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  1. That is going to be one fun... long ass swim. Oh well I have a few days to make it. See you all there
  2. Quickly reading the letter Caelyn had just handed her, Annabelle sits back and sips some wine. Remain apart from all of this? she thought, I will do as he wishes, for now. Taking another sip of her wine. Manipulative gifts, hmm... shaking her head sadly, Anna continued to sip her wine, thinking of Deebum's words. On unsteady feet, Annabelle walked over to the window and looked out at the stars. "For now, I will leave everything be. Good luck.. you will need it." Turning, she picks up the bottle and shakes it a bit; finding it empty, she walks over to the door. "I need more wine. There is no point in thinking tonight, and maybe... maybe tonight I can keep the nightmares at bay."
  3. "What did you say?" Annabelle asked Caelyn, "Ten gold pieces? Who would pay ten gold...." Whatever Annabelle was saying had been lost in the sudden fight breaking out over someone not paying his debt. Caelyn shrugged, always something going on in the goblin cities now a days. Bone Dust isn't something normally needed, only used by warlocks Annabelle mused, or someone playing in demonic magics "Anna?!?!" Annabelle smiled at the slight shock she heard in Cae's voice, "Yes, sister?" "What do you want me to do about this notice?" "Nothing for now. I will look into it. Oh maybe slip the goblins a few coin to find out the buyer, we wouldn't want something so powerful to land into the wrong hands." "You know something," Caelyn said, not asking. "I might, but I want to see how this is all played out before I do anything. Besides, I happen to know someone who would be more than willing to... donate," Anna laughed wickedly. "But for now, I must be off, meet you for a drink later?" "Of course. Same place as last time?" "Yep. Stay safe, Cae." Dropping the hearthstone into her bags, Anna looked over at Vil, "Time for me to stand back and see how things develope. I sence a certain rogue's desperation in this. I won't be able to do anything, for she knows me... well enough, but I can watch and have Caelyn do some work and contact if needed." ((Hurray, I was wondering what happened to Henri Fynne, glad to see your story is alive and well. Post more? please? Oh and I hope you don't mind I butted in, I can always delete if I over stepped))
  4. Yes, I'm very bored at work and can't think of anything to write about, and my boss wants me to look busy.. so... yeah. Anywho. Rules: Only use three words and we can have a story. 24 hours between your posts or one other person, which ever happens first :wink: Story: I'm James the
  5. You can find them here Yes, I'm to lazy to cut and paste. But what are your thoughts.. The hot topic of the hour would be the new 10 minute rule for honor. I don't know about you all, but I have always enjoyed the longer WSG games, but how many really last longer than 10 minutes? *sigh* This will be interesting to say the least. ~Anna edit: Clarification, although I'm not sure it is any better. It is early and I still need my coffee.
  6. Patience, if you fingure this out, let me, or my alternate personalitly Caelyn know. I've been wondering the same thing.
  7. /cry No one to talk to.. oh well... off to cause troube at work.
  8. I agree, I can't read the "offical" forums at work, but I can read these, so I hope *fingers crossed* this takes off and developes a wonderful community feeling to it.
  9. For me, I like to spend lots of time in Stormwind, so this change will be wonderful for me. It might make both Org and IF less laggy, but I doubt it will change much in the long run.. people don't like to change much. But I don't think rpers will have much problems finding people to rp with, at least no more than usual anyway.