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  1. Altherion has good points. Plenty of people freaked out about Blood Elves coming to the Horde, and about Death Knights in general, and it wasn't too bad. I still like the talent tree the way it is, but I'm not really bothered by the whole Pokemon thing. It could even be used in RP. "I bet my little raptor hatchling here could tear apart your pet pig." hehe.
  2. I just looked at the talent calculator. I really hope that is some kind of 'pre-Alpha testing' thing, because it looks pretty bad. The game has already been simplified enough. Oh and hiya Izrael!!!
  3. I'm a lot more easy going than the last time I played WoW. Three years ago, I might have jumped on the bandwagon and said it was kiddy stuff and what have ya. I think the best thing to do with this is remember it is a game, and we play games to have fun. Remember, a good roleplayer can adapt to anything. Personally, I like the idea of the Pandarans. I think they (and the monk class) will bring great RP opportunities. The fact that they can be both factions adds even more. Horde Panda says to Alliance Panda. "You killed my teacher! Prepare to defend your honor! Even if you are my broth
  4. Yeah, I totally don't take credit for Swerto. hehe. And Oh hai Grayslin!
  5. Yeah I played Conan for about a year. Got 3 level 85's and was having fun, but then got bored. Its a great game, but meh.
  6. Hiya Red! Good to see you. I just came back myself. And hiya Kaldore. Glad to see the chimp with the gun still posting.
  7. Long time no see! I just got back last week, and love the way the site looks. My old raiding characters got transferred, and money is tight, so I'm starting over on TN. I look forward to seeing old faces and meeting new ones.
  8. Hellista flung a bolt of pure shadow energy at the avatar of Dambala, blasting it with enough energy to destroy a small house. The serpentlike troll was weakened, but not nearly dead. He hissed at Hellista as he grabbed her in his coils, lifting her face near his. "What did you hope to accomplish here, Lok'Tharis?!?! I am a Loa! You are nothing but what I made you, and you have always been within my power!" Hellista grinned and spit blood at the humanoid. "You never made me, serpent! You have deceived yourself. I may die today, but I do so by my choosing! I do so to save the lives of
  9. He's not a bad guy, except for the part where he has Rosalynd totally brainwashed. As much as I like this man, I'm afraid I'm going to have to have him for dinner real soon.
  10. (page 4) Upon my return from the Nether, I took the soul shard housing Lovely of Lakeshire and placed in in a cauldron of herbs and ingredients used by Amani Witch doctors in some of their voodoo rituals. This foul smelling pot was not pleasing to my sense of smell, or that of others, so it was impossible to perform the ritual in my own office. I was forced to use an old storage room near the university cafeteria, where the smell would be covered to an extent by the noxious odors from Lunch lady Phia's own concoctions. Even I will not eat her cooking, and I've eaten raw fleshbeast (not a d
  11. (page 3) A day has passed, and with it comes new insights into the workings of the Nether, and of souls. I prepared myself for my journey into the nether by protecting myself with runes painted onto my flesh using ancient Amani scrolls. For extra protection, I used the knowledge from the "Tome of Runic Power" which I had 'borrowed' from the bank in Thunder Bluff some time back. I carved a protection rune into my flesh on my upper right bicep, filling it with Amani ink and giving me the ability to survive physically in the nether for long periods of time undetected by the demons of the Burn
  12. (Page Two) Currently, Lovely Bloodstorm is involved in a relationship with the Orc Warrior Tamora Bloodstorm. Lovely has taken her name and undergone a ritual of bonding with the orcess, becoming her lifemate. However, troubles have arisen, as I was informed of yesterday. It came to my attention that Lovely had become very angry at the hunter called Nymare Sunfire. These two have had a feud going back several months. My research and personal knowledge of the events are that Nymare had insulted Lovely's family and honor, due to her inability to admit to her own loose morals. From what I
  13. Project: Reunion A Scientific and Mystical thesis on combining severed souls By Hellista Josette Lok'Tharis Teaching Assistant of Rurik Von Loderr Silvermoon University My name is Hellista Lok'Tharis, and this journal is written as a record of the events surrounding the reformation of Silvermoon University faculty member Lovely Bloodstorm. Ms. Bloodstorm is a unique individual, to say the least, and has seen transformation, renewal, and in fact has seen as of late an entire new form. I will state a few facts and historical notes so that those in the scientific community may become awar
  14. Hellista


    Hellista stood in the middle of the room, surveying her surroundings. It was a well furnished room, and belonged to a wealthy businessman who lived in the towers above the Royal Exchange. The ceiling was arched and a large chandelier overlooked the olive and red furnishings, which at the moment were covered in splatters of the crimson life-blood of the home's owner. The businessman himself hung from the chandelier, his hands tied securely above his naked form, which was covered in blood that leaked from a gaping wound where his heart had once been. Hellista smiled at her handiwork and talk