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  1. I enjoy a little mindless third-person carnage with Ninja Parkour.
  2. or "There's no eye in team." or "You Got Your Hellgate London In My Dynasty Warriors!" Warframe is a free-to-play co-op third-person shooter with some melee combat and loot-collection elements set in the far, far future where you play as an eyeless, mute space ninja (here, have some lore). Gameplay comparisons tend to gravitate to Mass Effect 3's multiplayer and Hellgate: London. Major features of the game include procedurally generated levels, fast action with a focus on mobility and looking like the badass space ninja you are, as well as a fairly sane F2P model which generally doesn't make you want to recoil in horror (crazy, I know). The game is currently out on the PC (via the official website and Steam) and PlayStation 4 (via PSN). Warframe's developer is Digital Extremes, previously known for their work co-developing the Unreal series alongside Epic. More recent titles have been somewhat less illustrious, mostly helping with console ports of Unreal-engine titles such as Bioshock and developing multiplayer components of various other titles. Their proprietary Evolution Engine was developed during this time and has been used in Dark Sector, the Darkness II, and now Warframe. Warframe is a fast-paced over-the-shoulder 4-player shooter with an added emphasis on melee attacks. Every player is equipped with primary and secondary weapons, as well as a melee weapon. Each class, or Warframe, has up to four useable skills that are unlocked as your character levels up. Your weapons also level up independently of your frame and can be sold for credits or used freely on another frame you own. As you progress with your weapons and frame of choice, you'll gain the ability to customize both for added effectiveness and cosmetic taste. In general, your missions are to invade a ship or outpost to perform a certain task, then escape. Currently, Warframe's mission structure is laid out so that you explore ships/outposts near each planet in our solar system. This includes branching pathways that must be unlocked in order to progress to other planets. Spy: Hack up to 4 terminals and carry the resulting datamass to the extraction point. Exterminate: Kill anything that moves. Assassinate: Eliminate a single target (boss encounter). Sabotage: Destroy a power core and escape. Deception: Infiltrate a datamass into enemy systems to throw them off course or something. Capture: Find dude, shoot dude, suck his soul into your palm and get out. Rescue: Find the prisoner's holding cell and escort them to extraction. This mission type will likely be getting replaced in the near future. Defense: Defend an object from increasingly difficult waves of enemy forces. After defeating 5 waves, you'll be offered a reward (usually a mod). You have the option to take it and quit, or keep going for a chance at something better after another 5 waves. Mobile Defense: Similar to defense, but defend up to three points in succession for a fixed amount of time before escaping. Survival: Deliberately trigger an alarm to attract enemies as a distraction. Life support will be disabled, so you must collect air from fallen enemies. Rewards will be given every 5 minutes, and the difficulty will increase as time goes on. You must decide when to leave (after a minimum of 5 minutes), as failing the mission means giving up all collected rewards. I can be personally found on the PC side as Raziel_Hexagra, so if anyone plays or is interested in playing this (it is Free to Play, and actually won MMOBombs best Free to Play experience), hit me up. I find myself an addict for third-person shooters.
  3. Six Months have passed since I took the mantle of leadership. The Sons of Korriban have nearly 70 unique members now, making us one of the larger RP guilds on Jung Ma.
  4. Swerto is gone to Ebon Hawk. I am now fully in charge of Sons of Korriban. In that month, we currently have 26 unique members (up from three) and over 50 different characters. I have completely reconstructed the guild's storyline and placement within Imperial hierarchy. So if you're Impy on Jung Ma and are looking for a Sith-centric RP/VP guild, we are currently the only one around.
  5. <p>Because of anything in particular?</p>

  6. <p>u speak in shout box I listen I squee very much that is lots</p>

  7. You don't quick-trigger gadgets? I was waiting on this game to be patched a bit before getting it. I know it's a different studio, so things might not flow as well as Arkham City.
  8. <p>How do you even know who I am?</p>

  9. <p>Will you mate with me? This is a legitimate request from a certain gnome in regards to an inherent and psychiologically adolescent highly ecstatic extra-corporeal fandom extremist.</p>

  10. I would honestly rather slit my own neck than join that immasculated cadre of fedora-wearing pedophiles and beastialics.
  11. Oooh fuck me. Tag that pony shit when you post it so I know to avoid it. Have some decency.
  12. Which never got past level 20. My exploits here are more about personality clashes and my efforts -- despite things like the Venompost Clan social group -- having to effect some of the most "good" that this community has ever accomplished, of which has left not undue cost to my own psychological well-being and personal trauma.
  13. I basically stopped playing before 90% of you here now started. When I did play, my character -- Manus Trebelium, the EnheilRas -- was a notorious personality. I did not get involved in forum RP here, nor did I interact with storywriters or even join guilds from here -- although Manus has, to count, the longest backstory on this forum. Diomedes may have met him once. Keraph maybe two or three times. He would always be found on the warfront -- those 4-8 hour Alterac Valley wars most notably -- and lead the Horde to fifty straight victories on Twisting Nether.