% spell and melee hit talent. Dunno about EnH shammies. ((Some quick updates from someone just shy of awesome at pve.))
  13. In debate of that, with exo critting for 10k + as ret with Art of War procs, I don't see why it would be considered a terrible glyph for a pvping ret pally, though to be fair I haven't done much research into ret pvp and with my pitiful amount of haste coupled with proc rates I don't see many AoW procs. I really tend to be more of the jump on line, throw together a spec and give it a shot type player. If it ain't perfect I'll adjust it later. (All this said, I don't think I use the glyph on my pally.)
  14. Umm, now that you mention it, I think I have when reflecting it. I seem to recall hoping to catch a hammer of justice but getting an Exo instead and being surprised to see the dot on the pally despite not having had it on me at all. I didn't think much of it at the time, but it could very well be a bug.
  15. Sweet deal, I think reporting folks afk works even now, unless you've only got four people in WG and only 2 are actually there to report em afk. And yes Hif, they were bad, even with numbers. However I must insert an obligatory 'Nerf Feral Droods' here.