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  1. fyi
  2. Abric when people post RP's such as this what's the proper response? I think your story was very well written and I like it a lot... ( I wish there was more to it to be honest because I want to know what happens.) So do I just leave it as is or would it be ok to say, "((Very nice short story. Well written and a good read))."
  3. Forest trolls are a little more civilized than Jungle Trolls correct? From the Troll RP section it seems that they stayed together more as a community rather than breaking up into tiny wandering sects.
  4. priests > mages. My shield can abosorb over 1k dammage My grounding totem can absorb infinite damage. As long as the cooldown is up. :wink:
  5. Aeriel


    Full Name: Aeriel Threadcaller Age:27 Race:Human Gender:Female Hair:Crimson Skin:Fairly white Eyes:Blue Height:5'6" Weight:124 Place of residence:Stormwind Mage Quarter Place of Birth:Stormwind Known Relatives:Unknown Religion/Philosophy:Play with fire and you'll get burned. Occupation:Master Tailor/Enchanter Group/Guild affiliation:Riders of the Red Dawn Guild Rank:Ascendant (O) Enemies:None have been revealed yet. Likes:Fire. Favorite Foods:Winterviel Dumplings Favorite Drinks:Winterfall Firewater Favorite Colors:Blue Weapons of Choice:Bug Parts Dislikes:Anyone who would hold her back from practicing her fire weaving. Hobbies:River-side horseback riding. Physical Features:Ordinary for the most part. Random blisters from spells gone wrong. Special Abilities:None known. Positive Personality Traits:Strategic, calm, and quickly decisive in the heat of battle. Negative Personality Traits:Her calm personality doesn't make her a compelling leader. Misc. Quirks:None known. Played by What Famous Person:Leeloo - The Fifth Element Theme Songs:Fire - Scooter History:Your every day Stormwind civilian since birth. Her father made her study with her mother in the Mage Quarter since her teens. News of war was always far off in the distance and never close to home. At the age of 18 she chose to join the Riders of the Red Dawn as a source of much needed adventure in her life. It was there that she matured into the mage she is today.
  6. I crit for 3-3.5k with ignite. With arcane power I can hit harder. With a trinket thrown in, it gets very ugly.