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    Poor thing seems to be mute. No matter, I will aid them if they need me. Very nice and respectful person.
  2. *A message to all the Horde, posted in several cities* All members of the Horde are welcome to join "Blood Knights," an offshoot of those who serve Lady Liadrin. Please contact Ehlina Lok'Tharis if interested. We are accepting all members of the horde if they have honor in their hearts and wish to serve Quel'thalas. ((OOC, I'm attempting to restart this guild, as it fell apart shortly after BC was released. Looking for low level alts of anyone interested, between levels 10-30. Send a tell in game if interested.))
  3. Upon the return of this woman to active duty, I have once again pledged my blade to her. With her health restored, we shall serve the interests of Lady Liadrin and the Blood Knights, and hope to overcome the pain that the Scourge has set upon our fair lands.
  4. Adept Ashtyn is the first person I met after coming out of hiding that I would consider my friend. She is a wonderful conversationalist, has her head on straight, and understands what we as Blood Knights are trying to accomplish. I hope to see her rise to the rank of Master, and I hope to aid her on this path.
  5. I hadn't seen Evanthe in ages, not since before I went into hiding. I cannot for the life of me understand how someone would be so heartless and mean. As a Blood Knight in Training, I will have to watch this one, and if she hurts anyone I will have to report her activities to Champion Vranesh. What a cold, cold woman.
  6. Ehlina stood at the bank, talking to a delivery man. She had wrapped her gift with blue and red paper and ribbons, and hoped that the family enjoyed it. Inside the pretty box was a contraption she had been working on for the past week. It was a box that opened into a small tray, so that the Nex'cruors would be able to fit bread slices inside of it. Once activated, the box would heat up the bread, making it warm and crispy. It operated off mana shards that were easily obtainable from the crazed arcane guardians near Falconwing Square. Ehlina also provided a large number of these shards in the box itself. Along with the box and the shards, was a paper with detailed instructions on how to use this device, and a card. The card said: "Dearest Nex'cruors, We are so happy to hear of your union, and we wish you the best of luck. May the light of the sunwell be with you as it travels unstopped by the evil Scourge, and we hope the two of you will be happy for millenia to come. Yours truly, Ehlina and Amanthia Lok'tharis"
  7. Ehlina watched as the pretty female approached Skafloc's table. She prowled as she made her way to him in such a way that Ehlina could never think of doing. Tipsy and a bit unnerved, Ehlina stood and walked from the room, intending to go back to her guildhall. She was much too timid in social situations to be enjoying herself here. From above, on an upper balcony, her sister Hellista stood in the shadows and watched as she left.
  8. Ehlina watched Daala and Lupa with amazement. Such displays of affection in public!! And with a troll!!! She huffed a bit and took another sip of the drink Skafloc had bought her. Suddenly her head felt warm. This drink was heavy indeed. Ehlina still sat meekly, getting drunker by the moment but holding on to her honor for now. She would not lose control....Not like her sister had. She was a good person, and intended to stay that way. Her sister....Hmmm. Ehlina wondered if her sister was going to show up to this gathering. Such a thing seemed to be her cup of tea. If Hellista did in fact show up, Ehlina would give her a piece of her mind...And perhaps a piece of her fist as well.
  9. We have preorders at Best Buy, and I hope to be able to pick them up Tuesday evening....I'm like a kid at Christmas.....
  10. Ehlina watched Reketo with fascination, and was about to speak to him when she saw him close his eyes. She ten stopped herself. She was a proud Sin'dorei, but that didn't stop the fact that she was shy. She had only stopped here for a drink, and wasn't aware that there was a gathering of sorts. This was making her a bit nervous. She shrunk into her chair, not one for social interaction other than battle, and watched the newcomers. "Oh my," she thought. "A troll!!" Her eyes watched Lupa with contempt. But she tried not to show it. This troll was now welcome here, and as much as Ehlina thought otherwise, she would pretend to like her, for her people. Perhaps even one day, she might grow fond of the orcs and trolls...but for now, she still didn't like the looks of them. Just then, the waitress brought her another drink. It was from the man over at the other table. Ehlina blushed and smiled at the man, nodding and raising her glass. She was terrified....No one had bought her a drink. What was she supposed to do? Talk to him? Her face looked a bit panicked as she struggled to decide what to do.
  11. Ehlina sat at a table near Skafloc and sipped her mana enriched wine. She was alone, as usual, and watched the movements of the patrons with curiosity and suspicion. Her mind was set on things of recent times...The Sin'Dorei had been accepted into the horde.... The Horde. What a barbaric sounding name. Ehlina shuddered at the thought of orcs and trolls being accepted into the walls of Silvermoon. The thought of them being near her at all disgusted her. They were mongrels, beneath her station, and no better than that psychotic sister of hers. Hopefully they would keep their distance so she didn't have to smell them. The Forsaken were a bit better. True, they stank of death, but at least they had an excuse. Ehlina would treat them with respect if they did the same for her. No...She would treat all the horde with respect...Even the orcs and the trolls...and the cow-people. This was what the Sin'dorei needed, and it wasn't for her to argue. Even if she didn't like the other races of the horde, Ehlina would tolerate them...for now. Her mind went to the meeting she had attended earlier....Her new guild of Blood Knights. She hoped that this team would be successful. There were many strange people at the meeting, but so far it looked as though it might be a good idea. As she sipped her drink, she nodded at Skafloc. She had seen him around for quite some time. He was apparently the administrative assistant to one of the larger houses...Probably an errand boy. Still, he seemed to be confident and aloof, and probably had more money as an assistant than Ehlina had on her own. Damn her sister for burning down the family home. It was a good thing the Blood Knights had formed, because Ehlina was now homeless. She sipped another small portion of wine, and watched as the tavern filled up.
  12. Ehlina smiles and bows. "Me? I am Ehlina Lok'tharis....and it is a pleasure to meet all of you, even those of you who have not spoken up yet. I trust we can all work together and get things done with flair, correct?"
  13. This is a woman I can trust. I place my sword at her command and will gladly lay down my life for her. She needs to eat a bit more though...Perhaps a few steaks will return her strength.
  14. Ehlina silently went to the crate and pulled out her taberd. It was slightly different than the regular taberd of the Blood Knights. The regular taberd design had a winged creature rising skyward, and this design had a two headed creature rising, as a crest of some sort. The colors were the same, but Ehlina immediately understood why the taberd was different. This creature on the front symbolized the fact that this branch of Blood Knights was different, because it allowed people other than paladins to work under it's banner. Ehlina slipped the taberd on and smiled. All the bad things that had happened to her family, and her people, could now be changed for the better. She nodded at the rest of the room and stood to the side so that others could take their mantles as well.