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  1. Altherion has good points. Plenty of people freaked out about Blood Elves coming to the Horde, and about Death Knights in general, and it wasn't too bad. I still like the talent tree the way it is, but I'm not really bothered by the whole Pokemon thing. It could even be used in RP. "I bet my little raptor hatchling here could tear apart your pet pig." hehe.
  2. I just looked at the talent calculator. I really hope that is some kind of 'pre-Alpha testing' thing, because it looks pretty bad. The game has already been simplified enough. Oh and hiya Izrael!!!
  3. I'm a lot more easy going than the last time I played WoW. Three years ago, I might have jumped on the bandwagon and said it was kiddy stuff and what have ya. I think the best thing to do with this is remember it is a game, and we play games to have fun. Remember, a good roleplayer can adapt to anything. Personally, I like the idea of the Pandarans. I think they (and the monk class) will bring great RP opportunities. The fact that they can be both factions adds even more. Horde Panda says to Alliance Panda. "You killed my teacher! Prepare to defend your honor! Even if you are my brother, I shall now kill you!"
  4. Yeah, I totally don't take credit for Swerto. hehe. And Oh hai Grayslin!
  5. Yeah I played Conan for about a year. Got 3 level 85's and was having fun, but then got bored. Its a great game, but meh.
  6. Hiya Red! Good to see you. I just came back myself. And hiya Kaldore. Glad to see the chimp with the gun still posting.
  7. Long time no see! I just got back last week, and love the way the site looks. My old raiding characters got transferred, and money is tight, so I'm starting over on TN. I look forward to seeing old faces and meeting new ones.
  8. Hellista flung a bolt of pure shadow energy at the avatar of Dambala, blasting it with enough energy to destroy a small house. The serpentlike troll was weakened, but not nearly dead. He hissed at Hellista as he grabbed her in his coils, lifting her face near his. "What did you hope to accomplish here, Lok'Tharis?!?! I am a Loa! You are nothing but what I made you, and you have always been within my power!" Hellista grinned and spit blood at the humanoid. "You never made me, serpent! You have deceived yourself. I may die today, but I do so by my choosing! I do so to save the lives of those I would eventually kill in your name!" Hellista then lunged forward and spread her jaws wide, sinking her teeth into the avatar and tearing a chunk of flesh from its face, quickly swallowing it even as the coils about her tightened. She cackled loudly as the avatar shreiked. "Sucks to be you, snake!!!" With that, the avatar of Dambala squeezed his snakelike arms, sucking the life out of Hellista. As her broken body fell to the rocks below, he brought a scaled hand to his face, feeling the hole she had made there. He was furious, and blasted her body to ash with a thought. But he would know who had stood up to him. He would remember.....
  9. He's not a bad guy, except for the part where he has Rosalynd totally brainwashed. As much as I like this man, I'm afraid I'm going to have to have him for dinner real soon.
  10. (page 4) Upon my return from the Nether, I took the soul shard housing Lovely of Lakeshire and placed in in a cauldron of herbs and ingredients used by Amani Witch doctors in some of their voodoo rituals. This foul smelling pot was not pleasing to my sense of smell, or that of others, so it was impossible to perform the ritual in my own office. I was forced to use an old storage room near the university cafeteria, where the smell would be covered to an extent by the noxious odors from Lunch lady Phia's own concoctions. Even I will not eat her cooking, and I've eaten raw fleshbeast (not a delicacy in the least). I brought Lovely Bloodstorm into the room, as she had already agreed to the procedure and was most eager to start. Taking some towels and spreading them about one of the larger tables, I instructed her to strip and lay on her stomach with her head in her hands. From there, I painted her body in runes and chicken blood from head to toe and told her to stay still. She was compliant, and actually one of the better subjects I've had the pleasure to work with. Once I had finished painting Lovely, I set up several candles around her body that were a special type of wax, used in troll rituals such as these. Once lit, they bathed the room in a green light, and I was able to extinguish all the other sources of light in the room. The cauldron was boiling by this point, and I heard the familiar pop of the soul shard shattering. Time was short, because the liquid would only hold the soul for a few minutes, so I began my priestly duties in earnest. I wore my Amani death mask and held my flaming scythe, which I use for all my rituals, and used the scythe to cut my wrist, letting my blood drip into the bubbling cauldron. Steam shot up as it vaporized in the liquid, mixing and summoning the spirit guides I needed to perform my task. I called upon Dambala and his brothers to make this a success, holding the fresh soul of a virgin (hard to get in Silvermoon) in my hands and shattering it as a sacrifice to my dark masters. The entire room was bathed in green light as the loa's presence filled the room. I could feel their power flowing through me, and I began to utter the Amani incantations to begin the ritual. Moments later, Lovely was lifted into the air, floating upward three feet off the table. Her eyes were shut, and she seemed to be in a deep trance as the smoke from the candles turned into tendrils that held her aloft. I kept up my incantations, not losing rhythm lest I break the spell, and I dipped a cup into the cauldron, flinging the boiling liquid at Lovely. The liquid burned her flesh, causing her to flail about in pain, but her immortal body healed the wounds almost instantly, and the tendrils of smoke held her tight. I threw more on her, and more again, until after several minutes she was coated in the liquid and the cauldron was empty. Once that was complete, I called upon my dark master to make the liquid flow into her, combining the soul with the one inside the Sin'Dorei. Lightning arced about the room as I screamed in tongues, waving my scythe and holding it over my head, my eyes glazed with power. Almost instantly, Lovely and I both collapsed, and she fell back onto the table. I blacked out for a moment, but was unharmed. The ritual was complete. The souls merged. What does this mean for Lovely? I am unsure. But I have done my job, and done it well. I can only assume that this will mean either a new life for her, or torment beyond imagining. Either way, I have completed a wonderful study, and have yet another thing to mark off in my list of experiences. Regardless of what this does for her, I can see it being entertaining, at least in my eyes. Hellista Josette Lok'Tharis Silvermoon University.
  11. (page 3) A day has passed, and with it comes new insights into the workings of the Nether, and of souls. I prepared myself for my journey into the nether by protecting myself with runes painted onto my flesh using ancient Amani scrolls. For extra protection, I used the knowledge from the "Tome of Runic Power" which I had 'borrowed' from the bank in Thunder Bluff some time back. I carved a protection rune into my flesh on my upper right bicep, filling it with Amani ink and giving me the ability to survive physically in the nether for long periods of time undetected by the demons of the Burning Legion. At the very least, I have a pretty tattoo out of this ordeal. I stripped naked except for my belt, which housed a few items I needed (clothing smears the paint, which can disrupt the properties of the runes that were not tattooed on me) and flew on my wind rider to Netherstorm. I went to the southeast section near the island with the ship on it that Leoren sometimes uses to hide, and from there I flew south approximately one mile. This put me in the middle of the physical twisting nether, and from there I made sure the rune I had painted on my wind rider's saddle was intact before leaping off and falling into the void. I fell for several minutes in the gaseous clouds underneath the netherstorm, until finally I entered a part of Netherspace, an area used by certain demons and other vile creatures. My tattooed rune seemed to be working, as I saw several of these creatures but yet was invisible to their eyes. Eventually my falling turned into floating, as gravity in Netherspace often seems to stand still. Movement in netherspace is activated by sheer force of will. The more powerful the will of the individual, the better mobility they have. This can sometimes be counteracted by powerful beings of the Legion (as I have witnessed while fighting Prince Malchazzar), but for one unnoticed as I, it was easy to move quickly. I have decent willpower. I should...I ate my family. I traveled through netherspace quickly, closing my mind to the abstract physicality of the place, and opened my heart and soul to the area, searching for what I needed. After about a half hour, I found it. Inivisble to anyone other than a Dead-talker was the spirit of Lovely of Lakeshire, being buffeted in the winds of the nether, seemingly floating without purpose. The spirit was smaller than I had seen previously. I theorize that after being without a body for a few months, her spirit began to deteriorate. There was no time to lose. I thrust my arms forward and instantly began draining the spirit into my hands, a violet beam of energy thrusting toward me until I held a light pink crystal in my hands. A crystal housing the soul of Lovely of Lakeshire. A crystal I could easily smash, destroying the soul forever. No. As tempted as I was, I am a professional. I made a promise to Tamora, and I keep my promises. I put the soul in my belt pouch and began to float upward, traveling to the edge of the Netherspace. Once I reached the border of Netherspace and the Twisting Nether, I took a vial of chicken blood from my belt pouch (because every good voodoo priestess carries chicken blood), and I painted another rune on my bare backside. The rune of recall instantly drew my windrider to me, and I mounted him and flew upward, exhausted but safe. Once on land, I gathered my gear and flew to Shattrath, where I portaled back to Silvermoon to begin the reuniting process. (cont. on page 4)
  12. (Page Two) Currently, Lovely Bloodstorm is involved in a relationship with the Orc Warrior Tamora Bloodstorm. Lovely has taken her name and undergone a ritual of bonding with the orcess, becoming her lifemate. However, troubles have arisen, as I was informed of yesterday. It came to my attention that Lovely had become very angry at the hunter called Nymare Sunfire. These two have had a feud going back several months. My research and personal knowledge of the events are that Nymare had insulted Lovely's family and honor, due to her inability to admit to her own loose morals. From what I gather from my knowledge and from others, she and Lovely were in fact friends at one point. But Nymare's habit of sleeping around on her lovers and her lack of ability to commit to the House Of Ghant set Lovely (who is well documented as having a temper as sharp as an orc's axe) off. I am told that Lovely told Nymare that she would not support her upcoming wedding to Leoren, because she knew six months down the road the two wouldn't be together anyway (which apparently was correct), and Nymare took offense, which led to insulting Lovely's brother Skafloc. Due to this, and Lovely's temper, Lovely ordered a Cartel hit on Nymare, effectively ending any friendship the two would ever have. The current problem she has with Nymare comes from Leoren's sister Zelaine. I was informed yesterday that Lovely had fallen for Zelaine (which Tamora was not too thrilled with I might add, and rightly so), and had become furious because Nymare seemed to be trying to "steal her away and play mind games with her." Whether this is true or not is open to speculation. Lovely is often emotional, and with her current form being new, doesn't have the maturity to back up her thoughts and emotions with logic. However, at the same time, this does seem typical for Nymare's behavior, and in my opinion Nymare is running low on men to play with, so it could very well be the case. Regardless of reasoning, I have been tasked with assessing and fixing the situation. Tamora Bloodstorm contacted me yesterday about this, and we discussed our options. Lovely is a disappointment, and does not understand her emotions well enough to know what love is. Lovely thinks of love as helping others, giving herself to others, or making others comfortable. This is destroying her mind, because she literally cannot keep up with the goals she sets for herself. So my job, and the basis of this thesis, is to find Lovely's human soul and combine it with her current one, giving her a foundation in which to build a base for her emotions, and hopefully some peace of mind for Tamora and all those others who have had to deal with Lovely's behavior problems. Pros and Cons: Pros: The reuniting of the human and Sin'Dorei souls of Lovely could strengthen her mind. The memories of the human soul would most likely be intact and able to be used for the benefit of her allies. Tamora would finally be able to tell Lovely to shut the fuck up without getting twenty questions as to why. A human soul is somewhat easier to control than a Sin'Dorei soul (personal observation) Cons: This could in fact kill Lovely, which would probably upset Tamora toward me. The human soul could take over, causing problems for us all. There could be memory issues, or emotional issues. This will be dangerous for me to do. Reasoning and weighing of options aside, I have to go through with this. It is my promise to Tamora, and is also something I haven't tried before. On the next page I will record my experiences in attempting this. Assuming I survive. (cont. on page 3)
  13. Project: Reunion A Scientific and Mystical thesis on combining severed souls By Hellista Josette Lok'Tharis Teaching Assistant of Rurik Von Loderr Silvermoon University My name is Hellista Lok'Tharis, and this journal is written as a record of the events surrounding the reformation of Silvermoon University faculty member Lovely Bloodstorm. Ms. Bloodstorm is a unique individual, to say the least, and has seen transformation, renewal, and in fact has seen as of late an entire new form. I will state a few facts and historical notes so that those in the scientific community may become aware of her current situation. Lovely of Lakeshire was her original name. She was born a human, daughter of a miner and a skinner that lived near what is now the town of Lakeshire in the Redridge Mountains. She has a sister named Celuna (who is now a Forsaken), although the story behind the siblings and their communication with each other is long and drawn out, and not appropriate for this thesis. Lovely was a "noble Paladin of the Light" who worked for the corrupt Archbishop Benedictus in Stormwind, new capitol of the human lands. As far as I am able to tell from the historical notes, she was an honorable figure who lived a good and pure life, up until she was duped into becoming an experiment of Clys Nex'Cruor and the Immortalis. The relationship between Clys and Lovely is something for another thesis, but I will say that history notes that Lovely was tortured and brainwashed, and branded by Ms. Nex'Cruor, and became a willing servant of the Immortalis, a group founded upon the principle that Immortality should be made available to all members. At some point, nearly a year ago, Lovely had lost her way. I am not sure of the events that led up to her human body becoming deathlike, but my sources inform me that she had become addicted to the demon tainted blood of a powerful warlock, and had become little more than a slave to his whims. Not to mention, she was addicted to several drugs, and was confirmed as a slut by many who witnessed her actions. Her body dying, Lovely of Lakeshire contacted Clys Nex'Cruor of the Immortalis in a plea for help. Clys, being the scientist that she was, had already been working on growing Sin'Dorei bodies in her laboratory, and had perfected the procedure. She had in fact given herself an immortal body, replacing the undead body that had housed her for well over a year. Clys Nex'Cruor used this knowledge to create a Sin'Dorei body for Lovely of Lakeshire, transplanting her soul into the biological construct and giving her a new life. It was later found that there had been an unsuccessful prototype to Lovely's Sin'Dorei body called Atanasia, who had also been given the gift of immortality (Lovely's Sin'Dorei body was not immortal at this time), but was set aside due to imperfections involving eyesight and skin pigmentation. The second version of Lovely was known as Lovely Nex'Cruor. She had the same human soul as the human, but was in a new body, and quickly set about regaining her strength. From my notes, it seems like she worked very hard to avoid addiction so that she might keep this body clean and pure. It was at this time that I met her, and we became dire enemies. My feud with Lovely Nex'Cruor is well documented. She and I fought long and hard for quite some time, our battles evolving from minor inconveniences into full fledged attempts on each other's lives. She suffered a few psychosis' during these battles, while I suffered a death (although I was brought back) and a lifetime of servitude to a troll loa. Our battles only came to an end when we were both captured by pirates and she saved my life, her streak of human nobility taking over as I was assaulted horribly by a mass of sailors. We decided to end our fights at that point, because there were more important things happening. The third stage of Lovely is the current one. The one I am about to attempt to fix. Clys Nex'Cruor was happy with her "Daughter" and decided to make her an immortal, as per her promise in the past. But something went wrong. During the process, Lovely had been informed that to become immortal, she would have to get rid of her humanity and conform her soul to that of a pure Sin'Dorei. Lovely went into the astral plane, connected to the Twisting Nether, and her Sin'Dorei self fought her Human self, killing it and driving it from her. This is where the source of her current problems lies. In doing this, she split her soul in twain, casting the former Lovely into the nether and causing her new immortal body to be born as a blank slate. She lived, and was immortal, but she had no mind to speak of. Clys had foreseen this, apparently, and had a device that was able to implant knowledge into the newly created construct, giving Lovely the ability to walk, talk, speak, and other things we take for granted. The device also implanted knowledge of the world into her brain, making her very intelligent in terms of "book Knowledge." Social knowledge was something this new Lovely would have to learn on her own. Shortly after these events, I was contacted by the disembodied human soul of Lovely of Lakeshire. I am what is known as a Dead-Talker, a rare individual with the ability to see and communicate with spirits and demons. I am also the only Sin'Dorei voodoo priestess recorded in history, and so I decided to assist this spirit into finding a home. I did so not out of kindness, but out of the need for my own peace, because the spirit insisted on pestering me nonstop day and night. My solution to the spirit was to take it, using a voodoo ritual, and place it in the body of Atanasia, the construct prototype who had originally been made to serve as Lovely's body. The spirit stayed there for several weeks, until Atanasia was able to expel it back into the nether, where it currently resides. I know of it's existence, but it is currently unable to get to me. (end of page one, continued on page two)
  14. Hellista


    Hellista stood in the middle of the room, surveying her surroundings. It was a well furnished room, and belonged to a wealthy businessman who lived in the towers above the Royal Exchange. The ceiling was arched and a large chandelier overlooked the olive and red furnishings, which at the moment were covered in splatters of the crimson life-blood of the home's owner. The businessman himself hung from the chandelier, his hands tied securely above his naked form, which was covered in blood that leaked from a gaping wound where his heart had once been. Hellista smiled at her handiwork and talked to the dead man through crimson coated lips. "Its a shame, really. You could have used your wealth to help those people you spat on. You could have bought them clothing...food...shelter. Instead, you spat on them, and kicked them. And death came for you to punish you. Your heart was sweet with fear, sir. Dambala is proud to take your soul." She grinned and licked her lips as she drove a kitchen knife into the dead man's chest, pinning a note to him. The note said only one word. "Boisterous." Suddenly a portal opened in the middle of the room. Hellista barely had time to turn before the Blood Knights began pouring out, followed by the magister who had made the portal itself. She was struck hard with a mace, knocking her to the ground immediately. Before she could react, they had swarmed her. After several minutes of being beaten, Hellista lay on the ground, covered with Blood Knights. The magister stood before her and unrolled a scroll. "Hellista Josette Lok'Tharis, you are hereby placed under arrest by the power invested in me. Your crimes have led us into an investigation spanning several months, and you are charged with the following: Forty-seven counts of murder. Cannibalism. Rape. At least twenty three cases of torture that we are aware of. Consorting with the enemies of Quel'thalas. Plotting the death of certain high ranking officials of Silvermoon. Bank Robbery of the Bank in Thunder Bluff. Kidnapping of children. And the list goes on." Hellista stared blankly at the man, wondering if he knew of her secret plans with Villayna too, but she kept her mouth shut. Villayna was not someone to anger, and her plots were more serious than any of the things listed by the man. The magister ordered Hellista gagged and shackled, and without a further word she was carried into the Court of the Sun. THE END