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  1. ((and to alleviate confusion I also play with some activeity:)) Crysa Nex'Cruor, Half-Sin'dorei/Half-Human Magi at your service. I'm currently GM and only member of a guild called Penumbra, and am doing work for both the Kirin'tor in human lands, and working on anything that might be useful to my Sin'dorei family in Quel'Thalas.. you might have heard of them.. they've got themselves quite the reputation. I just want to make Aunt Clys proud. *sets something on fire*
  2. Crysa ignored the other patrons as easily as if she had turned them off in her brain. She snickered a Verloran and sat herself down in the seat motioned to her. "Oh I was! I was kind of doing a lot of moaping around, though. It was almost like I wasn't even there, sometimes." Her face lost its smile for a moment. Then it came back as strong as ever with a little shake of her head. "But I got a letter! The Kirin'Tor asked me to do some work for them, and with Aunt Cly's permission, I'm back! Quel'Thalas is pretty, but I miss Hillsbrad, anyway, so It'll do me some good to get in the thick of things with the other part of my heritage." She said and patted the tall male on the shoulder. "You're going to show me around right? I'm so alone here sometimes.. the servants Auntie hired to keep me company are fun and all, but I just feel so out of place.. " She looked up at Verloran and smiled
  3. Ding ding ding, we have a winner. If they're not harassing rpers, have offensive names, have naming violations, or doing any of the other "rp grief" like symptoms, you've absolutely no right to take up arms against them.. I mean sure, you could kill them out of spite, but that would be your choice, and it should have nothing to do with their guild ranks. If you can't see it with out a mod, its none of your business.
  4. I wipped out my thesauris.. and did some looking around the net.. and I choose : Penumbra Which I now copy/paste the nifty reasoning behind it. The original and literal meaning of penumbra is "a space of partial illumination between the perfect shadow … on all sides and the full light" (Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, 10th ed., 1996). The term was created and introduced by astronomer Johannes Kepler in 1604 to describe the shadows that occur during eclipses. It is so full of win *nod*
  5. She looked down at the voice, and for a moment studied the features of the Kaldorei male. Her initial thought was to set him on fire, she didn't really like Kaldorei, they treated her almost worse then most humans did.. .. and then she recognized that grin. "VERLORAN!" she squeaked, hopping down from the top of the bar and tackling the poor man with a hug, "Its been ages and ages! How have you been!" She pulled away and gave him a good once over. "You look good, healthy and strong! I see Auntie didn't push you over the edge!" and wrinkled her nose as she grinned up at him.
  6. Grim-esq in that she hates the alliance, and is willing to do anything to tear it down. The Alliance abandoned her family and city in its time of need, and treats her like scum because of her heritage. There really -isnt- a great faction leader to rally behind like the Grim have. SO I figure, use Crysa's hatred for the alliance to cause all kinds of trouble in its name! Beat on the horde, get wars started, all in the name of an alliance she has no faith in. "Bring the Alliance Home" To everyone else, but as a personal vendetta, to stick it to the alliance when ever possible.. Oh, and the only catch is that she'd make it absolutely forbidden for any of the Nex'Cruor and allied family houses to be harmed, at all. They're the only family she's got left ;p The rest of you damn horde? FAIR GAME! Oh and.. That could be up to you. She's not a very nice person, deep down under the layers of sweetness she's got slathered on.. but that doesn't mean you have to be manipulative to want to be apart of it, not at all, you could very well see it as a "higher cause" and hop aboard.. cause you know what they say about good intentions
  7. "Do you remember, not all that long ago, when the Alliance was strong? When we had the support to protect or own lands? When we had the gift, and the sight, and the presence that made orcs tremble in their green skin and trolls hid in their jungle ruins?" Crysa was standing on top of the bar, a great vantage point, not to mention that half the drunk patrions were male and trying to get a look up her skirt. She waved a mug of ale around, in an attempt to look like the rest of them felt. "Yea I remember.. now they got us fightin' off our own kind for food, in some places!" "EXACTLY! Those that lead us are weak, they make deals with savages, they hide behind the face of a child! They lead us astray, lost us our most powerful allies!" She twitched her ears and grinned "Yea! Them Elves used to be somethin' else, huh? Always teachin us things and what not!" "I remember when it was safe to walk down the street. Now even Goldshire is under constant assault!" "They opened us up to attack, left us defenseless and alone, with nothing to say for it but "There isn't enough!" " Isn't enough what? Loyalists? Of course not! They want us to hug and kiss, to play nice with the dead and the savage beasts of this world, ask us to hate the very roots of our magics!" She lit the tip of her finger, showing the drunken patrons her power. "How are we going to survive when we've been forced to abandon our teachers? We've been a society of magic for hundreds of years, and now we're being force fed recycled information! My family is strong, with deep roots in the magical world of the elves AND the Humans of the Kirin'Tor. Where was stormwind when Dalaran was distroyed, where was the child king when we lost our greatest support?!" She took a deep breath, her cheeks flushed. The room erupted in laughter, "Yea, girly.. you might be little, but you got yerself the right idea!"
  8. Okay.. since we need to start -something-, and I'm bored and lonely.. here's an idea I've been itching to use for ages and ages.. Q said he'd like to see a "Grim like" guild, and who better to do it then the jaded niece of everyone's favorite power hungry Priest? Background storyline: Crysa is the wayward neice of Clys Nex'Cruor. She's been sent a letter by the Kirin'Tor to reestablish contacts within the alliance as Dalaran comes closer and closer to being finished. Crysa has relayed this message, though sworn to secrecy, to her Aunt. Now back in Alliance lands, Crysa can see and feel the corruption, filth, and distrust floating around in every nook and cranny of the world she's committed herself to, and being the devious person that she is, has decided to exploit it for her own personal gain, and the gain of the Nex'Cruor family. The trick? Convincing people that the Alliance is weak and that we should take matters into our own hands. Now I need a little tiny bit of help. 1. I need a name. 2. I need a few Alliance players to get interested! If you're a horde player and have access to another account, feel free to come boost ranks for a little while, you don't even have to LEVEL, just come talk it up in town for a half hour every couple days or so! I've got monies, I just need signatures and a little backing to get it off the ground. I can dew zee rest.
  9. Crysa tucked her hearthstone into her front pocket, snickering at the remnants of a conversation had with a friendly warlock. She winked at the guard as she passed by, on her way into the tavern.
  10. Yea Skaf you can move characters off servers when you move them off accounts.. but if you were tempted to bring Nouri back to TN, its impossible. you can swap servers, so long as they're the same -kind- of server. and Thrysta, to ease your mind, I wont ask hordies to make alli alts. I'm just asking for some help in forming a solid idea from mai favorite rpers I can get my own faction intrested, I've got friends in low.. erm.. high *wink* places.
  11. Well.. here, since I'm not technically doing ANYTHING except for leveling up alts at the moment.. I volunteer myself, and any of my characters, with the exclusion of Maegannon (because she's both exiled from Azeroth and mainly just a farming character. She's lost her spark with out her hubby and her crew) My list of available alts are! 1. Crysa Nex'Cruor, niece of Clys, Half-Elven Magi Student of the Kirin'Tor (Dalaran) currently residing in Alliance lands in an attempt to farther the goals of the Nex'Cruor family and related clans. 2.Lisbet, Orphan Mistress of the Exodar and budding shadow priest that is just coming into her own. 3.Alishondra Vaughn, Rough and tumble, rather hit you in the face with a mace then get hit on, hates the world, authority, and just about everyone except Heidenreich and Abusive of First Legion. 4. Makel Snowfall, Retired Fisherman and Warrior Night Elf, Father of Maegannon, Looking to put that spark back into his life. 5. Rosemerta Blanchette/Liadon, Teenage warlock and High Elf Shadow Mage rolled into one body. She just wants to be free to grow, learn, and maim some stuff. He wants his own body, so that he can farther his research into darker magics. Give me something solid to work with on ONE of these characters, and I'll build a site, forums, and get things off the ground.
  12. *knuckles crack* Alright, yesterday when I saw this post, my brain exploded from all the goodness that is rp ideas. Why? BECAUSE ITS SO LONELY RPING BY YOURSELF. I have to do it on my Shaman (who I F*cking love, btw), I have been doing it on Crysa.. MaeMae only comes out to farm herbs and to send my lowbies/husband mount money. So here goes! 1. We need a brandy new evil guild. What kind of evil? Oh.. it could be any kind of evil.. self serving-vindictive-every race hateing-kill you for kicks evil is always best though, no matter what form it takes. Brand new, because then anyone can get involved. I would love to do this with Crysa. She's always been secretly evil, and she's got Clys to ask advice from should she need it! 2. We need an ALREADY ESTABLISHED big named guild (ED or FL come to mind) to step up and take over the "HEROS OF ALLIANCE, KICK YOUR HORDE IN THE MOUTH WITH BIG PVE GEAR" kind of rp guild. Why already Established? Well because for one, they would technically already have a built in roll, for those members who have yet been kicked in the rp rear, so it would be a good way to get old server players to learn how to roleplay! For two, well, who doesn't like to pick on first legion? (luv u kaldore!) and besides, how COOL would it be to have First Legion (on non raid nights, or nights when people aren't logging in) patrolling the cities of Azeroth looking for would-be-alliance-haters and attackers? Kinda Swordwalzers Esq, only bigger, meaner, and more intimidating. 2B. This could also lead to a guild alliance between big named guilds..like the Honor Guard, only less honorable and more "Military". Either way, new guilds are the goal I know, but it deffinately would not hurt to get big named guilds into the swing of things. 3. Haven needs to come back in a big way, or something -like- it needs to pop up. Horde huggers to spark a flame under the butts of the Alliance. "NO DON'T KILL THEM THEY DIDN'T DO ANYTHING TO YOU THEY JUST WANT TO HUNT IN PEACE!" But for it to be done well, its gotta be lead by someone who isn't gonna vanish on us, or who spends more time on their horde characters then their alliance. Evil is easy to do, being good.. is a full time job. They've gotta be out and campaigning in the streets of Stormwind and Shatt. It'd also make a good Alliance/Alliance rivalry with the "Military guard" group. 4. A "Stormwind Prep" type guild, would absolutely rock opposite Silvermoon University. "All in the name of higher education for the Wealthy!" could be their motto.. because you know, all alliance races are civilized, so only those with connections and/or money would be allowed in! Then of course, we could stand around and make fun of the lower classes and the "school thatwill let just ANYONE in!"
  13. She sat upon the green grass, stretching her thin, pale legs. She had always hated her legs, they were chicken legs, with knobby knee. With boobs any human girl would envy, why in the twisting nether did whomever is in charge of such things give her chicken legs? Over head a bird flew by, and she let the sights and smells of Elwynn Forest overtake her. "Well, if nothing else, humans do have nice quiet places to think. 'Just wish they'd use them more often" she muttered to herself, setting a small blade of grass on fire, for kicks. "Hey there pretty lady! Why don't you come on inside and let me show you what a real man is made of!" a voice shouted from across the hill, somewhere over nearby the lion's pride inn. It made her cringe. No doubt some drunk human, or worse, a Kaldorei, who thought it perfectly acceptable to treat women like objects of pleasure and nothing more. Filth, all of them. She smirked and stood up, letting her long dress fall over her ugly legs. She let the fire at her fingertips grow as she walked towards the voice. Yep, some obnoxious human male who thought he was the lights gift to women. Typical. She put on her best "innocent farm girl" expression and spoke up, with a soft voice that was just loud enough to be heard. "Excuse me?" "Hey baby! Come on inside and play! I got friends! Let us show you how to really have fun" the man said, his words sounding thick, probably from to much alcohol. She tried not to give away her intentions, now flaming hands carefully hidden behind her back. "Oh no I could never do such a thing, what would daddy say!" she smiled playfully. "Don't you worry about your daddy none, pretty baby. C'mon inside." "No, I don't think so" Hands grabbed at her shoulders roughly, "Yer commin inside." "No, I really don't think so, I think you should let go of me before you get in trouble." Her voice deepened, and a she allowed the twinkle of playfulness grow on her face. "I think, if you don't let me go right now, you're going to be sorry" Mr. Handsome scoffed, and started to drag her inside, something not to terribly difficult to do, considering how much smaller she was then him. "We're gonna have a good time, girly." "Okay, I warned you." and with that, she swung her hands around and attached them to his face, melting away the flesh with her searing, flame covered fingertips. Flesh, bone, and blond hair, all up in smoke. There was no time for him to scream. She felt the arms release her, and she stepped away from the body, dusting her hands off in the air. The guard standing on watch on the opposite side of the road smirked. Crysa spun on her heals and smiled at him. "He probably should have taken no for an answer, huh?" The guard just nodded, and then turned away, as if he had seen nothing at all. He knew all to well what happened when a woman couldn't fight back. The jerk got what he deserved.