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  1. My vote goes to Ogrimmar. Ignore the griefers.
  2. I am accessing it from my phone right now.
  3. <p>*pesters* Poooooost.</p>

  4. It's not exactly the same. However, the valley of trials and the night elf starting areas had the least amount of changes out of the vanilla-playable races.
  5. The wings have this interesting lightning effect and they 'shed' feathers, as you can sort of see in the MMO screen shot. Subtle these are not. But I really like the set overall.
  6. If only there was an option to hide shoulders... I actually really like the druid helm. It looks neat in game, at least on female worgen.
  7. Racials and form changes are fixed. I'm still leveling my goblin/worgen/troll Druid from scratch. The 1-60 leveling experience in the expansion is too fun to skip. I will be transferring my warlock to Dwarf, however.
  8. 1. Level my hunter to 80. She's currently 75. 2. Clean out bank space on all my characters. 3. Finish powerleveling my rogue's engineering and mining. Gather materials for my goblin's engineering. 4. Powerlevel leatherworking 5. Enchant Heirlooms 6. Keep farming World Dragons for RP gear. *shake fist* I've gotten pretty far in my Cataclysm prep. All my 80s have epic flying, and I have the gold for it one my three new alts (not 310%, although I have that on Eva). Professions are almost ready to go, and I only have the one character sub 80. I have names for 2 out of three new characters. Now if I could just stop making sweeping changes to my Worgen's character class I'd be set.
  9. There are some new hairstyles in the game files. Female dwarves actually have a few available in beta right now: http://wow.joystiq.com/2010/11/03/new-hairstyles-for-dwarf-women-from-cataclysm-beta/ Some for other races are seen here: http://www.scrollsoflore.com/forums/showthread.php?t=6665&page=302&posted=1#post244394 I like the female troll hair. Yes, yes I do.
  10. She could not respond even if she wanted to; his bony fingers squeezed tighter against her neck. A tide of panic seeped out from primal recesses and gripped her mind as she fought for breath, but even so, a higher, more cognizant component of her consciousness relished that she had his attention. Evanthe could only hope the muddled orc would somehow have the strength--the awareness--to take advantage of Sabachthan's lapse in attention. She twisted her hand as much as his grip on her wrist would allow, gripping tightly the hilt of her dagger, enlarging the wound. At the same time she clawed at his face with her free hand, aiming for the bit of rotting skin underneath his preternaturally glowing eyes.
  11. I'll be logging all my characters out in rp clothes from now on. Go go pretty avatars.
  12. So focused was she on casting that the tendril of shadow snaking around her body wasn't noticed until it rushed into her mouth and down her throat, stilling her voice and smothering her inchoate incantation. She stared at Sabachthan through narrowed eyes, impotently watching as he ran to where Broxigan lay writhing in the savannah grass. Her spell was cut short, yes, but not before she was given a glimpse of the chaos inside the rotting corpse's mind. His thoughts, nearly incoherent ramblings, as if there were multiple conciousnesses bickering and vying for control. He was clearly mad. The sound of him taunting Broxigan shook her from her contemplation. The shadow had not yet released its hold on her voice, but she was not frozen in place by anything other than her own disbelief and bewilderment. Evanthe grabbed the hilt of the dagger she kept looped in her belt and pulled it free. Her lips curled into a sneer as she lunged forward, thrusting the blade at Sabachthan's side.
  13. "Every priest set ever" cracked me up. I haven't been really enthusiastic about a set's design since BC, alas.
  14. Standing idle while Running Wild looks rather... suggestive. I'm quite pleased with them overall.