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    I have a BElf hunter there. I was going to delete him, but then some RL friends rolled horde there and convinced me to stay. People should come play with us. I don't care who, but the more the merrier.
  2. It's because Alliance has shaman now, and so they must be nerfed because the devs play horde. Seriously, before BC shaman were arguably the most overpowered class. As soon as allies got them, they got nerfed, and now they're getting nerfed again even further. ...although by that logic, the paladin nerf doesn't make any sense...
  3. Eye of the Storm makes me die a little bit inside every time I play it. Discuss. (It might only be because I'm alliance, and they SUCK. No, wait...I'm pretty sure I'd hate it no matter what.)
  4. I finally got the Grunt's Harness I needed. Check it out. I have a Prince Adam outfit, too. I even have a Battle Cat, although he's the wrong color. Oh, Swift Zulian Tiger, why must you elude me? I'm gonna send some pictures in to Screenshot of the Day and see if they get accepted.
  5. I need a friendly horde to help me real quick. I need an RP item that can't be found alliance side. Go to the War-harness vendor in Orgrimmar or Thunder Bluff and buy a Grunt's Harness. Go to Gadgetzan or Booty Bay and put it on the Neutral AH for Very Long with a 20g buyout. Then send me a PM saying you've done so and just wait for your money in the mail. Easiest 20g you'll have ever made.
  6. Oh, snap. I was just about to say that I accidentally got two pantsuit patterns when I wanted one pantsuit, one dress pattern. I was gonna throw the extra on the Neutral AH for you, but I guess I don't need to.
  7. All quests have been altered so that the rep you get is no longer reduced by level. What that means is doing starting area quests at level 60+ still gives you 250-350 rep per quest. So if you haven't done so already, go to Silvermoon and grind all the newbie quests. The other night, I ground from Revered to Exalted with Darnassus in about six hours. A lot faster and a lot cheaper than runecloth.
  8. Okay, I need a hordie to go to Org or TB and buy a Grunt's Harness from the war harness vendor. Put it on the Neutral AH for 20g buyout, then send me a PM saying you have done so. Easiest 20g you'll ever make.
  9. I'm gonna quest in Silithus until 62 or so. I haven't done anything there, so there will be plenty of quests left for me to do. Hopefully by the time I'm done, Hellfire peninsula will have cleared enough for me to start questing there, too. Partly true. Their dance is Indian, their architecture is pseudo-Indian, but their accents are most definitely Russian. Oh, and speaking of Russians...*points to avatar* ~E
  10. I feel like replying, just because I'm vain and like to show off. This is my rogue PvP gear. It's sexah, although made slightly less sexah by the fact that every other rogue has the same thing, now. And another picture. These armor sets are sets I actually wore in game while leveling. I went to great lengths to buy matching sets, all "of the Monkey," so they would be both stylish and functional. And I still keep all three sets in my bank because they're just too pretty to throw away. Righteous Leather Armor Swashbuckler's Armor Nightshade Armor I might post some Draenei pics later, if this topic becomes popular. ~E
  11. I know she casted ressurection *rolls eyes* thats a no brainer , but the part where she slaps her staff into the ground and a ball of fire comes about...didnt look Holy nova'sh... yes it did. It's Arcane Torrent, the BElf racial, noobs! Oh, and the orc warrior is using Asscandy. ~E
  12. Does anyone here read The Adventures of Dr. McNinja? The picture of Sanrin looks like Frans Rayner. ~E
  13. It's like Grand Theft Auto:Vice City all over again... ~E
  14. Yay for Irfanview! It even has a built in slideshow for viewing all your screenshots at once, plus can convert from .tga to .jpg or .gif. Just do a google search for it. ~E
  15. I did like the way it worked in Fable, but thought it could use some tweaking. At low levels, you looked like this skinny emo freak, and at high levels, you were so ripped you couldn't move. It was only in the middle of the game that you looked decent. You could also really mess with it. If you gave yourself full Skill with no Strength, you looked like a space alien, especially if you ate alot to make yourself fat. If you gave yourself full Strength with no Skill, you looked like some wierd steroided up Dwarf. And don't even let me bring up the Berserk spell.... But back to the topic at hand, from all the screenies posted, I'd say that the BElfs look pretty nice now. They're not skinny emo freaks, but they are still thin and lithe enough to look the part. And honestly, Warcraft art is supposed to look that way. Humans have tiny heads compared to their muscles. Orcs have huge arms compared to their bodies. That's part of fantasy art, making the fantastic seem real. So if they buffed up the BElfs, so what? They're still skinnier than humans.... ~E