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  1. “Another moment of triumph dashed upon the rocks…” Brig thought as he plummeted towards the lava below. He could no longer hear the roar of the dragon, but still caught fleeting glimpses of Deathwing as he fell. A skeletal hand reached beneath his robes and lazily traced a symbol upon one of his many contingency gems that would teleport him to saftety. There was a familiar blue flash of arcane energy, then the portal, then…something violet. Something wrong. Had he fallen into another trap? The laziness of the mind that accompanies staying trapped in a physical form had led him into more than one oubliette since his arrival on Azeroth. Falling into another would be completely unacceptable. Both light and shadow eventually cleared away, revealing a familiar location. A cell of another sort. Inviting and welcome after the trials he had faced following the Cataclysm, he looked upon his old enchanting workshop beneath Kargathia. Long abandoned, he had collapsed the upper tunnel leading down to it when he decided to disband the Decimate faction nearly ten year prior. All the tools of his trade were still intact, if a bit dusty, as well as an extensive library of Azerothian writings that had been compiled by his faithful servant, Fallacy. A multitude of unfinished projects lined the upper shelves of the room; most were intended as gifts for colleagues who had passed on or been otherwise forgotten, but a few still held relevance. Serenity invited him in and he welcomed her sweet embrace. It was time to take a bit of respite from the non-stop combat of the world above and what better place than behind his magical wards where not even the most clever of his allies, let alone his enemies, would be able to search him out. With the slightest of grins, he picked up an intricately carved harlequin, something Xarja had tasked him with enchanting to both dance and bleed, and he set to work. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “...shadow fragment never left infinity conflux juxtaposed teleportation modulation reset to default goto twenty Kargathia?” The sound of falling rocks and scraping stones failed to disturb the old lich from his musings. The Malebrignon had spent the better part of two years working his art and contemplating his magical mishap with nary a thought to actually escaping the prison of his own creation. Lost within his own mind, he remained oblivious to the digging and shouts right up until the blood elf placed her hand upon his shoulder. “Sir. We have finally found you. You are summoned to your duties once more.” Skeletal fingers lunged for the girl’s throat, only to bounce off the metal helmet that sheathed it fully. His violet pupils glowed with a dark rage at being disturbed but quickly softened with recognition. “Critical speed multiverse mastery!” he shouted into the Blood Knight’s face. “No, wait. That is wrong. Lady Teelari, why have you been sent? Where is my dog?” “You mean Grooda? She will not return to your service. You should know this, sir.“ The elf raised her hand to silence the lich as he began to speak once more. “Neither will I. This vigil you have set me upon is a failure. Most everything you have tasked us with has ended in loss or stalemate. Those who served you have moved on to better things. Even your precious Grim thrive without you, lich.“ “You….you…..you….DARE TO SPEAK TO ME……” *SMACK* Teelari cracked a gauntlet across his bony jaw, setting his head to ringing and sending him careening to the floor. “Damnable physical forms,” he muttered. “While I respect what you have tried to do, sir, you failed us all. Repeatedly. We followed you. We trusted you. You chose to set yourself above the Mandate and all of our ‘tiny and insignificant lives’ as you like to phrase it. Your freedom, which you so often denied us, is the last courtesy any of ‘your minions’ will ever extend to you. You can thank Pleiades for finding you, if there is anything close to a gracious bone left in that pathetic shell you wear. If not for her and Grooda's insistance you would be left to rot. They argued you are too valuable a combatant to leave dormant. Return to the front. Return to your Grim. It matters not to us. We do not need you anymore.” With that, the proud knight spun around and began to head back down the tunnel she’d just finished excavating, sending a small wave of goblins scurrying ahead of her. She had felt the magical bonds that enslaved her and so many others fade over a year ago, but it was only now that she felt truly free.
  2. The top left is definitely closest to what I'm looking for.
  3. Howdy, folks! I've been trying for days to use MS Paint to make the simple logo I'd like to have for one of my bands, Percy Prowl. I essentially want a horned kite shield with two capital "P"s on it. The left "P" needs to be backwards. These should be moderately scary looking black letters on a red shield. The "P"s should make it look a bit like a tribal mask essentially creating a "devil's head" effect. I'm certainly not attached to the triangular shape I used on them. I'd much rather see what a real artist comes up with. I have access to an automated vinyl cutter in my home, so I'm rather fond of the shield concept as it makes for great stickering. Still, I'm open to all suggestions. I'll attach my crappy bmp as an example. The band is just starting to break out locally, so we're not making any kind of money at the moment. I can't really offer much in the way of real-world payment, but I could certainly offer some kind of in-game compensation or possibly even an agreement against future royalties and what-not. The one guarantee I can offer is that any art submitted will be used in the picture videos I make to get the songs up on youtube until real videos are filmed. I will also put them in the gallery on the band's website once the site is finished. Make sure you sign it and add your deviantart account or website and I can at least offer you some extra exposure for your work. If you'd like some musical inspiration, you can hear us at www.percyprowl.com .
  4. I really don't think I could be happier with this. I had initial concerns about the casting, but they were gone by the time it hit the first scene with Viserys. I'm very much looking forward to the rest of this. I feel they're already doing the book justice better than most properties of this nature.
  5. Percy Prowl - "Armageddon" Yes, I shamelessly listen to myself singing. I'm so incredibly happy with this one and I just found out we get another chance to tweak it in the studio.
  6. [video=youtube;TtNNdU6tiW8] Dirty Little Rabbits - "I'm So Beautiful" I rarely go to concerts any more, but I will take the first opportunity to see these guys. If they're this much fun at 2pm, I can only imagine what they're like after dark.
  7. I'm not happy. I'm in the same point. I was just starting to enjoy the increased difficulty of pugging heroics.
  8. "Down there, Walter." The netherdrake, quite young by dragon standards, descended with a lethargy more appropriate to its centuries-old rider. It seemed to shriek a question. "No, I will not try another spot. I know he is here." In an almost comical display, the Malebrignon leapt from the drake, dropped crashing into the lake below, and then porpoised up from the lake and onto the shore. A moment later, he'd stepped free of his raiment and slung them over a low-hanging branch. Without pause, the old lich reached for the long case which held his fishing rod. Practiced hands retrieved and assembled the pieces with an ease only the most experienced anglers could hope to mimic. Satisfied that his garments were drying properly and his weapon was ready to be unsheathed, he looked around for the spot. Quickly spying the well-worn rock, 'Brig snatched the reading crystal from his pack and waded into the shallows. He cast his line and set the rod in the mud, then laid back against the stone. He set the crystal into his left eye socket, keeping the right set firmly upon his line. "That's right, Pinchy. Nobody here at all. Just some bones in the water." he muttered quietly as he began to read. "Shaman...shaman....hunter....elf....elf....ah, a priest! Drat! Taken!...shaman....goblin...what's this? Trusted soldier returns. Now this druid and...oh, my. I knew that cat was insane but... A tug on the line snatched his thoughts away from his documents. Instinct alone put his hands firmly upon his rod moments before it was pulled with a force so strong it hoisted the undead to his feet. The Malebrignon dug in his heels and taunted his as-yet-unseen opponent. "Now that you have finally shown yourself, do you think I will fight fair?" He glanced to the trees to his left. He could not see it, but he could feel the venomhide which lurked just out of sight. "Stig! Go!" With a dash and a leap, the poisonous raptor was upon its master's adversary. A grand melee was obscured by the spray of water. A great deal of hissing, splashing, and clacking later, the raptor fled the shoreline yelping as blood spewed from its nose. The Artificer coolly observed that one of the beast's eyes hung limply from its socket. "How unfortunate. You have forced my hand, crayfish." The old lich called forth his shadowfiend. "Stephen! Consume it." The blob-like maw of negative energy began its drunken-dash into the water. "WAIT!", the crayfish screamed as it surfaced. The shadoweaver was surprised to find that such a fight was being put up by a creature that could weigh no more than ten pounds. The highly magical nature of this beast had not been exaggerated. "Hold, Stephen. You," he pointed at the crawdad. "Move closer. You speak. Let us talk, then." Mr. Pinchy glided across the surface as a bird through air. He perched upon the rock where the Inquisitor's head had lay scant moments before. There was something about the violet glow of the priest's eyes that was eerily soothing...calming....serene... SNAP! The trap locked down tight around the crayfish. "Three years! Three years I have plotted. I have tried every lake, every bait, every lure...I perfected this cage over a year ago, even." Mr. Pinchy stared helplessly from the trap. He was being lifted from the water. Now away from the land. Now high into the air. So cold...so dry.... "Back to Dalaran, Walter. We have to add this prize to the menagerie and make sure Uthgra knows it is not food. Then there is the matter of kicking around some minions."
  9. My old buddy Dewce and I will be forming some sort of Sith faction. Dewce is laying all the groundwork at the moment. I purposely don't read much about ToR because I already know I'm sold on the game and don't like spoilers.
  10. I definitely didn't expect to see Legacy of Kain after reading the title. Methinks you need an education by someone who really knows how to write vampires like Anne Rice or P.N. Elrod. Hell, I'd rather hear the wishy-washy True Blood story than the amalgamation of cliches that was "Kain". I can't speak for the Soul Reaver games, but I played the original Kain to completion shortly after it was first released. While I loved many things about it, the story wasn't one of them. I half expected this to be about "Scarface: The World is Yours" which answers the question "What if Tony Montana had escaped?" and tells a much more clever and intriguing story than I remember Kain being. I could rattle off games with better stories for about an hour and still not run out of games with more creativity and less predictable cliche than LoK, though.
  11. The only quest-breaking bug I've encountered so far was being locked out of The Strip after blowing up the reactors under the Legion fort. It's an easy console-command fix for the PC, but it would've broke my game on an Xbox because neither reloading nor restarting the game fixed the issue.
  12. <p>*sniffles* Our little man is growing up so fast..... Happy Birthday!</p>

  13. Granted, but the waffles are produced by your anus and are scorching hot when you "retrieve" them. I wish I could make a living off my music career.
  14. **REMINDER** Please list both the Title of the song and the Artist performing it. Links are appreciated, but Titles and Artists are mandatory per Rho's rules when this monster started years ago. Jamey Johnson - "High Cost of Livin'" Best country music I've heard since Jerry Reed passed away.
  15. This is easy. I have playlists for each of my characters. I'll limit myself to two. Pleiades: 1. Annie - "Chewing Gum" 2. Jem - "They" 3. ELO - "Strange Magic" 4. Juliette Lewis & the Licks - "Rid of Me" (PJ Harvey cover) 5. Muse - "Supermassive Black Hole" Grooda: 1. Modest Mouse - "Bury Grooda Wit' It!" 2. Danko Jones - "Grooda Want You" 3. Arctic Monkeys - "Grooda Bet Yas Look Good on Dance Floor" 4. Type O Negative - "Xero Tolerance (Grooda Kill You Tonight)" 5. Mindfunk - "Blood Runs Red" - No Grooda joke to add. Yes, if I were to activate my mic while playing Grooda to these songs, you'd hear me substituting "Grooda" for "I" as I sing along in her Grover voice.