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  1. I stood on the ramparts with Mother, looking down at the smoking fields. The fires were out now, mostly. The enemies, whoever they were, had fled. I hoped that Skafloc was okay. I sighed, feeling rather weary. "Do you think we should postpone our honeymoon, Mother?" I asked. "If we're being attacked, it might not be a good time to take a vacation." She chuckled. "There's never a good time to take a vacation," she said. "You two go on, enjoy yourselves. You deserve it. We can hold down the fort, here." She patted me on the shoulder, and I smiled. If anyone could take care of things, it was her. I knew that. I would go tell Danyxandra to continue packing. A few weeks of alone time sounded wonderful.
  2. I turned to Mother as she and I stood there upon the ramparts, watching her new guards fly out over the vineyards. "Mother, why would someone attack us? What is the reason? We've done nothing to harm anyone, have we?" I asked. She looked at me with a strange expression. "Morgauth, really," she said. "As long as you've lived, with all that you've seen, surely you understand the ways of the world better than that." I nodded, slightly, because it was true, but I still wanted her to say it. "I don't know if we have personally ever harmed the people who are attacking. I don't even know who they are. But there are those we have harmed, certainly, although only when it was absolutely necessary, only when they attacked first, or stood in the way of something we had to accomplish. Plenty of people would kill us on sight, based on some false notion of some evil we've done. "But I don't know...this attack...something in the air tells me that it is both personal, and not personal. I can't explain the feeling. But I know that many of the Alliance would kill us for the wrongs our ancestors did to them. And it doesn't matter that we, now, would disagree with the actions of our forefathers. We are their children, and so the blame rests upon us. That is what those people would say. We should be wiped out, because of what our ancestors did. Still others would kill us just to take what we have and make it their own. The reasons don't really matter, in the end. I nodded, knowing exactly what she meant. "It's so senseless, though, isn't it?" I said. "So wasteful, so cruel. They are out there killing simple farmhands and peasants, who never had a thing to do with anything, never made a decision, even in the past." Clys nodded at me, smiling grimly, but with determination on her face. "That is why we do what we can to become stronger, because in the end, it won't matter who is good or evil, who is right or wrong. It will only matter who is...left," she said. "And we will be left, and you know why." I bowed my head to her. It was her gift to us, truly, hers and hers alone, this immortality that we shared. And she was right. We would prevail, because we would be...left. Of course, I think that we are in the right. I think that we are the good guys. It was those people out there in our fields right now, along with whoever sent them, that were evil. I would do all that was in my power to defeat them. A person can do no less.
  3. I heard the sounds of fighting, and crept quietly toward them. From the shadows, I saw my father, Kedehern, and my friend, Skaefloc, as they circled one another. I was paralyzed with indecision, not truly understanding yet what was happening. I had no love for my father, but still, he was my father. I loved Skaef like a brother, but could I stand by and watch him kill my own father? And then I heard the words, falling from my father's lips. “That is a very suitable posture for you.. dog. I am enjoying this immensely. Almost as much as I enjoyed hearing the tale of how your sister screamed in her agony before she finally succumbed to the attention she was receiving.” The blood pounded in my ears, my sight went dim, and I fell to my knees. Father? Father had been the one who ordered the death of my beloved Danyxandra? His heart was that cold, that black? In those few moments, as I knelt in shock, the battle was decided. I looked up to see my father fall to the ground, blood running from the corners of his mouth. Skaefloc lay motionless, his skull split open, his brave life oozing out onto the cold stone. I stood, and stumbled over to him, calling his name, but he did not respond. A soft glow seemed to hover over him for a moment, a dim outline of a face with long wavy hair. I reached out, but it was gone. I hung my head, and my tears splashed on the floor, mixing with the blood of my father, mixing with the blood of my brother. ---------------- Later, before the council, I did what I could. House Ran'deau was to be dismantled. Skaef was declared a murderer. As the surviving heir of House Nex'Cruor, I had the right to determine the punishment. Many were calling for me to choose death -- death for all of House Ran'deau. But I knew the truth. Skaefloc was the honorable one, and my father the villian. So I did the only thing I still had within my power to do. I demanded that House Ran'deau be reduced to servitude, bound forever as servants to House Nex'Cruor. At least this way Arloc and the others would be safe, and alive. They would have a future. Maybe, someday, there would come a time when things could be made right again.
  4. Danyxandra and the runner arrived at nearly the same moment. She was waving a letter, saying it was a warning about an attack. The runner was gasping that the vineyards were burning, and something about night elves. I bolted for the towers. Mother was there, preparing our new guards. I didn't think they were ready for duty, but it appeared that there was no time left. "Mother!" I cried as I spied her upon the ramparts. "Someone is attacking the vineyards. The vineyards are burning!"
  5. ((most amusing well written, as always))
  6. I had an odd dream last night. I rarely remember my dreams, but this one I do. I was swimming in the old pond out beyond the fields, with Danyxandra. The dream must have been triggered by my recent memories of the old times, because it was the old Danyxandra, with her red hair, in my dream. We were playing and splashing in the water, naked, laughing, enjoying a bit of time together away from everyone else. That part of the dream was very realistic, just a nice dream of a happy time in my past. But then the dream changed, as dreams sometimes do. The sky became dark. The wind began to blow, cold against my wet skin. I saw Danyxandra floating in the water, face down. I tried to reach her, but the water became like molasses. I struggled toward her, but she kept floating farther and father away. I was yelling, but I could not hear my voice, just a sound like distant thunder. There was a movement on the shore. I turned my head to look, and I saw little Silmarra. Strange that she would show up in my dream -- I haven't thought of her in years, and I never did have much to do with the child. Anyway, she was waving her hands and smiling, completely naked, with what appeared to be blood smeared across her barely budding breasts. She shouted something to me, but I could not hear it. I looked back, and Danyxandra was gone. I awoke, cold sweat on my skin. Nightmares are just so...weird. I'm sure it didn't mean anything. Probably just a result of all the remembering, thanks to those journals Skafloc found. Oh well.
  7. I sat upon my horse, looking down at the blazing funeral pyre, looking down as the smoke rose, carrying with it the spirit of my beloved. The rain that had threatened all day began to fall, soaking the ashes, soaking my clothing, dripping from my face and mixing with my tears. Still I sat, waiting to feel something, but there was only numbness. Then finally I felt it stir. Anger, scalding hot, rose like bile in my throat, pushing back the numbness and revealing what lay beneath. Pain. Agonizing and complete. My world was shattered. My love was destroyed. There was nothing left for me but pain, and anger, and the burning desire for revenge. Those that knew me told me later that my entire countenance changed that day. No longer was I the warm, cheerful man that they knew. I became something cold and calculating, my easy smile replaced with a blank look that hid my emotions and my thoughts. If I smiled at all, it never reached my eyes. My eyes were like jade, cold, unreadable, stone. I turned my horse away from the sight of the dying fire, and plodded back to the mansion. The image of Skaef standing there before the pyre was burned into my mind. My friend, my compatriot, and the brother of my one and only love, his face looked as angry as the sky above us. I knew in my heart that he and his family were not to blame for any of this. What would he do, now? What could he do? What could I do? I felt something shift within me, within my heart, clicking into place like the latch on a prison door. I would find the truth, no matter the cost, no matter how long it took. I would find whoever caused this evil, and I would destroy them. Or be destroyed myself.
  8. I lay on my bed, looking up at the ceiling, while Danyxandra read the journals, exploring our past, written in her own hand so long ago. I remember those days so vividly. I remember the wonder of our love. I remember the way the moon glinted off her wavy red hair as she looked down at me, straddling my body out by the pond. Her skin was so smooth and perfect, and her smile said everything that needed to be said. I remember how sure I was that nothing could possibly stand between us, ever. I remember also when the fights with my father, Kedehern, began in earnest. He had never really liked it that I was wooing Danyxandra. He was convinced that she was beneath me, beneath us, and he saw no advantage to our house in my marrying her. Until the unexplained attacks began, however, he had no real ammunition to use against my wishes. But once the scandal broke, he pounced upon it with such glee that I became suspicious that he himself was behind the attacks. I even accused him of it, one night, as we argued yet again about my marriage plans. I had never seen him so angry, and that's saying something, because he was an angry man all his life. If I hadn't been his son and heir, I'm sure he would have killed me. I knew then that things had gone so completely wrong that there would never be a reconciliation between him and I. I was left with a choice. Marry Danyxandra, and face expulsion from the Nex'Cruor family, or turn my back on my only love, and keep my supposed heritage. It was not much of a choice. It required no thought on my part, at all. I would marry her, no matter the consequences, and I told him so. Perhaps, if I had been a little more patient, a little more willing to wait and let things cool down, it would have turned out different. Perhaps.
  9. All right, then. These are big so I'll just link 'em. Some of these contain nudity. If you're not of age, or are offended by nudity, do not look, please. This one is an image that I came up with while working on some new texture sets. I wanted to make some stone textures to make the figures look like statues. Next thing I knew this image popped out. http://www.computer-man.us/fr/misc/statuessml.jpg Another one that come out of my experiments with texture sets. I'm creating a set of realistic skin textures for one of the Poser models, and was just messing around with the figure, trying different poses and whatnot. I thought this pose had a great deal of emotion to it, and went ahead and finished the image. http://www.computer-man.us/fr/misc/Sorrow1s.jpg This one is actually the main render for a blue-skin texture set that I have up for sale at Renderosity. I've always liked blue people, I guess since EQ1 days. Anyway, I did a whole texture set of blue skin and options. http://www.computer-man.us/fr/misc/SindiBlue/SindiBlue.jpg This one is not a finished piece, by any means. It's just one of my test renders for the realistic skin texture set I'm working on. I wanted to try adding tattoos and exotic makeup. So this is a WIP (work in progress) http://www.computer-man.us/fr/misc/Render-6.jpg This is a portrait of a friend's character, done for an exchange that was held at the Studio MMO forums. The theme was Mardis Gras. This character is a human vampire, who is big into Glocks For this image I created some of the 3d props myself (mask, balloons) and modified others (the pistol). http://www.computer-man.us/fr/misc/ambymardisml.jpg This is one of my more racy images. It's also one of my favorites I was experimenting with different renderers, and was using the VUE Infinite program to create 3d landscapes. I imported the female figure into the scene and it gave me some ideas. This is what I eventually wound up with. http://www.computer-man.us/fr/misc/stormysml.jpg The programs I use to create my artwork are Poser and VUE Infinite 6 (for the rendering), Silo and ZBrush (for 3d modeling), Photoshop CS (for post-work, touchups, added effects, etc.).
  10. My latest art stuffs haven't been WoW related. Are y'all interested in seeing them anyway?
  11. Hmm...I wonder if this one has better manners than Hellista. Hard to imagine her having worse manners, now that I think of it. At least she has control of her imp. That's one point in her favor.
  12. *eyes Clys* "Mother, what are you up to now? No, wait, don't tell me. I love a surprise."
  13. Morgauth smiled as Danyxandra regained consciousness, and smoothed her hair back with gentle fingers. She pushed herself up, looking confused for a moment. Grabbing at her hair, she mumbled something about being blonde, and then reached toward the journals. There was a certain look in her eye, a tilt to her head, that Morgauth remembered. He closed his eyes. He saw her again as she had been, so very long ago, standing at the top of the stairs, bouncing on her toes, her wavy red hair shimmering and springing up and down with her excited movements. Skaeflock was there, saying something about business, but Morgauth didn't really hear the words. His eyes were only for Danyxandra. She fairly flew down the stairs and into his arms. He pulled her against his chest, gripping her sides, and she turned her face up to his for a kiss. Her sweet fragrance filled his nostrils and he bent to press his lips to hers. She was more than just beautiful. She was alive, so very alive, full of light and energy and desire and so much more. His heart swelled with the wonder of it all. She loved him. She would be his. It was more than he deserved, but nothing would ever make him give her up. No. Now that he held her, nothing in the universe would ever part them. He managed to call a greeting to Skaeflock, but then Danyxandra was kissing him again, and the rest of the world faded away. The memory was bittersweet, and tears came to his eyes as it passed over him. Opening his eyes, he saw the present-day Danyxandra take the journal into her hands and smooth back the cover. He nodded to himself. It was time for the truth to be known. At last, it was time. And this time, there would be victory...and revenge.
  14. Danyxandra's body twitched and she moaned, burrowing her head into Morgauth's lap. He looked down at her with a concerned look on his face. Leaning in close, he whispered, "I am here, zennshi. I am right here."