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  1. <p>Woo hoo!</p>

  2. <p>hey insatalling WoW now!</p>

  3. Ok so my brother introduced me to this thing called face book. I guess it's like myspace, anyway if any of you have it look for John Whitney.
  4. Well looks like I will be moving to my new place on or around the 1st. So I should be back to dodging and killing alliance around that time.
  5. Kromag

    A Calling

    After waiting for quite sometime Kromag stood and replaced his helm. He had waited long enough, none had shown themselves. Perhaps with time they grew to be cowards, or they were dead. Either way mattered little to him, he had hoped to find old friends but such was not to be the case. Dropping two more gold coins Kromag gathered his things and headed for the door of the place and moved out into the crowds of the now busy Orgrimmar. Whistling softly he called for his loyal friend. The large cat moved gently up beside him, all muscle and grace. Looking down at his old friend Kro smiled and headed deeper into Orgrimmar. Asking those he passed now and then if they knew where he could find Vilmah and the rest of Sanctuary.
  6. Kromag

    A Calling

    Entering Orgrimmar the dusty looking hunter made a path to the nearest place to find a meal. Kromag did not even care what the name was, let alone bother to look. He just went right in and found a table not far from the bar. Pulling the seat back he decided to sit with his back facing the door. Normally he would never do this, but he had faith in the large cat that stretched out and laid down behind him. He knew that if anything were to happen his old friend would watch over him better then most allies he knew. Before to long had passed a female orc came over and stood beside him, "What can I get you?" Her voice sounded like it was broken and hoarse. Most likely she had been working all night. Kromag removed his helm and set it on the table and very calmly replied, "Roasted boar, Ale, and some sort of greens I think." Looking up toward the female Kromag smiled ever so slightly, "And if you are quick about it I will give you a bonus." At that Kromag tossed five gold coins onto the table. The server looked at the coins and smiled, then quickly dashed away to the kitchen. Watching her go Kromag could not help but enjoy the sight of her walking away. It had been some time since he had come across a female. "It is indeed good to be home, I have missed this place." Looking about he placed his bow on the table with an arrow already pinned in place ready to just draw it back should the need arise. Kromag was no fool, he was battle hardened. He had been part of many raids and adventures into lands where those who looked upon him would have killed him as soon as they could. Kromag knew that their were eyes and ears all over this city, sooner or later someone from Sanctuary would find him. Hopefully before someone from the Grim. Being no fool, Kromag knew that old hatreds seeded themselves deep in the heart and were hard to dislodge. It was still early morning, the streets were quiet. Well as quiet as they could ever be for the orc city. Kromag just sat back and relaxed till his order arrived. The female returned with his meal and Kromag smiled and pushed the coin to her and then begun to rip apart his boar. It tasted grand, the seasoning was perfect. Taking his massive mug he dumped a bit of ale onto the boar. Pulling a leg off he sat back and enjoyed this great feast. All the while waiting patiently to see who if any would be the first to show themselves. Kromag used to know quite a few that either hated him or liked him greatly. But it had been a long time, good chance that most were either dead or gone. His mind raced while he ate. Wondering if those that would take a shot at him would be brave enough to do it themselves or would they cower and hire someone. Of course it was possible that the eyes and ears no longer were around. And if thats the case, well then, Kromag was going to relax and enjoy his meal in peace.
  7. and hello to my old friends from the Grim hehehe, good times we had hating eachother lol.
  8. yes yes Kro is well hated. But then thats why I will make a DK so their will be something new to love and hate happy day!
  9. hey Kro is gonna need friends, most likely the people he knew are gonna be few an far between
  10. I don't want to wait anymore to play WoW......it has been so long I am ready to jump in. But alas, it is not to be. At least not yet, all I can do is rant and rave and post stories here for now to try and quench this thirst of mine. And if you are wondering why I am posting this it's because it's driving me nuts to be this close to being able to play and yet not able to.
  11. This will be my last entry for the time being. I think I have lost those that track me. I had to fight some of them but still made it away from the bulk of them. I am returning home to hopefully find an answer for this darkness returning after I had thought it removed. I only hope after being gone so long my little sister will know my face and remember me. I need to find Sanctuary, they are more then a group gathered for one purpose in life. They are my family and it is my duty to rejoin them and help shape this realm into a better place. I am coming home Vil, and do I have some stories for you.
  12. I know I was stupid and did that whole fall in love thing then after a long time and a marriage found out she was in love with being with someone not me lol. So I am back to start again my WoW addiction I have so missed rp gah. Anyway congrats to you and Noj I wish you the best really. If I can give you one piece of advice, it's communicate well with each other and be patient lol. Ahh it's going to be good to be back again lol. Tell Noj I said hi
  13. <p>Yes, DKs are allowed!!</p>

  14. She is getting married?! To noj right? And she knows I am starting to come back we talked a tiny bit through this thing lol.