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  1. The Clan of the Crimson Hand was a smallish light RP guild that started up the first week of the server. We merged with The Pentaverate. A month or so ago The Pentaverate merged with The Blood Guard, I believe it was.
  2. I was a Human Warlock on Feathermoon named Azhraan...
  3. For the Neverwinter Nights Persistent World that I still maintain the website for, I did a total of 21 ranks - only 16 of which were attainable by posters. We had a social status system in play based upon how much in tariffs you had paid if you acquired items and gold above a certain threshold. So I based the ranks on that. See http://mithralhammer.com/phpbb2/ranking.php After a year, I don't believe a player has broken 1000 posts yet. Just something to chew on ~Runehorn~
  4. I like Moolberry's .... Of course, you could expand it a little and use the negative ranks as well... But of course, having post count 1-10 starting as "Hated" might scare people off 8O ~Runehorn~
  5. What are the requirements for joining the Nether Council / Circle? The Clan of the Crimson Hand has been looking for other guilds to ally with for instances and quests and the like. We are positioned as RP-Lite, balanced PvP, RP is encouraged at all times, but not enforced. ~Runehorn~ Clan Chief
  6. Moolberry! Back to work! *cracks whip* Runehorn turns back to his database scripting, that he *really* should be doing instead of reading these darn forums.... ~Runehorn~ Clan of the Crimson Hand
  7. Just wanted to pop in and say "Good job" and hello to all. ~Runehorn~ Clan of the Crimson Hand