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  1. Reckoning Shuhalo had been elated to see Grimfury again. It had been way too long since they had shared company. He would have loved to take the time to catch up with his old friend, but there were more pressing matters at hand. The Broken Isles had become a hotbed of Legion activity. The wind spoke of a series of powerful artifacts that could destroy this very world put in the wrong hands. The Legion intended to do just that, but there was just one little problem. Grimfury had returned. He had insisted on running off to the front lines as soon as he was brought up to speed o
  2. Greetings old friend!

    1. Fhenrir


      Hey, Grim! Good to hear from you! Hope you're doing well.

    2. Grimfury


      So far so good, i have gotten Grimfury up to almost level 86 and i levelled a worgen up to level 12 last night.  It's been a lot of fun experiencing all of the content i missed.


  3. The Return A cool breeze blew through the Cave of the Ancients, blowing dead leaves and various debris down the dark tunnel. Meandering through the darkness, a single bronze leaf floated slowly through the air. This leaf had been floating for days and wasn't just any leaf. A young druid named Shuhalo had sent this leaf through the winds all the way from Thunder Bluff with a singular purpose. Finally it came to rest on a rocky protrusion extending out from the base of cave wall. It's journey however, was not yet complete. Two twin points of light appeared a few feet up the cave
  4. I'm pretty positive Lovely was Nic as well. These were the good old days. I loved being the Professor of Archaeology. Trying to lead raids though was definitely not my strong point. It became too much after awhile between my normal raid schedule with Twisting Nether Raiders and then doing SMU raids on off nights. Had a lot of fun doing our rp initiation trips though across the continents. Good times!
  5. Grimfury curses as he wipes the blood of the carrion bird off of his face. The last few days he had been trekking through the expanse known as Dragonblight. Grimfury had been working with the Apocathery society, helping to develop a new plague to lay waste to Arthas' host of abominations. Just recently they had sent him on a mission to procure some Emerald Dragon Tears. It was while harvesting these tears that Grimfury had sighted this large carrion bird perched above the resting Ysera. As it had attacked Grimfury had left it a smoking mess with his newfound power, but the blood of the fo
  6. Tauren: First and foremost, tauren are basically a cow humanoid type creature. Personally, in real life i've lived on a farm my entire life. I know from my own experiences with cattle that there is no sense of fatherhood for them. The females have a very strong maternal instinct but the males could care less about their offspring. Males also couple with multiple females, they will mate with anything that comes into heat. They also try to mount each other and other species such as horses, so that might clear up some issues. Bulls will actually respond when a female is watching them throu
  7. Grimfury read the letter that had just now reached his hands. Contemplating the information inside he solemnly nods and says a silent prayer to the earthmother. Fading into the nether Grimfury travels to go see how Sakiyah is doing.
  8. <p>Hell yeah, the llamas deserved it!</p>

  9. <p>It's a Grimfury, hitting your llamas with beer cans.</p>

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  11. Quit talking about Malakim, he's not here to defend himself!!!
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    Boar likes me a lot, he's always rubbing up against me. I always enjoy fishing with Arte and helping him out with marauding alliance.
  14. <p>/love Thanks for adding me honey. <3</p>