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  1. This one's rather obvious... apparently the crappy paint blood stains faux bulletproof vests.
  2. Any guesses on this one? Old favorite of mine
  3. Orhek

    Race Ages?

    Hm... what about a nathrezim/human hybrid? That'd be my warlock on the Emerald Dream server >.>
  4. Dear Mistress Clys, Recently, I've come across some bad times. You see, I'm a troll in my 20s, and was supposed to have a lifetime ahead of me filled with gold and prestige. I owned a harem a while back, too, so I used to be on top of the world. But I made a stupid mistake that ruined it all, and I need your advice. I have a heavy addiction to Kingsblood, and a week or so back I had no money to pay for it. So I ended up asking a rogue buddy of mine for a loan... problem is, when he came collecting, I didn't have the gold. His temper got the better of him, and soon enough my harem was burnt to the ground, and all my Sin'Dorei wives were raped and buried under the ashes. I'm in a bind... not only am I without money, but now I'm suffering withdrawal from the Kingsblood... sometimes, I go out to the Thousand Needles to pick some, only to come across very little or none. Please, give me some advice before I end up sticking my musket in my mouth... -Big Blue Bastard
  5. *drops off a case of BAWLS at his house* You've got a ways to go, Shadowspeak.
  6. Be careful, Shadowspeak... safety is not guaranteed.
  7. (( I worship you, Clys ))
  8. Haha, same here... I've never aggroed a fel reaver. I'm very proud of myself.
  9. "Haha, yah... and mebbe from now on I shadn't barrah gold frahm rahgs with a mean streak t'ree miles wide." He began to eat the melon, finishing quickly. His ears perked at the sound of the blood elf's voice, but couldn't make it out. Bushdakta didn't care what an elf had to say, ally or not. He wiped his mouth and took the rinds to the edge of the bluff, tossing them off and watching them fall to the ground below. He turned to Sunsong and said. "Tank yeh agin fer da melahn. I gaht sahm wahrk tah take care of." The large troll rested a bulky, sharp-bladed axe on his shoulder and walked off.
  10. The troll smiled at her gesture. "Tank yeh for your kahndness... I be glad them daggahs weren' poisoned, or I'd be in a lotta pahn raht now."
  11. "Ah, tank yeh." Bushdakta took the watermelon from the young tauren, dropping the silver piece into her hand. "Dat's da last of what I gaht... dis will make me recahvery a bit easier, so I tink it's wort' da silvah." He noticed himself in a puddle of water nearby, frowning slightly. "Bah, dat bastahd blacked bot' me eyes..." The Drakkari sat down on a log, and began to tear rinds from the melon with his short tusks, getting to the middle in a short amount of time.
  12. Ah, sweet memories... *eye twitches violently*
  13. "Dat seem lahk someting I'd be doin', mon..." A rather large troll had walked up to the fruit stand, grinning. "Baht given dah circumstahnces, I'd be a heepocreet." Bushdakta was covered with various stab wounds, and blood had risen up underneath the skin around his eyes. He turned over a coin purse, from which dropped a single silver piece. He stooped down to pick it up. "Say... yah got any wadamelahn?"
  14. OH! And let's not forget those damn slimes... that rogue quest in Azshara is not worth that heavy movement debuff