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  1. Wait. Wat? Oh, hai. Not so much an "I'm back" as it is a chance to say howdy once again. I'm kicking around on my better half's server most of the time, but I wanted to roll a goblin eventually. You might see me around as Pipa from time to time. <3 <3 <3 ~ The Squidgoat formerly known as Thaena.
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    <p>It's totally true!</p>

  3. <p>WE MISS YOU</p>

  4. Ok this requires some set up. Back in the day when I was playing EQ I had a little gnomish cleric as my main. Now, for those unfamiliar with EQ gnomes they could worship three different gods. Brell Serilis, god of the underfoot and father of the dwarves and the gnomes. Bristlebane, god of trickery and mischief and creator of the halflings. And Bertoxxulous, god of disease, death, plagues and all sorts of other generally unwholesome things. Now, for the most part, all gnomes worshiped either Brell or Bristlebane because they were lawful good and chaotic neutral gods and you could therefore go to any good or neutral city without having to work on your faction. But Bertoxxulous, being chaotic evil, meant that you had to be pretty careful where you went, because a lot of factions were innately KOS to you. But, for RP purposes I went with old Toxxy. My cleric was sweet, cheerful, adorable, perky and all sorts of other very typically gnomish things but make no mistake she did very evil things without really thinking about them as being evil. She viewed herself as being utterly good and as a keeper of balance. But she wasn't very smart, poor dear. So anyhow, I was grouped with a bunch of people from a VERY staunchly good heavy RP guild. I was the only healer, and everything was going well up until the point that one of the people asked me to give them "Brell's blessings". "Brell!?! Oh you are so silly! I'm a worshiper of Bertoxxulous, duh. The lord of plauges is happy to touch you with some of his power though, so if you'll give me just a teensy moment to med up I'll get right on that." Sure I got booted from a pretty good group and had to haul some butt to avoid being eaten by a ton of undead frogloks, but their responses were hilarious. One guy was so outraged IC he'd go out of his way to /spit and /rude me every time I was buffing in PoK. ============ In WoW the funniest moment I've run across has got to be some of the RP sessions Hailos and Thaena had in Auberdine. Random people would run up and duel Hailos for no reason. People 20 levels younger than him would /duel him over and over and over the berate him for being a coward for face melting them into oblivion. "So, how have you been? Oh wait.. just let me take care of this *cough* problem" KAFWOOM!
  5. Holy Naaru, I might get to 60 after all!
  6. Ooh ooh! I've finally got it! Sifar - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fv1N6TVCnLs Hailos - Lelenia -
  7. Ok, I officially stink at this. I've got no skills in picking out actresses (probably because I haven't watched TV in years). So if anyone wants to point me in the direction of someone for Thaena that'd be keen. I'd picked out Gabrielle Fitzpatrick (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0280521/) a long time ago, but alas Thaena does not have curly hair. :\ And I could totally see that working for Sifar if you raised and thickened up her shoulders a bit. And dark irons have dark grey skin, but adjusting saturation is no problem.
  8. Hmm. I might have to look into this.
  9. (( *content sigh* Really good Hailos! I love it! I realize now that I'm happiest with Thaena when she has horrible things happening to her. Oh yeah, this is gonna be good. ))
  10. The Alliance community isn't quite as vocal, but we've got plenty of good RPers and friendly folks. So long as you're coming to Twisting Nether you'll find something worth sticking around for!
  11. This has better not be a joke. I NEED one of those hats for my alt!
  12. Awww, I just saw this, it made me feel all warm and fuzzy.
  13. Thaena


    If you want this to be a sticky, then I'd recommend editing your first post in and breaking it up into Horde and Alliance characters listed under the board name most used by the player (IE the one they posted the list with). That way it's actually fairly useful since we don't have to dredge through 600 posts to find the one we want. Thaena: 51 Shaman Gwenna: 23 Hunter Issena: 13 Paladin Angawen: 6 Warrior (OMGWTFBBQ?)